Hearing to Fix Medicare Part D – Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Americans United For Change has events on key issues -- events designed to educate Americans, and to organize activists all over America -- in the planning stages. As we continue to build and improve this site, information about those events will go live right here. We want this site to be a key resource people who care about the leading issues of the day, so check with us often to learn what events we've planned in your area.

It's our great pleasure to announce, as our lead-off event, a Medicare hearing on July 10. It's a chance for people in New York state to talk about the failed Medicare prescription drug plan -- to learn how this Bush administration scheme failed by design, and to hear what steps we can take to fix it for all Americans.      

Can you attend? Then take down this information, and we'll see you there:

  • Event: Hearing to Fix Medicare Part D
  • Location: Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
  • Date: July 10, 2006
  • Host: Joy Gould
Need more information? Contact the host, Joy Gould, at (518) 465-4600. 

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The 30-Foot Gorilla in the Room

 Yesterday, the angry constituents of Congressman Jim McCrery (R- Louisiana) stormed his office in Shreveport demanding that their representative to do his job: represent their interests in Congress. But, he has decided that instead of doing that, he’d rather push the President’s agenda even though his constituents and most of America disagree with it.

McCrery introduced a bill that would privatize Social Security, as President Bush wants. But, that’s not what the people of Louisiana want.

The privatization bill damages our weak Social Security system. We need to ensure that the funds put into Social Security will be used for social security, which the privatization bill doesn’t commit. It also damages the stability of the program, forcing the United States to rely on funds from foreign nations to support our seniors. 

Congressman McCrery and President Bush already tried and failed to get a similar bill passed last year. That’s why McCrery’s senior constituents decided to protest at his office. They even brought a 30ft gorilla to symbolize the massive benefit cuts that would occur if the bill ever passed. And, when a 30ft gorilla tells you, ‘Hand’s off my Social Security,’ you better listen.


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Expose Denny Hastert—Write a Letter to Your Newspaper

Speaker of the House Denny Hastert (R-Ill.) finds himself embroiled in a growing scandal over a land deal -- proving beyond a doubt that the culture of corruption in the Republican leadership reaches to the very top. But how much attention has this gotten in your community?

You can spread the word; do your part by writing about the latest developments to your local newspaper. Use our site to get started.

If you need some info to help you along, here's the latest on Dirty Denny from the Chicago Tribune:

The complex structure of a real estate transaction in Kendall County last December left House Speaker Dennis Hastert with a seven-figure profit and in prime position to reap further benefits as the exurban region west of Chicago continues its prairie-fire growth boosted by a Hastert-backed federally funded proposed highway.

Instead of cash, Hastert (R-Ill.) took most of his share of the proceeds in land, some of it less than 2 miles from the parcels he and two partners in a land trust sold for nearly $5 million to a developer who plans to build more than 1,500 homes and commercial space on the property near Little Rock and Galena roads in Plano.

Hastert received five-eighths of the proceeds of the sale, which worked out to a profit of more than $1.5 million for him on property that he and his partners accumulated in a little more than three years.

All told, Hastert and his partners in Little Rock Trust No. 225 received property valued at $3.8 million, plus cash, said Dallas Ingemunson, a partner in the trust and Hastert's personal attorney, as well as the Kendall County Republican chairman.

The paper has the full story archived on its site.

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Medicare Part D: More Seniors Falling Into the Donut Hole

The "silent crisis" of Medicare 'Part D' continues. Week by week, more senior citizens tumble into the "donut hole," and as they do insurance companies force them to cover the full cost of their essential medications -- whether they can afford the suddenly higher cost or not.

The impact? This could hurt millions:

In coming months, millions of older Americans and people with disabilities will face a lapse in coverage known as the "doughnut hole" once their annual drug spending hits $2,250. At that point, Medicare drug plans stop paying for medications and require members to absorb another $3,600 in out-of-pocket costs before coverage resumes. And even while the plans aren't paying for their drugs, participants must continue to pay their monthly premiums.

Of the 11.8 million Medicare enrollees whose plans include a coverage gap, the Kaiser Family Foundation had estimated that 6.9 million of them could hit the doughnut hole, but a staff researcher said that number probably would be higher because of higher-than-expected enrollment.

Don't wait to fall into the donut hole yourself. Learn what you can do to demand solutions to the Part D crisis today.

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