Fight for Frances

This is why the doughnut hole matters:

Frances Acanfora, 65, had been paying $58 for a three-month supply of her five medications. But this month the retired school lunchroom aide learned that her next bill would be $1,294. She had entered the doughnut hole.

"It's not my fault that I take this medicine," the Brooklyn resident said. "I've got to take it. And they make a limit. That's not fair."

After talking to her doctor, Acanfora decided to temporarily stop taking a drug as part of her treatment for breast cancer. She hopes to obtain some free samples of eye drops for her glaucoma. Three other medicines -- for high cholesterol, diabetes and osteoporosis -- cost $506.62, which Acanfora put on her credit card.

"I pay a little bit at a time," she said. "What am I going to do? I need it. . . . Sometimes, just to think about it, I cry."

It's time to fight for Frances. Visit

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Watch This Doughnut Disaster

Tomorrow is doughnut hole day.

As delicious as it may sound, September 22nd is the day that tens of thousands of senior citizens have dreaded. Tomorrow, the average Medicare enrollee will show up to his or her pharmacy -- and discover that their prescription drug coverage has stopped completely.

Our coalition partner, Campaign for America's Future, is holding a contest: they're giving $500 to the "community favorite" YouTube video on how to eliminate the "doughnut hole." 

Here at Americans United, we decided to get in on the act -- so we made a "doughnut hole" movie of our own:


But don't let Americans United staff members have all the fun. Join the campaign by entering the video contest today.

And if you liked our doughnut hole video, be sure to tune in next week for the second installment of our Grandpa Gorilla series. You'll never believe where Grandpa Gorilla turned up this time...

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Signing the Golden Promise

The Democratic leadership of Congress both signed the Golden Promise recently.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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