Grandson Gorilla on Fox News

Brit Hume, of Fox News, recently reported on the future of Social Security and Grandson Gorilla made an appearance. Check out the video below:

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Missouri Voters: The Ball is in Your Court

Jim Talent knows a good deal when he sees one -- that's why he doesn't hesitate to take massive pay raises, while hundred of thousands of his constituents work for minimum wage.  And Senator Talent continues to oppose raising the minimum wage for working families, while his salary has gone up by over $30,000. From http://www.missouriprovote.come:

The Missouri Citizen Education Fund released the following press release detailing an important state proposition that would raise the minimum wage in Missouri from $5.15 to $6.50. Check it out below:


New MCEF Report Compares Congressional and State Legislative Pay
Increases to Increases in Minimum Wage Pay

(Jefferson City, MO):  State Representative John Bowman and State
Representative Paul LeVota joined Ron Berry of Missouri Citizen
Education Fund (MCEF) today at the Capitol to release a new report
that shows how elected officials from the US President to Missouri
State Legislators have received increases in pay to accommodate higher
cost of living over the past nine years while minimum wage earners
have received none.  The report, titled Lawmakers Getting Ahead While
Leaving Missouri Minimum Wage Workers Behind, also shows how
Congressional pay has increased by $31,600 through automatic
adjustments from 1997-2006.  This amount is almost three times what a
full time minimum wage workers earns in a year.

Reps. Bowman and LeVota co-sponsored a bill to increase Missouri's
minimum wage during the 2006 Legislative Session in order to increase
the hourly wage from $5.15 to $6.50 and to index it to keep up with
inflation in the future.  "Minimum wage has lost its purchasing power
since the last time it was increased in 1997.  Food, gas,
rent-everything has gotten much more expensive and a minimum wage
paycheck won't stretch far enough anymore to pay for basic
necessities.  Congress gets regular raises, the Governor receives
increases, state legislators receive increases-it only makes sense
that minimum wage earners should receive an increase as well," said
Representative Bowman.

"Elected officials work hard for their salaries, but so do minimum
wage earners.  This is an issue of common sense fairness. President
Bush's salary has doubled from $200,000 to $400,000 since he took
office in 2001.  It's been almost twice as long since minimum wage
workers have had any increase at all," said Ron Berry, spokesman for
MCEF.  The last time Congress increased minimum wage was 1997.  This
is the second largest stretch of years that minimum wage has gone
without any adjustment for inflation since 1938 when it was

Proposition B, on the November 7th ballot, offers Missouri voters the
chance to vote directly on raising minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.50
starting in January 2007.   Proposition B would also index the state
minimum wage to CPI, allowing for annual adjustments to accommodate
impact 256,000 minimum wage earners in Missouri.  Typically, families
with minimum wage earners depend on those earners for over half of the
family's total earnings.  Almost half of families with an affected
worker depend solely on the wages of the minimum wage earner.

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Americans United For Change in the News

CBS news reported on President Bush's penchance for the phrase "Stay the Course," and used our TV ad "Change the Course" in their piece. Check out the story: 

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It’s Time for a New Course

Check out this great video we found on another website:

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Another Raid on Social Security?

President Bush is at it again.

The President just announced in a recent interview that he will try to renew his efforts to privatize social security.  When will he learn it isn't smart to monkey with our social security?

Last year, Americans United For Change successfully stopped his relentless schemes to privatize social security, and this year will be no different. Check out the interview and see President Bush make his outlandish claims:


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A Message from Nancy Pelosi

Here at Americans United For Change, we know what is at stake in our country this November. Too many governmental leaders have misplaced priorities -- and its time for a change.  Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, also believes that we need a new direction in our country and she sent  a message to our Americans United For Change community.  Here is the message:

Dear Friend,

You know how high the stakes are -- so I'll get right to the point: there's never been a more critical time to highlight the priorities everyday Americans share.

Right now, working families suffer because corporate lobbyists write the laws. Our seniors can't get the drugs they need because the drug companies get everything they want. And President Bush continues to threaten one of our society's greatest accomplishments -- Social Security -- with his risky privatization schemes.

Congress needs to focus on an agenda that benefits the American people:

  • Impose new rules and regulations to break the link between lobbyists and legislation
  • Allow the government to negotiate with drug companies and fix Medicare Part D
  • Stop Social Security and Medicare privatization plans in their tracks
  • Raise the minimum wage to $7.25
  • Cut the interest rates on student loans in half
  • Roll back subsidies to Big Oil and gas companies
  • Enact all the recommendations made by the independent 9/11 Commission

And that all needs to be done in the first 100 hours!

Working together, we will make that happen. Please help Americans United For Change today:

There's a lot at stake in the coming weeks, but we must never lose focus on the task at hand: building a better country. Your work changes the national debate, raising awareness about the misplaced priorities of the current leadership.

Last year, Americans United For Change led the national media campaign against Social Security privatization -- and won.

Now, with so much more at stake, will you help us win again?

Onward to victory.

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader, U.S. House of Representatives

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Change the Course

Our latest TV ad:

President Bush keeps telling Americans to "Stay the Course." But at what cost? It's time for a change.

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Pennsylvania Action and Grandpa Gorilla

Grandpa Gorilla made an appereance in Allentown, Pennsylvania in a rally against privatizers like Senator Rick Santorum. Check out the news coverage from the event:

Check out Grandson Gorilla and his show down with Senator Santorum

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Buy Grandpa Gorilla a Banana

It's not easy being Grandpa Gorilla.

The costumes itch. The crowds are obnoxious. And these politicians won't answer our questions about privatizing Social Security!

But the look on Social Security privatizers' faces when Grandpa Gorilla shows up? Priceless.

Because no matter where Americans United For Change sends a gorilla, people pay attention -- crowds gather, the media shows up, and folks like you watch the aftermath.

But we need your help. It isn't easy being Grandpa Gorilla -- and it isn't easy to pay for him either. Costume rentals, audio equipment and props aren't cheap... but they're worth it.

Whether it's enough for a bowl of bananas ($7), a gorilla suit rental ($150) or even enough to secure a 50-foot inflatable Grandpa ($1,800), take a moment to help us out today:

We can't let politicians like Tricky Ricky Santorum run away from their pro-privatization positions -- and these events, as absurd as they are, get valuable local media and interest. The more people know about the President's proposal to dismantle Social Security, the harder they want to fight it.

President Bush tried to privatize Social Security last year, and we were there to stop him. He's planning to try again -- and we're going to be waiting.

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The Campaign for America's Future picked a winner in its "No Donut Hole" contest. It appears that many donut holes were destroyed in the filming of this video:


Of course, it is in the expert opinion of the AUFC staff that our own video, "No More Doughnut Holes!", was robbed. Jeremy Funk delivered an Oscar-worthy performance on par with DeNiro and Pacino in his portrayal of a Press Secretary with far too much time on his hands.

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