Announcing the CAN Campaign

This week, Americans United For Change launched the Change America Now (CAN) Campaign -- and we think it’s going to be even bigger than Grandpa Gorilla.

We just sent the following announcement to the Americans United For Change community:

Dear Friend,

Now that the dust has settled, I want you to know about the next big thing for Americans United For Change. And when the last "big thing" was a fifty-foot purple gorilla, you know the next one won't disappoint.

Welcome to the CAN campaign, Americans United For Change's joint venture with more than 40 of the nation's leading progressive organizations. We have all come together to do what we do best: hold legislators accountable for their positions, challenge President Bush and push a progressive agenda. And with so many promises made in the last election cycle, our job has never been more important.

The call for change on Election Day was loud -- now it's up to us to make sure our Representatives and Senators hear our demands. In the best spirit of the Holiday Season, take a moment to send them a CANgram now:

We cannot allow Congress to squander such an historic opportunity. Thanks to new leadership, we can actually raise the minimum wage, fix Medicare Part D, make college affordable, and promote sustainable energy -- and that's just the beginning!

That's why we've joined groups like USAction and Campaign for America's Future in launching the Change America Now campaign (CAN). Using every tool at our disposal, we're going to put pressure on legislators to get with our program and support the progressive economic elements of the 100 Hours Agenda that House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi has set out:

  • Make college more affordable by cutting the interest rates for student loans in half

  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs by directing Medicare to use its purchasing power to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies as part of Part D

  • Repeal tax breaks and other multi-billion dollar subsidies for Big Oil and invest in alternative sources of energy

  • Raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour

Sound good to you? Then tell your representatives in Washington now:

What a wild ride it's been. When Americans United For Change first started out, we chased Rick Santorum, President Bush and their privatizing cronies around the nation with Grandpa Gorilla to sound the alarm about their effort to dismantle Social Security through privatization. And it worked!

The issue caught fire around the nation, costing some of privatization's biggest proponents their jobs. But that was just the icing on the cake: now that we don't have to stop a rubber-stamp Congress from hurting the country, we can actually push the House and Senate to do its job and pass a range of bills to help America's working families.

Get started now:

Happy Holidays!

Jeremy Funk, Americans United For Change

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