Update on new radio ads in Ohio

The press is picking up on our new project, running anti-war radio ads using the ideas and voices of average Americans who called in to share their opinions about Iraq. The first round of ads are made up of Ohioans, and end with a call to action to contact Ohio Senator George Voinovich and tell him to end the war in Iraq.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Ohio's Republican Sen. George Voinovich, voted against the timeline [for withdrawl from Iraq]. He agrees that "we do need to be out of there," said spokesman Chris Paulitz. But "he does not believe in setting a timetable and telling our enemies when we're leaving." Americans United for Change, a group that has opposed the war and other Bush initiatives, today will start running ads on radio stations in Cleveland and Columbus asking listeners to call Voinovich.

And from the Cleveland Plain Dealer Blog, Openers:

Over the next week, listeners on WTAM in Cleveland and WTVN-AM and WSNY-FM in Columbus will hear voices including that of Debbie Evans, a nurse in northeast Ohio. Her son is in the Army -- in Kuwait right now, en route to Iraq next week, she said in a phone interview.

Take a minute to listen to the ads. Feel free to post them to your own Web site or blog, using the emedding codes below.

Ohio Mom Against the War

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Ohioans Against the War 

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Americans United for Change needs your help to keep these ads on the air. Help us raise $5000 to play the ads in Ohio:

Note: The phone number mentioned in the ad only works if dialed from within Ohio. To reach Senator Voinovich from outside Ohio, call (614) 469-6697

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The War Czar

Just who is in charge of the war in Iraq?

As Conan O'Brien so eloquently states, George W. Bush doesn't want the job: 

It's a sad state of affairs when late-night comedians understand Constitutional law better than the President of the United States.

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Senator Voinovich: Listen to the People of Ohio

Americans United for Change is launching a series of radio ads against Ohio Senator George Voinovich for his voting record on Iraq.

The ads feature real Ohioans from the Americans United for Change community, who called in and told us why they want to end the war.

You can listen to the ads here: 

Ohio Mom Against the War

Ohioans Against the War

To learn more about the ads, click the links below: (PDF)

To help keep these ads on the air, make a donation to Americans United for Change.

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You Can’t Veto the Truth

Today Americans United for Change released this ad in response to President Bush's veto of historic legislation to wind down the war in Iraq.

Tell George Bush he can't veto the truth. Call: 202-456-1111


Download Script (PDF)

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