One More Chance

Americans United for Change released the following radio ads, calling on Members of Congress to override President Bush's health care vetoes.

Rep. Robert Aderholt:

Aderholt ad backup

Rep. Rodney Alexander:

Alexander ad backup

Rep. Michele Bachmann:

Bachmann ad backup

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite:

Brown-Waite ad backup

Rep. Steve Chabot:

Chabot ad backup

Rep. Tom Cole:

Cole ad backup

Rep. Virgil Goode:

Goode ad backup

Rep. Chip Pickering:

Pickering ad backup

Rep. Bill Sali:

Sali ad backup

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In President Bush’s Front Yard

What's worse than denying health care to 10 million American children?

Doing it twice.

President Bush is about to veto the State Children's Health Insurance Program for the second time. He continues to put his extreme ideology above what's best for the American people.

It's time to tell him we've had enough.

Americans United for Change is joining with TrueMajorityAction to unveil a huge banner outside the White House -- right in President Bush's front yard! We just need your help to decide what the banner will say. Click here to vote on the slogan you like best, or to submit your own slogan idea:

By vetoing SCHIP again, President Bush is once again proving that he doesn't care what the American people think. A recent CBS News poll showed 81 percent of the public supports SCHIP, putting the President in a shameful minority.

As the AP reported this week, President's SCHIP veto signals "his willingness to defy large portions of Congress and the public to shape policies in his final year in office." And as Senator Patty Murray said yesterday,

The president is appealing to a very small conservative base of people, his last few friends in the country, to say, 'I am conservative.' But the problem is, he is playing with American lives while he sends his message to his friends.

Now we can send our own message to President Bush. All we need is your help to decide what our banner will say:

President Bush's SCHIP veto is an example of his recent conversion to supposed fiscal conservatism. He's criticized both the cost of the bill as well as the increase in tobacco taxes used to pay for SCHIP.

But the President's arguments ring hollow, since he continues to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on his failed policy in Iraq -- against the will of the American people.

As his presidency approaches its final year, George Bush is becoming more and more isolated, clinging to an extreme ideology that the American public has overwhelmingly rejected.

That's not how a democracy works. Help us show President Bush what democracy is all about:

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One year with the new direction congress

On November 1st, 2007, Reps. Pelosi, Hoyer, Emanuel and others gathered at the Capitol Building to discuss the first year of the 110th Congress.

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