Wear the Buttons

For seven years, President Bush's allies in Congress helped push forward his failed Conservative agenda. This week, Americans United for Change began delivering "I’m a Bush Republican" buttons to all of the Republicans in the House and Senate today in advance of Bush’s Final State of the Union Address on Monday with the message: "your votes helped build his legacy; you should show your support for him by proudly declaring that you’re a Bush Republican."

On Monday, as cameras scan the House Chamber during the State of the Union Address, we’ll see how many Republicans – those who have voted for Bush’s policies on Iraq, the economy, energy and health care – are willing to put their lapels where there votes have been and wear a button with this simple message: "I’m a Bush Republican."

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State of the Union

With President Bush's last State of the Union just days away, Americans United for Change released the following ad:

Ad script

To learn more about President Bush's legacy, visit

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