New Ad: Stop the Propaganda, End the War

Americans United for Change tonight released this new web ad reminding Americans of the Bush Administration's propaganda campaign to get the U.S. into a war in Iraq. 

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New Ads Praise Democrats’ Middle Class Tax Rebates

Americans United for Change will debut the following television ad Friday praising Democratic Members of Congress for their support of tax rebates for America's middle class.

Carol Shea-Porter Script

Kirsten Gillibrand Script

Ciro Rodriguez Script

Nick Lampson Script

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McBush’s indefensible opposition to the GI Bill

"Support the troops" isn't just a slogan, but apparently someone forgot to tell George Bush and John McCain.

The President -- with McCain's eager support -- has threatened to veto the new GI Bill, an important piece of legislation passed by the House earlier this month that would pay for four years of college for veterans who have served at least three years since 9/11. Current GI educational benefits only cover about 60 percent of public college tuition and 30 percent for private schools. The new bill would boost that benefit to cover the full cost.

It's the least our nation could do to show our gratitude for the sacrifices these brave troops have made.

In an editorial yesterday, the New York Times took Bush to task for his heartless position on the GI Bill:

He is wrong, but at least he is consistent. Having saddled the military with a botched, unwinnable war, having squandered soldiers' lives and failed them in so many ways, the commander in chief now resists giving the troops a chance at better futures out of uniform. He does this on the ground that the bill is too generous and may discourage re-enlistment, further weakening the military he has done so much to break.

Yesterday, both John McCain and the White House made this argument once again, but as Think Progress pointed out earlier this month, a Congressional Budget Office analysis found that the likely decline in troop retention would be completely offset by an increase in recruits achieved by the improved educational benefits.

Once again, George Bush and John McCain refuse to let the facts get in the way of misleading defenses of their indefensible positions. For such staunch supporters of the war in Iraq, their lack of support for the ones bearing the burden is extremely disappointing and out of touch with the true toll the war has taken on our military.

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New Ads Target Those Turning Their Backs on the Troops

Americans United for Change will debut the following television ads Friday criticizing the President and conservative members of Congress for turning their back on the troops and the New GI Bill.

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann Script and Supporting Material

Steve Chabot

Steve Chabot Script and Supporting Material

Tom Feeney

Tom Feeney Script and Supporting Material

Randy Kuhl

Randy Kuhl Script and Supporting Material

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Bush’s Sacrifice

This week President Bush revealed he had given up playing golf to honor the soldiers fighting in Iraq. Americans United for Change and the Bush Legacy Project examine that sacrifice in this new video.

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Bush threatens veto on foreclosure assistance

The subprime mortgage crisis has really put President Bush's misguided priorities in stark relief.

Yesterday, the House passed legislation to provide assistance to half a million homeowners facing foreclosure. The American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act is a crucial bill that will prevent desperate American families from losing their homes.

But George Bush has threatened to do the unthinkable and veto this legislation, denying help from the housing crisis to those who need it most.

According to the Pew Center on the States, between 7,000 and 8,000 people a day are filing for foreclosure on their homes. One in 33 homeowners is projected to be in foreclosure over the next two years, as a result of subprime loans made in 2005 and 2006.

As these thousands of families each day plant foreclosure signs in their yards, Bear Stearns and other Wall Street financiers are humming along -- thanks to the $30 billion bailout Bush supported last month. His administration's incompetence and inaction allowed the subprime crisis to get this bad, and now he's blocking efforts to ease the burden on American families.

As the bill's sponsor Rep Barney Frank said,

"I think it would be a declaration that he's stopped trying to govern," Mr. Frank said, as if the president were saying: " 'I'm through governing, let's just yell at each other for the rest of the year.' "

Although we'd all be thrilled if Bush actually were no longer governing, the fact is he's still in office -- and still doing his best to block any assistance for the American people.

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