“Second Chance” Radio Advertisements

Rep. Cantor

Rep. Capito

Rep. Cassidy

Rep. Castle

Rep. Cooper

Rep. Dent

Rep. Emerson

Rep. Ensign

Rep. Flemming

Rep. Gerlach

Rep. Gutherie

Rep. Latourette

Rep. Luetkemeyer

Rep. Miller

Rep. Murkowski

Rep. Platts

Rep. Reichert

Rep. Tiberi

Rep. Turner

Rep. Upton

Rep. Voinovich

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New ad: No is not an option

AFSCME/Americans United for Change ad urges action against GOP leaders whose only response to economic crisis is to say "NO" to recovery plans.

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New ad thanks Senator Reid for fighting for Nevada Jobs

Americans United for Change is launching a new television advertisement encouraging Nevada residents to thank their senator, Harry Reid, for working with President Obama to fight for Nevada jobs.

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Check out the ‘Rush to Failure’ ads everybody is talking about

Bunning (KY)

Burr (NC)

Martinez (FL)

Ensign (NV)

Specter (PA)

Voinovich (OH)

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New Ads Encourage Sens. Bond, Lugar to Economic Recovery

Amid a worsening economic crisis that resulted in 2.6 million American jobs being lost last year, and with layoffs accelerating in the early part of 2009, Americans United for Change, Political Action, AFSCME and SEIU announced a robust television advertising campaign today as part of the Campaign for Jobs and Economic Recovery.  

Sen. Kit Bond

Sen. Dick Lugar

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