New TV Ad Calls on MN Gov. Pawlenty to Do His Legal Duty

Americans United for Change along with Alliance for a Better Minnesota and the MN AFL-CIO announced a new television ad urging Governor Tim Pawlenty to do his legal duty and certify the U.S. Senate election results should Al Franken be declared the winner by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The ad called "The Choice" spotlights the national Republican Party's dogged efforts to stand in the way of Minnesota's urgently needed and rightful representation in the U.S. Senate and asks Governor Pawlenty if he will act in the best interests of the people of Minnesota - or his own national political ambitions.  Check out the new ad:




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New Ad “Timeline” Spotlights the GOP ‘Party of NO’ and the Priorities They Turned Their Back On

‘Party of NO 'continues to turn their back on many important middle-class priorities  in Congress so far this year, including healthcare for millions of children in need and President Obama's jobs and economic recovery plan that is working today to create or save 3.5 million jobs and provide tax relief to 95 percent of Americans.




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