Uniquely American Green Jobs

With the passage of President Obama's green jobs energy bill in the House of Representatives last week, Americans United for Change is launching a new television ad titled "Uniquely American." The ad applauds Congress for moving forward with a clean energy jobs plan, which will not only bring reduce our dependence on foreign oil and spur innovation but create the millions of jobs. You can call Congress and tell them we need clean energy jobs now: (202) 225-3121.

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The Republican Health Care Horror Show

Are conservatives writing a horror film or talking about health care reform? With more than 76% of the public supporting comprehensive health care reform Republicans in congress have decided that their best option to protect special interests is to recycle phrases from old horror movies. Americans United For Change along with our partner Health Care For America Now have released a need your help to send a message to Congress to keep up the fight for quality, affordable health care for everyone.

Watch our newest video and forward it on to members of Congress and your friends and let them know that what's really frightening are Republican plans to leave health care in the hands of insurance industry.

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Americans United For change is releasing a new ad titled 62% about widespread support for President Obama's health care plan.



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