50 Helpful Facts to Use When Talking to Opponents of Health Insurance Reform

Read our 50 helpful facts to use when talking to opponents of health insurance reform.

  • The Rapidly Rising Number of Uninsured and Underinsured
  • The Exploding Cost of Health Care
  • The Consequences of Doing Nothing: Tens of Thousands Die Each Year Due to Lack of Health Insurance
  • The Consequences of Doing Nothing: Bankrupt Families
  • The Consequences of Doing Nothing: Millions of Americans Avoiding the Care They Need
  • U.S. Health System Ranked # 37 in the World Despite Spending a Higher Portion of GDP Than Any Other Country
  • Astronomical Insurance Industry Profits and What They’re Spending to Protect Them
  • Negligible Competition in the Private Insurance Market = Higher and Higher Premiums
  • Outrageous Health Insurance Industry Practices
  • Support for Health Insurance Reform That Includes a Public Option

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New Polling Shows Strong Momentum for Health Insurance Reform

Today we released a new poll that shows strong momentum for health insurance reform on the heels of President Obama’s address to Congress last week. On behalf of Americans United, Anzalone Liszt Research conducted a nationwide poll with likely 2010 general election voters between September 10-11. Here are the key findings:

Ø 60% of likely 2010 voters say they watched at least part of the President’s speech, and a majority of those who did (54%) are now more likely to support his plan

Ø By a 10-point margin, voters are more likely to re-elect a Member of Congress who votes for healthcare reform

Ø By a 62% to 28% margin, voters support a public option regardless of whether they watched the speech

Complementing the poll, we also launched a new TV ad today called “Bad Politics” that warns members of Congress of the political price they could pay if they stand with the big insurance companies and vote against health insurance reform. The spot began airing this week on cable in the Washington D.C. market, aimed at lawmakers.

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