Twitter Round-Up: Could the Speaker Look Weaker?

Just hours before the Department of Homeland Security was set to shut down at the hands of Republicans, Speaker of the House John Boehner threw up one last Hail Mary toward avoiding governing at all costs and kicking the American Security can down the road. Instead, he lost 52 House Republicans and his 3-week continuing resolution went down 203-224. As can be expected, another in a long list of failures by the House GOP leadership was not lost on the Twitterverse.

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Republicans in Congress are doing the only thing they know how to do: YELL LOUDER



Republicans in the House and Senate have finally accepted the truth that they were only able to acknowledge as a possibility before: GOP Leadership has NO plan for funding Homeland Security beyond the February 27th deadline if the Senate cannot pass their current bill. But coming to terms with the truth and reacting with common sense are not mutually exclusive Republican traits.

In response to their utter failure to undermine the President’s very popular executive action on immigration, Republicans won’t try to work with Democrats to pass their own immigration bill and fully fund DHS. Instead, they’ll dig back into the tried-and-true GOP playbook to do the only thing they’re really good at: ramping up rhetoric and shouting louder than anyone else.

On Wednesday morning, Speaker John Boehner challenged Senate Democrats to “get off their ass” to pass the stunted DHS spending bill. Knowing his use of “ass” would get him plenty of press over the next few days, Boehner was able to ignore that his counterpart in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has already punted the ball back to the House and, more importantly, the President has promised to veto the bill.

But the loudest, most divisive voice came from Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), who pulled out his crystal ball to do some blamesplaining (emphasis ours):

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk, who is up for reelection in blue Illinois in 2016, was more direct. "If they're cynically trying to restart the government-shutdown battle, they should be blamed directly. … It's a very dangerous game. If we have a successful terrorist attack—all the dead Americans from that should be laid at the feet of the Democratic caucus," Kirk said.


He wasn’t done (emphasis, again, ours):

“The Republicans — if there is a successful attack during a DHS shutdown — we should build a number of coffins outside each Democratic office and say, ‘You are responsible for these dead Americans,’” Kirk said Tuesday.

So how did we get to the point where a sitting US Senator decided it’d be advantageous to himself and his party to foretell of terrorism and dead Americans? It’s a short walk off a long pier:

1. The House of Representatives refuses to vote on the bipartisan Senate immigration bill in the 113th Congress.

2. President Barack Obama, seeing the inaction in the House, goes ahead and uses executive action to bring relief to millions of families in the United States.

3. Knowing Republicans would hate this, the President gives them a way out: “Pass A Bill”

4. House Republicans don’t pass a bill.

5. The new Republican majority in both chambers of Congress move to prevent the President’s immigration action through legislation, which doesn’t work.

6. The clock towards a very unsavory Department of Homeland Security shutdown starts to tick louder.

7. Republicans blame Democrats for the deaths of (literally countless because they don’t exist) Americans in (literally countless because they don’t exist) terrorist attacks, all because…

1. The House of Representatives refused to vote on the bipartisan Senate immigration bill in the 113th Congress.

Republicans in Congress can yell above the noise all they want, but their job isn’t to be heard; it’s to ACT. They need to pass a clean DHS funding bill to protect those who protect our homeland.

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