Jeb Bush Is Blowing It In Iowa

The Jeb Bush campaign is blowing it in Iowa. He's getting “torched” in the polls, ducking the straw poll and there's even debate that he'll skip the caucuses altogether. So why is it that the Bush campaign is tanking so bad in Iowa?

For one possibility, let's rewind the tape to 2012. Many, including Obama's own campaign manager, credited Romney's loss in Iowa to a fairly simple, untenable position: Opposition to wind production tax credits, which effect about 6,000 jobs in Iowa. During the 2012 campaign Romney not only opposed the wind production tax credit, he lambasted such subsidies as "boondoggles" from an economic "imaginary world". Maybe it's the same imaginary world where he carries Iowa, because the wind energy tax credits Romney lambasted were also supported by Iowa's Republican Governor, Terry Branstad, and by both Iowa Senators. Heck, even Congressman Steve King supports them. After Romney voiced opposition to the credits, Senator Chuck Grassley said it felt it was just like a knife in my back". Governor Branstad said Romney's campaign was full of a "bunch of east coast people that need to get out here in the real world to find out what’s really going on.” The Obama campaign hammered him with ads over the issue. 

In that same cycle, the Koch brothers’ network stated their goal was to make the Wind PTC “toxic” to Republicans. The oil tycoon brother’s and their network, including Americans for Prosperity, American Tradition Institute, American Energy Alliance and Heritage Foundation have all actively campaigned against the Wind Industry and the PTC. 

This brings us back to Jeb Bush who made the strange anti-Iowa move of announcing that he wants to “phase out” any credits for renewables such as the wind production tax credit. But while Bush has been tanking in Iowa, the good news is he’s been offered an audition spot for the Koch brother’s billion-dollar shadow primary.

So why would Bush turn his back on Iowa and repeat such a glaring Romney mistake? It doesn't take a weatherman to know.

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