AUFC Wins Reed Award for Best National Ad for Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy Campaign

It’s an honor just to be nominated – and even better to win! This weekend in Las Vegas, AUFC took home a Reed Award, named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, for ‘Best National Ad for Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy Campaign’.  

It was in recognition of ‘Leadership’, the first national ad in support of the President’s immigration executive action to give millions of undocumented workers the opportunity to keep their families together, get right with the law and pay their fair share in taxes.  What caught the attention of award judges was the use of footage of President Ronald Reagan, who in 1986 signed a similar executive action deferring deportations.  Reagan speaking about the U.S. as a ‘shining city’ with doors open to immigrants juxtaposed with President Obama making the same case today really took the wind out of the sails of Republican arguments that this action was unprecedented and unlawful.  Not to mention their complaints that the President had no business acting alone when House Republicans had refused to vote on a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform the Senate passed over 500 days ago.  As the ad concludes: When Congress Refuses to Act, Presidents Must Lead.

Unfortunately, it’s clear Republicans remain uninterested in making any inroads with the immigrant community. The Reed Award came the same weekend as the Iowa Freedom Summit, where Republican Presidential hopefuls gathered to kiss the ring of anti-immigrant demagogue, Congressman Steve King. 

Watch 'Leadership' Here: 

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Breaking Down The Medicare Lie

Are you familiar with ‘The Medicare Lie’? Republicans and their shadowy supporters (read: Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and Tea Party extremist groups) have been using it to attack Democrats for a while. It’s a big one. It’s also important, so let’s break it down.

The claim is that the Affordable Care Act—or “Obamacare”—was funded in part by gutting Medicare to the tune of $716 billion. As a result, Republicans argue that any Congressperson or Senator who voted for Obamacare, or anyone who even supports it, is, essentially, trying to strip Medicare of A LOT of money. There are tens of millions of seniors across America who rely on Medicare to stay healthy, and the GOP is arguing that Obamacare is taking money directly out of their pocket.

Now I’m the first to admit that this claim sounds bad. But it takes about two seconds to head over to Politifact and see that this ridiculous idea has been debunked literally dozens of times. From the occasional “Half True” to lots of “Mostly False,” “False” and plenty of “Pants on Fire,” Politifact can’t fact check this lie fast enough.

Republicans lying, in and of itself, is nothing new. But The Medicare Lie is particularly egregious. Here’s why: WHILE DEMOCRATS AIM TO STRENGTHEN MEDICARE, THE REPUBLICANS WANT TO GUT IT COMPLETELY!

You know Paul Ryan:  Congressman from Wisconsin, former Vice Presidential nominee, gym rat. Well along with being a conservative politician from the Midwest and Ayn Rand’s biggest fan, Ryan is also the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. In that role, he crafts budget proposals for Congress.

Now we all know how much of a disaster the Ryan budget would be for the American people, cutting taxes for the rich and social services for the poor. But what we need to know for the sake of this post is that one of the social services it would gut is Medicare. Paul Ryan and his Republican buddies in Congress wants to voucherize Medicare. Rather than guaranteeing coverage for all seniors, he would like to give them a gift card to visit the doctor of their choice. Once their gift card is empty... we’ll that is apparently no longer the problem of the Republican States of America.

Republicans and their billionaire friends have been running ads against Democrats throughout the midterms invoking The Medicare Lie. But the truly astounding part is that they are accusing Democrats of trying to destroy Medicare, while at same time trying to destroy Medicare all on their own.

The Republicans are trying to have their cake, and eat it too. And while they are at it, they would also like your cake, your vote and your goddamn health insurance.


Brad Woodhouse is the President of Americans United for Change

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Going to the Political Theater

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Yesterday, Senate Republicans blocked the effort to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. On Tuesday, after the Koch brothers blasted out a plea to Republicans to vote “no”, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) rushed to the floor of the Senate to voice his opposition to raising the minimum wage. Wednesday, Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) belittled low-wage workers by fudging their demographics (Young! Uneducated!) and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) reduced the entire discussion to nothing more than “political theater”.

Political theater? Give me a break. These hard-working Americans would love the opportunity to just step into a movie theater with their families once or twice a year.

The performers in the true “Political Theater” are so good that they use the fourth wall to seal themselves off completely from the constituents they claim to work for. Soliloquies are presented as dissertations on the meaning of life in America, without much of an idea of what life actually is in America. Stage combat plays out as a war on their real enemy, an ever-growing cultural uprising based on equality and fair play, using their most powerful and effective weapon: fear.

The actors and actresses of the true “Political Theater” are the Senate Republicans, themselves.

Raising the minimum wage isn’t “political theater”. On top of the 28 million who would benefit from a raise in the minimum wage, taxpayers everywhere will see a decline in the need for public assistance funding ($4.6 billion in SNAP funding per year, alone). The nation will enjoy a jolt in economic activity to the tune of $22 billion, creating the opportunity for more jobs at better wages. 73% of Americans support raising the minimum wage to $10.10, and three states have already gone ahead and done it.

It takes a special kind of performer to tap dance around numbers like those. As they showed yesterday, Senate Republicans are up to the challenge.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. How do you get to the “Political Theater”? An unheralded ignorance to the needs and desires of the American people.


Jimmy Donofrio is the Digital Director for Americans United for Change

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Raising The Minimum Wage: Americans Get It… What’s Congress’s Problem?

Let me turn your attention to some video released by Think Progress today of Representative Dennis Ross (R-FL 15) at a town hall meeting in Tampa, FL. When asked by constituent and low-wage worker Shaneeka Rainer whether or not he’d support raising the minimum wage, Ross rejected the notion, saying, “It’s not right.”

If Rep. Ross had left it there, this would just be another example of a Republican member of Congress dismissing the struggles of hard-working Americans. Instead, he turned the tables in his own town hall meeting and asked, “Who’s going to pay for it?”

ROSS: “If we are going to make it a living wage, who’s going to pay for it? Who’s going to pay for it?”

AUDIENCE MEMBER: “I will. I’ll pay 20 cents extra for a hamburger.”

This response to an otherwise rhetorical question elicited a smattering of applause from the town hall, and put the Congressman on his heels. This response to an otherwise rhetorical question was the tide of the minimum wage fight rising in the face of dwindling opposition.

“I will.”

It’s a simple rallying cry being trumpeted all over the country right now in the name of raising the minimum wage. It’s a declaration in a town hall in Florida that marginally higher prices for goods are well worth making sure that our fellow Americans can make enough money to pay their bills. It’s an announcement from a pizza chain in Minnesota that paying higher wages to their staff ensures future earnings and allows them to offer better service to their customers. It is states like Connecticut and Maryland not waiting for Congress to act and voting to raise their minimum wages to $10.10 an hour.

Yet, Republicans continue to stand in the way. Just yesterday, Governor Mary Fallin signed a law that bars all Oklahoma cities from setting their own mandatory minimum wage, effectively freezing it at the federal level of $7.25 an hour.

Low-wage workers in this country are struggling. They are pleading for someone to step up to the plate for them and for our economy.

Americans everywhere are saying “I will.”

Sadly, for Republicans in Congress, “It’s not right.”

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An Open Letter To Kathleen Sebelius

Thank you, Madam Secretary.

Thanks for ensuring that 7.5 million Americans could sign up for affordable, quality health insurance.

Thanks for your commitment to fixing the website, and for your leadership throughout the (hugely successful) open enrollment period—despite what some people had predicted.

Thanks for reaching out to Republican governors to help set up state exchanges, work to expand Medicaid, and reach compromise on marketplace structures in many red states, despite repeated and relentless Republican attempts to sabotage the law.

Thanks for having the courage to stand in there during your 5+ years of service—the 6th-longest among Cabinet members—despite having to put up with misleadingfalsified, and repeatedly debunked attacks on the ACA throughout your time in the Administration.

Thanks for teaching us how to sneeze properly.   

Thanks for helping these people #GetCovered.  And also these people.  And these people.  And this cancer survivor.  And this small business owner.  And this person with a pre-existing condition.  And 9.3 million other Americans who otherwise would not have had health insurance.

Thanks for everything, Secretary Sebelius, from me and some of my friends.

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Adam Hoyer is the Executive Director of Protect Your Care

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Congress - Give America a Raise

A big bus and a tank of gas will take you anywhere you want to go in the lower 48. But an idea - an economic imperative, a moral necessity – will reach out and touch the American people. That was, and has always been, the motivation behind the ‘Give America a Raise’ Bus Tour:  The idea that raising pay for the low-wage workers of this country benefits all Americans, not just those who see a bigger paycheck. We’ve traveled from Maine to New Hampshire, from Connecticut to New York and Pennsylvania, to Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin, through Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and now here, on the doorstep of Congress in Washington, DC, to demand a living wage for hard-working Americans, a fighting chance for families living in poverty and a boost to this nation’s economy.

We’ve met small business owners on the forefront of this movement who won’t wait for Congress to act. We met Sean Garceau, General Manager of Miguel’s, a Mexican restaurant in Bangor, ME, who was thrilled to hear his workers talking about the gift they were able to afford to buy their loved one or the night out they spent with their family. We met Jeni Burns, the owner of Ms. Groovy’s Catering and Café in Charleston, WV, who knew that paying her contractors more meant they would come to work with purpose and that she could hold them to a higher standard; that minimum wage will get you minimum work.

We’ve heard impassioned pleas from the faith community, imploring America to reevaluate the moral dilemma behind making people work at $7.25 ($2.13 for tipped workers) an hour. We heard from Pastor Gail Kinney in New Hampshire, who reminded us that all work should have dignity, and those who perform these jobs, whether they’re 16 or 66, should feel like their work has value. Gary McCaslin, a retired Baptist Minister in Corning, NY, explained that raising the minimum wage wasn’t a Republican or a Democratic issue, but a moral issue, and that no member of Congress worries about where their next meal will come from or where their family will sleep at night.

But most importantly, we’ve listened to everyday Americans struggling to survive on low wages, working multiple jobs and still not getting by. We listened to Nate Smith tell of his back-breaking work as a baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport, where he works full-time but still can’t afford his own apartment and struggles to provide for his beautiful daughter, Jasmine. We listened to Tabitha Whalen, who works at multiple Dunkin Donuts in the Portland, ME, area, and her tireless efforts to keep a roof over the head of her son, Malachi. We listened to Gale Hamilton from Springfield, IL, who works two jobs and is going to school to better herself and her family. Gale hasn’t had the luxury of working just one job since her now 17-year-old daughter was two.

These are just a sampling of the stories we heard on our 11-state tour, and all of the stories we heard are just a microcosm of life for 28 million Americans who would benefit from raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. These are voices that need to be amplified, need to be heard. We urge Congress to hear these voices. We urge Congress to fight for these voices.

Congress – Give America a raise. #RaiseTheWage

Brad Woodhouse is the President of Americans United for Change

To learn more about the ‘Give America a Raise’ Bus Tour, visit

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AUFC President Brad Woodhouse Introduces Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
AUFC President Brad Woodhouse introduces Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday

A broad spectrum of voices joined Americans United for Change President Brad Woodhouse in their support of yesterday's historic vote in favor of filibuster reform, forever to be known as "The Reid Rule."

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid desires a huge thank you for taking a strong step forward today to break through the dysfunction in Washington and end Republican gridlock in the United State Senate. Senator Reid has been working tirelessly to ensure the United States has a functioning Senate and today’s actions make the Senate a place where we can actually get things done for the American people.  Those who want the U.S. Senate to operate according to its norms and traditions are cheering today. For too long, the Republicans strategy of preventing up or down votes on qualified nominees, without respect to their merits, actually marked a radical departure from Senate history. Today we said no more.  Let’s be clear – this minor common-sense change puts an end to Republican obstruction of the President’s constitutional duty to appoint nominees. These nominees have been blocked time and time again, not because of their qualifications, but as part of a larger Republican strategy to undermine laws and agencies they don’t agree with. No more.   It’s time to get things moving again. So today, we’re christening "the Reid rule" – the action giving all future presidential nominees an opportunity to have an up-or-down vote. Now the people’s business can get done.”

CWA: The Communications Workers of America commends Leader Reid for his leadership in ensuring that the President’s executive and judicial nominations get an up-or-down vote. Today’s Senate action restores an important principle of our democracy.  The Senate majority’s procedural action means that President Obama’s nominations will get confirmation votes.  This procedure isn’t new and there’s nothing “nuclear” or revolutionary about it. Instead, it is the Republicans’ recent strategy of preventing up or down votes on qualified nominees without respect to their merits that has been a radical departure from Senate history. Republicans have been blocking votes on qualified executive and judicial nominees as part of a larger strategy to undermine laws and agencies they disagree with, and to deny President Obama his constitutional authority to fill vacancies. After months of Republican empty promises and broken agreements, Leader Reid had no other choice but to put forward the procedural motion. The Senate has changed application of the rules at least 18 times in the last 35 years, though not necessarily regarding nominations. In 1980, then Majority Leader Byrd used the exact same procedure to eliminate filibusters on a motion to proceed to nominations.   “The Senate action re-enforces the intent of Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which clearly states that the Senate’s obligation of advice and consent is based on majority support, not super majority support.  This is a good first step toward restoring a Senate that functions as an integral part of our democracy,” said CWA President Larry Cohen.

Marge Baker, executive vice president of People For the American Way: “The fact that there’s now a path forward to the confirmation of these three extraordinarily qualified D.C. Circuit nominees is unquestionably good news.  It’s now time for the Senate to get on with the business of governing after spending far too long bogged down with reckless GOP obstruction.  Republicans’ abuse of Senate rules during this administration has been astounding. While President Obama has made an effort to work with Republican senators to nominate fair, accomplished judges, Republicans have blocked his nominees at every turn, often for no reason other than the fact that it was President Obama who nominated them.  This irresponsible obstruction is part of a larger effort by Republicans in Congress to nullify laws they don’t like and overturn the results of elections that they lost. This profoundly anti-democratic approach to governing  shut down our federal government, and threatened to shut down our courts.  We are thrilled that President Obama’s D.C. Circuit nominees and the other federal judicial nominees waiting for Senate votes will finally get the fair consideration that they deserve. Senate Republicans have refused to do their jobs for far too long. It’s time to get the Senate working again.”

AFSCME President Lee Saunders: “Washington is broken and the extreme partisan gridlock in the Senate is untenable.  Senator Reid did the right thing in moving to change Senate rules to allow a majority vote on most executive branch nominations.  This is a major step toward resolving Senate obstructionism.” 

Mary Kay Henry, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU): “We fully support Majority Leader Reid’s action to end the era of Republican obstructionism in the Senate. For too long, a minority of Senators have prevented dozens of qualified nominees from being confirmed, often for petty political reasons or for no reason at all. The impact of this obstructionism has been felt by working people as critical positions in the government and on the courts have been left unfilled, including the nomination of Rep. Mel Watt to lead the Federal Finance Housing Agency. Other important nominations on hold include the three vacancies on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit where there are three extremely qualified nominees awaiting a fair vote, Professor Nina Pillard, Judge Robert Wilkins and Patricia Millett. We thank Majority Leader Reid for taking this courageous step and look forward to seeing President Obama’s nominees receive fair up or down votes in the Senate.”

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: “Time and again, Republican Senators have put political obstruction ahead of what’s best for America. Their unprecedented abuse of the Senate rules is a naked attempt to nullify the last election by denying President Obama his picks for critical judicial and executive branch posts. But the Constitution does not allow a minority of one house of Congress to hold the other two branches of government hostage. We applaud the leadership of Senator Reid to uphold democracy by breaking through the gridlock in order to address the pressing needs of our country.  These Washington games have real consequences in people’s lives. Democrat, Republican or Independent, it’s a disgrace and simply un-American if we are not working hard for the people across the country struggling to make ends meet. Working people expect their leaders to maintain a functioning government that works for them and the labor movement will continue to hold those leaders accountable to do just that.”

John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO of Small Business Majority: “The Senate’s vote today to change the rule requiring a super majority of 60 votes to confirm most presidential nominees to a simple majority is welcome news to small employers. When Congress holds up the confirmation process for heads of government agencies, it hinders its ability to function properly and do critical work that benefits small businesses, consumers and the economy.  A scientific opinion poll Small Business Majority released recently found a strong majority of small business owners believe Congress has been doing a poor job confirming presidential nominees. The poll also revealed small employers believe the president’s nominations deserve a timely up or down vote and don’t approve of the Senate regularly holding up votes to confirm nominations to key government positions like judgeships and government agencies.  Small businesses understand that to survive in this tough economy they need government agencies running smoothly and forming policies that encourage them to innovate. That’s why they support timely votes on the president’s nominees, so the government can continue to promote policies that will help small employers grow and create jobs.  If lawmakers want to do what’s best for small businesses, they should spend their time working to strengthen our economy and advancing smart policies that encourage job creation—not holding up confirmation processes for presidential nominees or hindering government agencies from doing their jobs. We hope this rule change will speed up the process for nominees and prevent some lawmakers from using filibusters to delay or even prevent confirmations based entirely on partisan politics. It’s the right thing to do for small businesses and our country.” 

Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights: “The Senate is one of our democracy’s most important institutions. Yet it has been clear for some time that this once great deliberative body has been severely hampered by the extreme overuse and outright abuse of the filibuster to keep the Senate from performing its constitutional duty to ‘advise and consent’ on executive and judicial branch nominees.  Because it requires a super-majority to overcome it, the filibuster is supposed to be an ‘in case of emergency’ legislative tool reserved for extraordinary situations. Instead, it’s now being used routinely to keep highly qualified nominees from receiving simple ‘yes-or-no’ confirmation votes. As a result, our executive and judicial branches are suffering in their ability to provide service and to dispense justice to the American people. The routine use of the filibuster also has been highly corrosive to the comity that enables the Senate to do much of its work.  Majority Leader Reid has done his job by scheduling timely votes on nominees who have been thoroughly vetted by the various committees of jurisdiction, yet the obstruction persists. The Senate as an institution reached its nadir with the filibusters of Congressman Mel Watt to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and of Patricia Millett, Cornelia ‘Nina’ Pillard, and Judge Robert Wilkins to fill long-standing vacancies on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, widely acknowledged as the nation’s second-most important federal court. These are nominees of impeccable qualifications, knowledge, and judgment, the kind of people who view public service as a calling and a duty. The fact that those who blocked their confirmations using the filibuster declined to challenge their qualifications, character, or fitness for the offices to which they were appointed speaks volumes about the way the filibuster is being abused.  Senator Reid should be applauded for enabling the Senate to perform its constitutional duties regarding executive branch nominees and judicial nominees below the Supreme Court level. Adoption of the Reid Rule mean that Congressman Watt and the three nominees for the D.C. Circuit will finally be judged on their merits, as they should have been in the first place. We are confident that when yes-or-no votes are scheduled, all four will be confirmed.”

Center for American Progress’s Tom Perriello: “Today’s vote to reform the Senate rules is a victory for the American people and an important step towards getting Washington back to work. Today’s targeted reforms come after years of unprecedented partisan obstruction by the same Republicans who shut down the government and repeatedly held our economy hostage. By abusing the rules of the Senate, the Republican minority has used extreme tactics to retroactively veto laws and the institutions that uphold them.   These obstructionist tactics have crippled the ability of the executive and judicial branches to address the most important issues of the day, such as our nation’s housing crisis, consumers’ and workers’ rights, and the ability to enforce clean air and water protections. Even Chief Justice John Roberts agrees that the current number of judicial vacancies represents a crisis and has urged the Senate to fill these vacancies, including those on the D.C. Circuit, as quickly as possible.  The American public is tired of partisan obstruction and wants Congress to do its job. In the Senate that means allowing simple up-or-down votes on nominations. By reforming its rules, the Senate will finally return to its proper role as spelled out in the Constitution: advise and consent, not obstruct and delay.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and his colleagues deserve praise for reforms that prioritized the needs of the American people over partisan gamesmanship.”

Demos President Miles Rapoport: "Our system of government calls on the President to nominate and the Senate to confirm federal judges to lifetime service on the bench. This particular court is critically important, and has jurisdiction over a number of government agencies and decides the fate of many government regulations. Yet in an attempt to keep the court in conservative hands, Senate Republicans have attempted to nullify the president’s constitutional authority and have abused Senate procedure for purely political reasons.  This unprecedented use of the filibuster has provoked the need for a change. Since 1949 there have been 168 nominations filibustered, and 82 of them have been under this president. Demos applauds this step toward returning the Senate to its business of serving the American people. The time for serious governing without unrelenting obstruction is now."

Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen: “After years of unprecedented obstruction, Senate Republicans left their Democratic colleagues with no choice but to repair the chamber by changing its rules. We commend Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid for putting the Senate back to work, and thank the 51 other Democrats who supported his efforts. Now the Senate can do its job and give each of the President’s D.C. Circuit nominees a prompt, up-or-down vote.”

Fix the Senate Now: “Those who want the U.S. Senate to live up to its traditions as a deliberative body where qualified nominees can receive up-or-down votes should applaud today’s news and thank Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Senate Democratic caucus.  In recent years, the U.S. Senate has been a broken and dysfunctional institution unable to work for the American people due to the runaway obstruction. Today’s reforms are a step toward breaking through that unprecedented gridlock and moving the chamber back toward the constitutional framers’ vision.  This promising step forward is in line with the numerous other instances that the Senate has reformed its filibuster and cloture rules. Additionally, just since 1977, there are18 different instances that the Senate changed its practices by a simple majority vote (see this 2005 Republican Policy Committee (RPC) in-depth overview of Senate reforms by simple majority, available here).  Today’s developments will benefit the American people and the basic functionality of our democracy. The Senate should now proceed to provide a yes-or-no vote to all pending nominees. Ensuring that qualified nominees can be judged on their merits and can receive an up-or-down vote should not be a contentious notion.” 

Fair Share: “For weeks, months and years, Senate Republicans played games with President Obama’s nominees to key positions not because of ideological differences or questions of qualification. Rather, Senate Republicans blocked these nominees simply because they had a legislative agenda and issues with the Administration that they could not muster majority support for.  Enough is enough. When it came to the President’s three nominees to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, even Republicans admitted they had no grounds to oppose the nominees on the merits. Still, they filibustered. They delayed. They obfuscated.  Make no mistake: This is not inside baseball. Throughout President Obama’s time in office, nominees to various judgeships and to federal agencies that protect workers, defend Americans against discrimination and make our food, water and air safe have been blocked, time and again. Today’s action will restore balance to the U.S. Senate and allow it to put the well-being of the American people above the extreme interests of a minority party.”

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW): “NCJW applauds the Senate’s reform of the filibuster rule, which means senators may now confirm the President’s nominees by a majority vote. The overuse of the filibuster, once employed sparingly, has become a tool to block appointments for all sorts of reasons having nothing to do with the qualifications of the nominees at hand. It has made the Senate’s process a travesty of democracy.  Four highly qualified nominees to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals were previously blocked by the filbuster’s requirement that 60 votes be mustered to end debate. Other highly qualified nominees for administration positions have been blocked as well. Sometimes the opposition has not cited any reasons at all to justify their refusal to permit an up or down vote. The three surviving nominations (one was finally forced to withdraw) should now be brought to a vote.  The filibuster was once a procedural safeguard for the minority, used only four times between 1917 and 1960. Now it is commonplace. It no longer ensures unfettered debate – rather it awards veto power over presidential nominees to a minority of the Senate.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune: "Today is a victory for everyone who believes that a fully-functional Senate and a fully-functional democracy should be the standard, not the exception.   Over the last few years, Republican obstructionists in the Senate have abused the rules to create unprecedented gridlock, knowing full well they and their big polluting allies would lose a fair fight in which the majority rules. As a result, almost nothing has been achieved in Washington and the American public has rightly become disgusted with Congress.  Thanks to the leadership of Senator Harry Reid and his Democratic colleagues, critical nominees who have been blocked from doing their jobs should now get an up-or-down vote -- and those who use gridlock to score political points have now been denied one of their most prized weapons. Now, it is time to proceed to a vote to confirm these nominees right away. There is much work left to do to fix the Senate and get our democracy working again for the American people, but today the momentum has shifted in the right direction.”

CREDO's Political Director Becky Bond: "We are thankful for Senator Harry Reid's leadership today to ensure that White House nominees get an up-or-down vote. Republican abuse of the filibuster not only makes it impossible for the White House to appoint judges and high level officials as mandated by the Constitution, but also threatens to make the Senate powerless to carry out its legislative duties.  The Majority Leader's move is a long-overdue first step towards much needed filibuster reform. We hope Senator Reid and the Senate Democratic Conference will continue to stand strong and fight to rein in the Republicans who have paralyzed the Senate and made a mockery of the separation of powers with their petty, abusive and obstructionist strategies."

Democracy for America's Executive Director Charles Chamberlain: "Facing an unprecedented level of Republican obstruction rooted in petty politics, Senate Democrats have rightly reformed the filibuster and the grassroots base of the Democratic party have their back for taking this important stand."

Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron: “Alliance for Justice commends Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Senators who voted to change Senate rules today for their courageous decision to end the unprecedented abuse of Senate rules by a Republican minority dedicated to obstruction-at-all-costs. This was not a decision made easily or taken lightly.  There was no choice.  The Republican minority had turned the existing rules into weapons of mass obstruction.  Most recently, they acknowledged that they had no grounds to oppose on the merits President Obama’s supremely-qualified nominees for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  But they filibustered those nominees anyway.  This change in the rules is the only way to return the Senate to its place as the world’s greatest deliberative body; it is the only way to ensure that the Senate can put the well-being of the American people ahead of the political interests of an extremist minority.  Now that the rules have changed, the Senate must move quickly to confirm President Obama’s D.C. Circuit nominees, and all of the other nominees that, until now, have been held hostage to obstruction.  Those nominees include 14 more nominees for judgeships who are currently awaiting Senate floor votes, and executive branch nominees such as Rep. Mel Watt, D-N.C., whose nomination to run the Federal Housing Finance Agency was filibustered last month.”

Justice at Stake Director of Federal Affairs & Diversity Issues Praveen Fernandes: “While we are dismayed that it had to come to this, today’s developments leave the fair-courts movement hopeful that the Senate might move forward to expeditiously schedule and hold up-or-down votes on judicial nominees.   Today, nearly 10% of the federal judiciary sits empty. Well over half of this country’s population lives in a jurisdiction in which a judicial emergency has been declared, meaning that their courthouses don’t have enough judges to adequately handle their caseload. At its core, this judicial vacancy crisis is a justice crisis. The American people (who depend upon judges for the protection of their rights) and American businesses (which rely on our courts for the structural certainty required for economic growth) deserve nothing less than a judiciary that is fully staffed with qualified judges.   We hope that the judicial nominations and confirmations impasse has ended and that up-or-votes will proceed without further delay. We also hope that senators across the political spectrum will pledge to protect the strength and vibrancy of our courts. People across this country deserve nothing less.”

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson: “With obstructionists in the Senate bent on a shutting down the judiciary, something had to give. President Obama has three years left in his term and he must be able to fill these positions. The government must be allowed to function and our judiciary must be able to serve the people. In order to do that the Senate must fill its constitutional role or we will face an even bigger crisis down the road. Our judicial system is hamstrung and a rules changes was necessary to ensure it gets back up and running.”

Michael Waldman, President, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law: “The Senate’s action today is a significant step to help overcome government dysfunction. The Senate’s proper role is to advise and consent, not obstruct and deny. Recent filibusters have paralyzed Washington. One branch of government is preventing the other two from operating. Ending rampant filibuster abuse is vital for our courts to fulfill their promise of justice and our agencies to effectively execute our laws.”

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Raise The Minimum Wage

by Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change

A single mother with one child, working full-time at the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour, will live in poverty. Unfortunately, it’s not just a theoretical situation for millions of Americans; working at the minimum wage, coupled with rising costs and increasing home and rental prices, is “really squeezing poor, working people.”

The poverty threshold exceeds the minimum wage salary for a single parent of one child

Among the biggest problems with the federal minimum wage is that it doesn’t represent the “living wage.” MIT developed a great tool to calculate the hourly wage rate that represents minimum standards of living in communities across the country. A quick look around the map shows that our wage standards are lagging way behind what is needed to get by.

The living wage far surpasses the federal minimum wage across the country

Raising the minimum wage is not an unpopular idea – quite the opposite. A Gallup poll taken earlier this month showed that 76% of Americans support raising the minimum wage. And this support is across the board, with 91% of Democrats, 76% of Independents, and 58% of Republicans (up 8% from March) saying they would vote for a law that raised the minimum wage. 

Americans of all parties support raising the minimum wage

Further proof of its popularity can be seen in New Jersey. The same electorate that re-elected Republican Governor Chris Christie also voted overwhelmingly to raise the state’s minimum wage. Furthermore, the approved ballot question also amends the state Constitution to include yearly increases in the minimum wage tied to inflation.

NJ voted overwhelmingly to raise the state's minimum wage

The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 would raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 – but that’s just the first drop in a waterfall of growth that would be felt across the country. According to analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 would raise the wages of 30 million workers. Over the phase-in period, GDP would be increased by $33 billion, and would result in the creation of 140,000 jobs because of the increase in spending.

Impact of raising the minimum wage

Recently, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez stated that increasing the federal minimum wage was “job one for this administration.” We stand with Secretary Perez, President Barack Obama, the low-wage earners across this country and the majority of Americans who support raising the minimum wage. Raise The Wage – for the good of everyone.

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Remarks for Mr. Brad Woodhouse at Organizing for Action Obamacare Summit

Washington, D.C.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Thank you, Jenn. Thank you to OFA and to all my fellow progressives.  It's a privilege to be here.


I was thinking I’d give you a 22-hour lecture while reading from my favorite Dr. Seuss book. But then I realized you probably have more important things to do. In case you’re wondering, it’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”


But in all seriousness: we are at a critical moment in history.


The President’s signature healthcare law – and affordable health care for millions of Americans - is on the line.


There are groups backed by hundreds of millions of special interest dollars carrying out an aggressive campaign of misinformation, fear and sabotage against the Affordable Care Act.


The lengths some of these folks have been willing to go to deceive the American people about Obamacare and to intimidate and scare those who are trying to bring affordable health care to millions of people – is shocking. 


These people suffer from a disease for which even Obamacare knows no cure – they suffer from “Obamacare derangement syndrome.”


These folks are opposed to everything that President Obama and his supporters and his party represents. 

Their ideology is so rigid and unyielding the last thing they can afford to happen ever is for Obamcare to work.


So they are still pinning away for the failed system the Affordable Care Act is replacing where insurers decided who was worthy of coverage – and who was not.


These folks have a loose allegiance to truth and they take a shoot first and ask questions later approach to any perceived ill of the Obamacare rollout.  It’s breathtaking the lengths they will go to politicize healthcare and to deny people affordable access to it.




These attacks have sought to distort a law that is bringing the way our health care system works into alignment with our nation’s values; that will make our economy stronger and our people healthier all while reducing the deficit that these folks seem to think is the only issue America faces.


Obamcare brings fairness to a healthcare market that was rigged in favor of big insurance companies.


It puts people before profits.


Those of us who are working so hard on behalf of this law believe that in America, no one should be denied coverage because they have a preexisting condition

and no family should go bankrupt because they or their loved one gets sick.


When the President signed the Affordable Care Act he delivered on a promise of health care reform that had eluded presidents as far back as Theodore Roosevelt.


But that progress must be defended and the ACA’s success depends on us getting out there to set the record straight. To push back against the special interests that have done nothing but try to impede, repeal and defund the law for years.


They’re rooting for its failure with no plan to help people who would suffer as a result.   There are members of Congress who shut down the government to derail Obamacare.


When it was all said and done, the Tea Party shutdown hurt our economy, wasted billions of dollars and did nothing to derail Obamacare.


And now – after all that – shutting down the government, a 22 hour Tea Party led filibuster, more than 40 votes to repeal Obamacare – now Republicans are concerned people can’t enroll fast enough?  C’mon man!


You could call what these Republicans are engaging in hypocrisy, but that would be an insult to hypocrites.


Their scattershot efforts to sabotage a law that helps millions of Americans are pathetic. Nobody is fooled.   I don’t know – maybe they’re just upset that Obamacare is more popular than they are!

So while the Obamacare alarmists crow over each pothole on the road forward, every one of us needs to stay focused, committed to empowering Americans with the facts about Obamacare.


The calendar has turned to November.  A year from now – next November – Obamacare will be the success we have always forecast it to be – and the opponents of Obamacare will be just as extreme and out of step as they are today. 


The bugs in Obamacare will be fixed- but there is no cure for Obamcare derangement syndrome.


Between now and then we must persevere – fight fear with facts, sabotage with solutions. 

We didn’t shrink from this fight in the darkest and most difficult hours during the bill’s passage and we will not shrink from it now.


With each passing day, more and more Americans are waking up for the first time knowing that they will have the security of quality, affordable health care. That is change we can believe in; we can’t let up now.  


Thank you for having me.






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