April 15th

Monday, April 14

It's almost Tax Day - and Americans United for Change is reminding President Bush and his allies in Congress to "Invest in America, Not in Iraq."

The Iraq War has already cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering $526 billion in direct costs and roughly $1.3 trillion to the economy.  That is $16,500 for each U.S. family of four, or roughly $3 billion for each Congressional district in the country.

Meanwhile, middle class Americans are bracing for a recession here at home - and the Bush Administration hasn't been responding. As Reuters reported last month:

Washington's overall spending on domestic programs outside of defense, such as education, highways and law enforcement, has grown. But over the seven years of the Bush presidency, that funding represents a declining share of the budget and economy.

Tomorrow, Americans United for Change is teaming up with Members of Congress, veterans, military families, community leaders, faith leaders and concerned citizens to co-host nearly 50 events in front of post offices across the country. The events will be highlighting the enormous financial burden taxpayers are shouldering as the war in Iraq drags on into its 6th bloody and costly year.

Update: In addition to the nearly fifty Tax Day/Cost of War events taking place throughout the country tomorrow, Brave New Films is launching a new website called "The $3 Trillion Shopping Spree" -- -- a unique, virtual shopping experience for Americans who want to try to comprehend the astronomical price tag of this war by relating it to real world purchases.  Americans can now discover: "Just What could I do with a $3 trillion gift certificate to anything in the world?  How many plasma TVs could you buy?  How many Cadillac Escalades?  Or for that matter, how many deadly diseases could you cure?  How many new schools could you build?  How much HIV medication for AIDS victims around the world?"

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