Change the Course

Friday, October 20

Our latest TV ad:

President Bush keeps telling Americans to "Stay the Course." But at what cost? It's time for a change.

Posted by Americans United For Change Web Team


HAHAHAHA That is great!  Need to see it on every channel across the nation!

~Dustin~ in Ooooooooooklahoma | Tuesday, October 24 at 11:10 AM

new ad -
is duck and run
stay the ,the ,the , fool me twice
hum ,hum born on the run

sir enright of norcross | Tuesday, October 24 at 02:49 PM

What could help would be something to the effect:

“Enough of the 3 Stooges!”

“This great country can no longer afford to be governed by the Three Stooges (picture of Bush, Cheyney, and Rumsfeld).  It’s time for someone who knows what they’re doing to start governing us.

Roger Carasso | Tuesday, October 24 at 10:31 PM