An Open Letter to 47 GOP Senators

Wednesday, March 11

Dear 47 GOP Senators (you know who you are):

Congratulations on your “breathtakingly reckless intrusion into international diplomacy”. We’re impressed by the “almost maniacal…zeal to deny the president any accomplishments”, despite being completely “unconscious of the damage [you’ve] done to [yourselves]”.

Some people might say that “the senators who signed the letter should be ashamed”, that the letter “amounts to an act of End Times warmongering or merely another bit of cringe-worthy buffoonery on the global stage”. But we stand in awe of this “petulant, condescending stunt”, “depressingly partisan as it is shortsighted”.

It takes a heavy set to “play a role as Official Underminer of a president's direct negotiations”. Real talk: “it’s not every day that a United States senator attempts to… weaken the nation in one cursive swoop”. You may “have done immeasurable harm to [your] image and U.S. credibility in world affairs”, but above all your “disregard for the national security interests of the country…calls into question [your] claims that [your] party can be trusted to govern”.

But governing wasn’t ever the goal, right? “If [you] blow up nuclear talks, it makes war with Iran that much more likely — and nobody would benefit as much from that war as military contractors”… the same ones Tom Cotton met with the day after he sent the letter. Of course it’s not “beyond the pale to write to the leaders of a potential enemy to sabotage the negotiations”!

So who cares about “the credibility of the nation whose constitution [you] took an oath to uphold”. We know your “foreign policy agitprop has moved beyond being merely partisan to downright dangerous” entirely on purpose.

Is “trying diplomacy better than a war into which United States forces most certainly would be drawn?” Not when war bucks means more bucks!


Americans United for Change

with help from:

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