Thursday, April 26


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Posted by Americans United For Change Web Team


Excellent. Concise and to the point.

ronjazz in Mystic, CT | Thursday, April 26 at 02:55 PM

Democratic plan:
Bring soldiers home

Bush plan:
Keep soldiers in the sandbox

Now that’s supporting the troops.

Skip | Thursday, April 26 at 02:59 PM

Simple, concise, and effective.

shingles in my happy place | Thursday, April 26 at 03:29 PM

Now that’s the truth.

truth | Thursday, April 26 at 03:32 PM

Bringing our troops home is the right thing to do.  Truly supporting them.

Jennifer Burk in AZ | Thursday, April 26 at 04:32 PM

bring them home

harriet lieberson in ft lauderdale fl | Thursday, April 26 at 10:23 PM

Great Ads -

Make bush, cheney and their co dependent friends get ready for the big house at the hague -

- thats the international war crimes tribunal.

They’ll look good in orange jump suits.


WaterMan in Hillsdale NY | Friday, April 27 at 12:20 AM

How many time have you been to a combat zone?
Partisan vote my butt!
We need to leave only after the job is complete!

Frank in Katey, TX | Friday, April 27 at 09:11 AM

What do you mean, “we” Frank?  Last time I checked, Katey, TX wasn’t in Iraq.

Realist | Friday, April 27 at 09:42 AM

That’s OK Frank, you can go play with the other 18%-ers who agree with you. 

The other 82% percent of us will continue to fight for our brothers, fathers, cousins, mothers, sisters, aunts and uncles to come home ALIVE.

Dr. Toxic | Friday, April 27 at 10:59 AM

I agree with Frank.  We shouldn’t leave Iraq until we get the job done of finding Weapons of Mass Destruction there.

eb | Friday, April 27 at 11:03 AM

To Frank:

“...after the job is complete!”

What exactly does that mean, may I ask? After we’ve destroyed a nation and incited a civil war? That’s the only ‘war’ going on over there, btw, and it’s sure as hell one we can’t win.

Ted in Cincinnati, OH | Friday, April 27 at 11:28 AM

Great idea to bring troops home. Such a myopic view will certainly play into the terrorist hands. This war in not ideal but even some CNN’s reporters just home from Iraq feel withdrawal now is not recommended. Look your friends at CNN even think it is a bad idea. Like the commercials though. Keep trying….

Demlover in Roch,NY | Friday, April 27 at 12:36 PM

Bush told us the war ended on May 1, 2003 when he declared, “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” from the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln.  Now he may quibble about this and he does, but the mission - to topple Saddam Hussein was accomplished.  We did fail to find the phantom WMDs - but that was a failure and certainly not a reason to continue a war.

Now - what we have no is an occupation of a sovereign country whose citizens do not want to be occupied.  It’s time to end the occupation and bring our troops home.  You say you support the troops - bring ‘em home NOW!

Cyber Kat in North Jersey | Friday, April 27 at 12:54 PM

To do so will create a blood bath.
It does not matter if you agree with the war or not. If we pull out now we will have blood on our hands, feet and faces!

laura schroeder in Idaho | Friday, April 27 at 01:49 PM

I think that the US military should pull out of all foreign countries period.  They will then have time to protect their families at home from the stupid people who do not understand that the terrorists have declared war on American and Iraq is the battle front for the time being.

Gene Guffey in Germany | Friday, April 27 at 02:01 PM

We have to win it for the people who got rich from this war.

The Few, the Rich, the Soulless.

Kevin Hayden in Oregon | Friday, April 27 at 02:44 PM

When in history has a country betrayed its own military by giving the timetable its withdrawal to the Enemy? Even the enemy is not that stupid! I guess liberals are, but I digress.

Carl in Solomons, MD | Saturday, April 28 at 12:16 PM

This is ridiculous!  People actually think we can just pull out of Iraq?  haha.  That is so funny.  If we pull out of there all the deaths will be for nothing.  The country will be taken by terrorist organization and we will have to completely isolate our country from the rest of the world in order to minimize the attacks on our soil.  I agree that there are some questionable reasons this war started but we CAN NOT make the same mistake we made in the first war and pull out leaving the innocent to be slaughtered and our country weak and confused.  As with any military member I fully support our efforts to control that entire region.  I have yet to meet anyone in the US military that does not support.  All these people that are crying about stopping this are people who have never seen the other side and really should.

Dave in Albuquerque, NM | Sunday, April 29 at 12:23 AM

This ad is based on a lie!  Americans did not vote for surrender.  We voted for a change in direction and we got it.  Rummy is gone, and Bush changed his strategy.  Pressure has been applied to Maliki, Iraqi Forces are being stood up, equipped and are taking the lead.  Even in spite of the spectacular bombings by AQI, the new strategy is working.  It is not just about more troops, that is as lie as well.  There are many facets to this new strategy and they are working.  The idea that Iraq is in a civil war is also a lie. 

Americans did not vote to surrender, turn tail and run away.  Reid and Pelosi need to stop playing with the lives of our troops for their own power (Reid said the vote would cause them to pick up seats in the Senate, proof he he only cars about his own standing and not the troops).

Lisa | Monday, April 30 at 07:27 AM

Cm-on every one if a democrat would have ben president after 9/11 we would be having this same conversation, o wait nevermind a democrat would just tuck his tail and run, and wait for another attack to happen then who knows?
George Bush has done the right thing, and i think it is selfish to not want to help the iraqi ppl, rather than leave them to fend for themselves, we all take freedom for granit and thats why you see so many selfish ppl wanting for our troops to come home.

Yes i want them to come home as well but not until we at least try and change some of the minds and beliefs over there.
And that will help all of us!! Plus freedom man, i cryed when i saw those iraq’s with ink stained fingers, thinking o man im so glad they might have a chance to enjoy what we enjoy everyday and That is FREEDOM!!!!

Tsaligi in NC | Monday, April 30 at 07:57 AM

This message is for Dave in Albuquerque. You say, “I have yet to meet anyone in the US military that does not support.”  You must not know very many people in the military.  There are ALOT of people in the military that are greatly opposed to this illegal war.  And I am speaking for those people as I have first hand knowledge my friend.  My husband has done 2 tours in Iraq and I can tell you that we will NEVER be ‘done’.  So while you watch your TV every night becoming desensitized to the ticker tape at the bottom that reports ‘9 soldiers died today’, their families are torn apart.  You have no idea what lies have been told and the cover ups.  I know the media shows you only the military members that support the war.  But trust me there are MANY who do not but they will NEVER allow them to speak.  So don’t go speaking for all military people!

Tammy in APO, AE | Monday, April 30 at 08:19 AM

Lisa, the idea that Iraq is in a civil war is a lie?  Do you have first hand knowledge of this?  What evidence do you have to back up this so called lie. 

You all better wake up!  Iraq IS in a Civil War and has been for some time. 

American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source civil war  
A war between factions or regions of the same country.
A state of hostility or conflict between elements within an organization: “The broadcaster is in the midst of a civil war that has brought it to the brink of a complete management overhaul” (Bill Powell).

Sunni vs. Shiites

Tammy in APO, AE | Monday, April 30 at 08:26 AM

The war is about the oil now.  As soon as the oil revenues are divided equally among the Iraqi people, they will stop fighting.  There is no power in the current government they have.  That is why nothing is being done politically over there.  Our current General said that they have to have political steps being acheived in the Iraqi government in order to win this war…that the military can not do it alone. This is not being accomplished.  After Bush vetos this bill, Congress and the Senate need to send an identical bill to him except push the troop withdraw dates up to begin August 1st and complete withdrawal by January 31, 2008.  Just push the dates up by 2 months.  Someone needs to do a psychalogical profile on Bush and they will find that he is paranoid dillusional.  If he was really concerned about protecting our country from terrorist attacks, he would do something about our border control with Mexico.  I am more worried about how I am going to be able to afford to put gas in my car to get to work and put food on my table than I am of a terrorist attack in my country.  And I am a middle income class family of two, my husband and myself. I fully support our troops by bringing them home now.  The Iraqi government has to divide the oil up equally between the Iraqi people to stop the fighting.  But the current Iraqi government has no power to do so.  In 6 years of this war, we were only able to secure the “green zone”...which is only 4 square miles of land!!!  What does that tell you!  And that isn’t even “secure”!

Monica in Tazewell, TN | Monday, April 30 at 08:33 AM

After Anna Nicole’s personal diaries showed up for auction, I decided I’d better trash the personal journals I have kept for the past 10 years. Just as a page was going into the shredder, I happened to notice the entry of Thursday, March 20, 2003:
“The world is going mad. Bush has started the war and we are in for a desperate time—of terrorism and death. Last night in my dreams, I was trying to escape from bombs being dropped all around me. I fear that the nightmare will become reality. The world will never be the same. Neither will the United States. I grieve for the lost civil liberties, the march toward empire, the loss of diplomacy and international friends. Like Sen.Byrd, I weep for our nation—and for the Arrogant One in the White House who is destroying our way of life…”

Fran Statham in Atlanta, GA | Tuesday, May 01 at 08:17 AM

Are you people serious?

“Dear terrorists:
Please take Iraq, regroup, and attack us again!”

Were you *drafted* Tammy?  If you think that the war on terrorism is “illegal”, then claim “Unlawful Order” and don’t go do your job.

Thanks to Fran for making good use of a shredder…

RealAmerican in TheRealWorld | Tuesday, May 01 at 12:37 PM

Carl in Solomons, MD—-“When in history has a country betrayed its own military by giving the timetable its withdrawal to the Enemy? Even the enemy is not that stupid! I guess liberals are, but I digress.”

Can you say Desert Storm! Republican Congress in 1993 gave Clinton until March 2004 to get out of the Kuwait.  So I would rethink that statement about liberals being stupid. If you’re going to ask a stupid question and refer to history as the playing field, make sure you know what you’re talking about.  I guess you BETTER digress.

Name | Tuesday, May 01 at 03:38 PM

“As with any military member I fully support our efforts to control that entire region” -Dave in Albuquerque, NM (hmm, isn’t Cary from NM too?)

Kinda spells it out. It’s not our religious or political freedoms, or our supposed lack of morality that has engendered hate for America around the world.(not just in Islamic countries.)
It was the need for oil that caused the imperialist nation of Britain(from whom we are descended) to forcefully “unite” the disparate tribes of Iraq in the first place.
It is our unabashed arrogance and actions that make us hated. Our post WW2 history includes decades of occupations of other nations. Bombings, invasions, and political assassinations as well as outright replacement of entire governments. Economic and military extortions as well as direct and indirect support for right-wing groups who are trained in torture, domestic terror techniques, and outright murder by our very own CIA and it’s various subsidiaries.
Our blind and unquestioning support of Israel(WMD’s are there, not Iraq) both politically, economically, and militarily may be our biggest shame in a muslim’s eyes.
Wake up and realize that the idea of security(economic or political) is an illusion. Our attempt to dominate the world politically and economically is the reason America never goes more than a few years at a time without having to invade or bomb another sovereign nation. The only route to peace is common respect. A common goal of having every human being on this planet live with hope and dignity, not just if you happen to be born in America.

crazy chester in New Hampshire | Monday, May 07 at 01:23 PM