Mission Accomplished?

Monday, April 30

Americans United For Change and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq held an event in front of the White House today, noting the fourth anniversary of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech. Members held up a replica of the banner from the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1st, 2003.

[UPDATE]: Watch the video, or click the link below to see pictures of the event:


Posted by Americans United For Change Web Team


Thank God for George Bush!!

Tsaligi in NC | Monday, April 30 at 11:26 PM

Thank God for George Bush!! (said the devil)

Vodigorn in NJ | Tuesday, May 01 at 01:19 AM

Is that first comment from the last remaining dumbya supporter?

nokoolaidforme in OK | Tuesday, May 01 at 01:25 AM

“I Talk To The Families Who Die”
“This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating!”
“When they hear me say we’re staying, that means we’re staying.”
“We’re Not Leaving So Long as I’m President”
“I said I made the right decision. Knowing what I know today, I would have still made that decision.”

George Dubious Bush, quite possibly the most incompetent president of all time.

Ickky Bad in Chicago IL | Tuesday, May 01 at 01:35 AM

Just think…

Tis one man’s frenzy
causing woe to all;
The world should see that
such leaders should fall.

The Mexican Wrestler in San Diego | Tuesday, May 01 at 02:20 AM would seem this blog is heavily edited to eliminate “pro-Bush” and “pro-victory in Iraq sentiment” my earlier post and the posts of others who support our President and our efforts in our fight against terror have “dissapeared”..
I was looking forward to lively honest debate here, however it’s impossible to have honest debate when only one side of the “debate” is allowed.  Surely you all can’t be that fearful??  Why won’t they let you, dear readers, see what was written?

Cary Nickel in Farmington, NM | Tuesday, May 01 at 03:16 AM

Cary if you want a debate then go to a debate board, and you are not interested in a healthy debate or you wouldn’t have come here.  This is site is called Americans United for Change.  Meaning we are not happy with the direction our current administration is taking our country in.  But you knew that coming in didn’t ya?

You are more than welcome to go to the I LOVE GWB board.  I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for there.

T in Overseas | Tuesday, May 01 at 05:02 AM

you people are intellectually vacant—those who don’t realize how determined the insurgents and Iranians are will be the first to bitch when those bastards do that stuff over here. You can’t negotiate with someone (or something) when their starting point is our death. They need to be ERADICATED!  NO democRAT ever has belived in the United States as the greatest force for good on Earth.  That’s obvious now.  God Bless George Bush

The godfather in New Haven CT | Tuesday, May 01 at 06:38 AM

godfather-so much hate in your post. If we were to actually take your solution “They need to be ERADICATED!” and apply it, we would be at war with half the world. Saudia Arabia,China,North Korea,Venuzela,ect. We do not have the man power nor the resorces to accomplish this, hell we can not even stabilize Bagdad. Not to mention these acts are against the very common sense Constitution that our fore-fathers enacted. I suggest you re-read that document and apply some critical thinking. The actual starting point for the insurgents (aka Iraqis) is for us to leave THIER country and stop killing THIER citizens.

patty mc | Tuesday, May 01 at 07:38 AM


If you’re so gungho on staying in Iraq you are more than welcome to go to your nearest recruiter.

gimmeabreak in Nunya | Tuesday, May 01 at 07:55 AM

As a non-American, I applaud those fighting against George Bush.  He is the real terrorist in this situation.  Aggressive, oppressive war for the profiteers..  He needs to be stopped..  He is a war criminal, plain and simple.  The US press is the only press in the world too afraid to admit to this..  Look beoyond your own borders..

Thanks and have a nice day..

Angus Argyle in Toronto, Canada | Tuesday, May 01 at 08:46 AM

take away the no-bid CONTRACTS and see what happens.  INVESTIGATE the oil contracts and see who is gonna become WEALTHY beyond their wildest dreams.  PROSECUTE and CONVICT.

the people that think this war was for anything besides profit are obviously sheep.

ken szymczyk in george bush's, underpants | Tuesday, May 01 at 08:57 AM

My problem is not so much with the war Bush started as with rights congress gave him and took away from us. I say the next ballot have a “none of the above” option.

Rev.Alavian in gaiinesville | Tuesday, May 01 at 09:04 AM

“I am absolutely confident that we made the right decision. And not only that, I’m absolutely confident that the actions we took in Iraq are influencing reformers and freedom lovers in the greater Middle East. And I believe that you’re going to see the rise of democracy in many countries in the broader Middle East, which will lay the foundation for peace.”

“The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself.”

“Oh, no, we’re not going to have any casualties.”

George Dubious Bush, quite possibly the most incompetent president of all time.

Ickky Bad in Chicago IL | Tuesday, May 01 at 09:17 AM

Happy Mission Accomplished Day!


Where’s bin Laden?

Ian in NYC | Tuesday, May 01 at 10:21 AM

To “T in Overseas”,  Basically, what you are saying is that you believe the discussion is over and all you want is a bunch of folks to come here and agree with you?  Then why bother?  Merely to make yourself feel good that someone, somwhere, agrees with you, even if they are citizens of other countries who have no power to do anything here in the U.S.?  You don’t know me, and you have no idea, other than through my words, what I want.  Take a look at those photos above and see the miniscule percentage of the population who agree with you…how do you like me now?

To Angus in Canada:  We don’t need to look beyond our borders, because we are protecting ourselves from further attack.  If Montreal or Calgary is attacked by an enemy, and a few thousand of your citizens are wiped off the face of the earth, then we will be happy to hear your opinion.  We don’t get our news from the CBC or the the BBC.  You have your own social problems up there in the “Great White North”, go comment on those.  If you consider G.W. to be a terrorist, that’s fine by me, because WE elected him.

To patty mc:  You are incorrect that we don’t have the power or resources to stabilize Baghdad, or the power to fight half the world.  We could take care of much the entire world situation without ever even looking into the eyes of one enemy.  We’ve done it before…Read your history, remember WW2, remember the “cold war”?  We’ve got plenty of hardware laying around that’s never been used.  The problem we have is that we don’t, as a nation, have the testicular fortitude to utilize what we have.  And our “leaders” in congress havn’t spine enough to stand up for the United States.  We’d rather go to the beach or go play golf or go play video games, waiting for some rogue element somewhere to get their hands on a nuke and take out one of our cities.  I say, why wait for them to come to us?  G.W. said “if nations don’t stand with the U.S. concerning the war on terror, then those nations stand against us”, and America applauded.  I say it’s time to acually put those words into effect.  I’m certainly an “American for Change”, just perhaps not for a change in the direction some of you want to head.  It’s time for America to decisively re-assert our military leadership worldwide, especially in nations where nothing but decisive military leadership is respected.  And if a nation doesn’t respect us, then fearing us is also satisfactory.

Cary Nickel in Farmington, NM | Tuesday, May 01 at 10:23 AM

Has anyone seen the movie “Idiocracy?” It’s a dull-witted comedy but the director was trying to make an intelligent point. That movie makes me imagine what would happen if Bush and FOX News actually got their way….

henry Miller in california | Tuesday, May 01 at 10:30 AM

You said:
“We don’t get our news from the CBC or the the BBC.” The Internet is still free.  Try checking out the news from another persepective.  The world doesn’t stop and start at the US border.

Gayle in US WEST | Tuesday, May 01 at 11:29 AM

Everyone be happy. The darkest days in our history are slowly coming to an end. The masses have awaken and Mr Bush & his boss, dick, will soon be just a distant memory of America’s worst days.Thank the good Lord that there aren’t too many sheep left, like Cary in New Mexico.

Dan Marolla in Detroit , Mi. | Tuesday, May 01 at 12:12 PM

Carey ~
” If Montreal or Calgary is attacked by an enemy, and a few thousand of your citizens are wiped off the face of the earth, then we will be happy to hear your opinion. “

Is that what it would take? Some Canadians dead? In some place like Afghanistan maybe? ... oh, that’s already happening.

Are you saying that nobody feels your pain because you are American? You may be living in the US, but Montreal is a hell of a lot closer, culturally and geographically to NY than NM.

So how about a little balance in your ideology? Like considering that other people (Canadians, Iraqis, whoever) might actually have some valid concerns.

Last I heard, we were an ally. Friends warn their friends against doing stupind things. That’s what friends are for.  We care.

Angus L'autre in Vancouver, Canada | Tuesday, May 01 at 12:12 PM

It’s time, people, to start reading some books and stop listening to mainstream media. Mainstream media does not allow the truth come out unless it’s marketable. Web sites, documentaries & books open the dialogue to what the truth is and isn’t. There is WAY TOO much most people don’t know about this war. It’s deception of the public, manipulation of the lawmakers, & overall ‘mission accomplished’ attitude by infiltrating lands we should not be in… that is making our proud nation a bad taste in one’s mouth on the international spectrum. We have solied our own pants, America. It’s be at least 50 years before Iraq can become stable. Think about the generational therapy they have to go through in order to rethink THEIR position about America?!! We have it good, and we’re fortunate, but the war is about OIL!!! Operation Iraqi Liberation (the original name for the mission), then oops, I guess we have to change the word ‘liberation’ cause Operation O.I.L. don’t sound too good. Oops. Um… OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, yeah that’s it! Smoke & mirrors folks, smoke & mirrors. Don’t believe what this administration (or most) says & performs. It’s deception & misguided but intentional agendas for control of the Iraqi Oil fields. To become independent from OPEC and Saudi Arabia. We want separate from them since they rule the oil industry. What better way to do that than to control Iraq’s own supply. We place a government in there (that’s not working), patrol their oil fields, and ‘try’ and rebuild the land with our gov. contracted corporations. Titan, Halliburton, etc. Who’s making the money right now with the leading riches int he world? SHELL! MOBIL! CHEVRON! Come on, open your f*ing eyes.

The Mexican Wrestler in San Diego | Tuesday, May 01 at 12:25 PM

Don’t you love Bush? I mean he’s simply amazing. With a 33% approval rating he’s still able to do what he wants and no one can do a thing about it. Except of course making bills for plans to bring the troops home, which get vetoed as soon as they reach Bush’s desk. It’s good to know that our leader still has enough power to make sound decisions in the interests of the U.S. and the world. And that there’s nothing anyone can do to change that.

Ben in Syracuse, NY | Tuesday, May 01 at 12:37 PM

Cary No-cents - Telling non-Americans they have no right to an opinion on Bush is like saying we as Americans should have been denied an opinion on Hitler in the 30’s and 40’s.

CK in Upstate New York | Tuesday, May 01 at 01:05 PM

I just saw your stupid-ass fucking commercial where you muther-fuckers badmouth our President George W. Bush. By the way, the American people voted FOR this war and our troops are FOR this war. It’s only cock-sucking communist bastards like you and the media that are in support of an Islamic victory. Our troops don’t want to come home until the job is done, you dumb muther-fuckers. Do you whiny little bitches really want to see what the prices at the gas pumps will be if we leave Iraq and let your violent friends take over that region? Keep pushing your shit…cause people ain’t buying it. And, in your commerical you said the American people are suffering because of the stubborness of one man(Bush). Well, make that two men. Me and President Bush are gonna kick their God-damned asses all over the fucking earth. Thank God, in Jesus name, President Bush has us over in Iraq slaughtering those God-damned pieces of shit. Thank God, in Jesus name, the American people are reading through your communist bullshit and not buying it. I’m for this war, I’m for the war against you communists, I’m for the war against socialism, I’m for the war against any fucking foreign pricks that stand in our way. Have a nice day you sweet mind-numbed muther-fuckers. Your American Pro-War pal, Joseph Williams a.k.a George Patton Jr II

Joseph Williams in Atlanta, Ga | Tuesday, May 01 at 01:55 PM

Joseph, you disqualify yourself by your poor choice of words. How embarrassing for you! Even the “president” has better word skills. And that should tell you something!

Ute Roesner in Austin, Texas | Tuesday, May 01 at 02:22 PM

Joseph Williams ~
Let’s see:
“stupid-ass fucking commercial”
“muther-fuckers “
“cock-sucking communist bastards “
“dumb muther-fuckers”
“whiny little bitches “
“kick their God-damned asses all over the fucking earth”
“those God-damned pieces of shit”
“fucking foreign pricks”
“sweet mind-numbed muther-fuckers”
Total profanity: 35 words
Total words in entire diatribe: 229

That makes a profanity ratio of only 15%.

Also, you’re lacking a bit in the creativity department. In future, try putting together unusual combinations, such as “shit-sucking”, or “bitch-whipped” ... you get the idea. Something original!

Come on! Jesus would say you can do better!

Otherwise it’s just mind-numbing shit that you’re spewing.

Joseph, you can do better in Vancouver, Canada | Tuesday, May 01 at 02:38 PM

I recently saw your ‘real’ President, Al Gore, on his An Inconvenient Truth tour.  What a different world this would be if he could have beat the vote count conspiracy.  I just can’t believe that all of America didn’t vote for him.

Yes, I am Canadian, and yes, it matters to us what happens to the States and what the States does to the rest of the world.  We are currently trying to clean up the Afghanistan mess.  I was furious when I saw some stupid loud consertative Fox guy (can’t recall his name - the guy who yelled at the guy who’s Dad died in the WTC), on Oprah, just a few months ago, say that Afghanistan was a successful mission years ago.  What!  Canadians are coming home in coffins from there and this guy is telling MILLIONS of Americans that they were successful in Afghanistan in 2002.  What!!

I would love to see Obama as your next president!!!

Gina in The Prairies, Canada | Tuesday, May 01 at 03:03 PM

Have you ever seen someone die? No dont give me that bull…. You havent…. I have and I was in war also… When the president of the US who swored upon the bible to protect the consitution of the US. says “Quit trying to shove the Consitution down my throat.. Its nothing but a Goddamn piece of paper” when a aide told him that what he was doing was against the Consitution. Then I really have to wonder who is the real emeny of the United States here.  A President who does what he wants no matter what the people of the US or the Congress wants is a ditator. I would really be affraid to have people like you in charge,  the next thing you would be taking away is our right to vote, freedom of speech, freedon of assembly, freedom to privacy… Oh wait a minute….  there is someone like you in the White house…... Oh buy the way William you are you going to hate next?

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Tuesday, May 01 at 03:53 PM

Oh buy the way William you are you going to hate this when they come to your house and arrest you because you have been breaking the law in using your right of freedom of speech which is slowly but surely being taken away.

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Tuesday, May 01 at 03:57 PM

to Cary

So yo want to throw a little history around do you?  lol Frist of all the US didn;t have to bomb Japan with the abomb… Japan had alreay lost the war they just had not surrender yet. Thats right People were starving there. and they were beaten.. Its really a shame that Americans believe in heros, not real ones like the ones who protect us when they sign on the dotted in the arm services..  but ones in the comic books and fairytales. Then you mentioned the resources to control the world ... Do you mean like the rescources that were needed during Hurrican Katrinia?  They had to search for the personnel in the National Guard from 28 different states to find some poor National Guardsman who didn’t have the trainning to go to Lousinia. Oh yes I am affraid of people like you cary. But you know even us weak people get tired of being beaten on and kicked on. You should see what the weak people do to a bully….. Dont get the point… You will..

ex Pat in Frankfurt, germany | Tuesday, May 01 at 04:19 PM

In this day and age when so many blogs and sites are restricting content and censoring there sites I would like to thank the people here at American United for the courage to make this site without all the muti media advertisments all over the place… Again keep up the good work.

ex Pat

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Tuesday, May 01 at 04:27 PM

To Godfather

Do you mean to kill all those people because they dont want you there taking their oil and other wealth they have. Hell I would be trying to kill someone also who came and bombed my house, raped my wife and daughter then tried to burn there bodies and my house down to hide the evidence, or picked me up because I was just waking down the street and you decided to torture me for the next 6 months. Oh I forgot that the Law has been changed from calling what was torture to investigation. That what was once concidered torture ie waterboarding and eletrocution is no longer illegal by US standards. Come on now godfather tell us how you would just sit there and let them do it to you… As long as there are people like you then there will always be people like me GF… People that will try to stop you from destroying everything and killing anyone that tries to get in your way to make a Buck…..

ex Pat in rankfurt, Germany | Tuesday, May 01 at 04:46 PM

To: Dan M.
Sorry to burst your bubble Dan but the problem is’nt going to go away when Bush leaves. He is making sure of that now. He has already stated many time that it will be a war for generations to com..

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Tuesday, May 01 at 04:50 PM

You want a change?

How about moving to France f*cksticks, like you promised in 2000 and then again in 2004!

gunnyg in USA, USA, USA, USA | Tuesday, May 01 at 06:05 PM

Hey ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany…

Ya had to move to a socialist nation to make a living huh? Couldn’t hack it here!

With those spelling and grammar skills you exhibit, you’d better watch out or we’ll ship you to Irak lik Jon Carry sezs wee wood!

Conan in va | Tuesday, May 01 at 06:07 PM

“I hear there’s rumors on the Internets that we’re going to have a draft.”

“I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”

“I saw a poll that said the right track/wrong track in Iraq was better than here in America. It’s pretty darn strong. I mean, the people see a better future.”

George Dubious Bush, quite possibly the most incompetent president of all time.

Oh and a hearty “shit-sucking” “bitch-whipped” to everyone!:)

Ickky Bad in Chicago IL | Tuesday, May 01 at 06:14 PM

Take heart.  Cary from Farmington NM does not speak for all New Mexicans.  Legislation was introduced in our Congress to begin impeachment investigations and was quickly hushed by the type of fear speech that Cary recites.  The battle however, is far from over here.

Deanise Braden in Albuquerque NM | Tuesday, May 01 at 06:33 PM

To gunnyg in USA, USA, USA, USA,
Yeah.  We get the idea that you are from the United States.  Thanks for the clarification.  I for one never promised to leave my country.  Quite the opposite.  I love this country and intend to fight to take it back from people who cannot seem to remember that we are supposed to have a democracy here, not a dictatorship ruled by the likes of you.  I for one have lost enough loved ones and ancestors who believed in the very priciples you enjoy, which you would take away from those who oppose you.  No, we won’t be leaving our country anytime soon.

Deanise Braden in Albuquerque NM | Tuesday, May 01 at 06:59 PM

To ex-pat:  Your warped view of the U.S. is truly mind-numbing.  You’ve been listening to too much German media.  We in the United States have saved the rest of the world’s butt so many times it’s hard to count.  The citizens of the U.S. give more, per capita, to charity than any other nation.  We feed more people worldwide than any other nation in the history of the world.  We spend more on AIDS research.  Every time some pissant nation can’t take care of their own house, we’re expected to pony up and spend our military lives and monetary treasure to save their sorry behinds (see those commercials about the Darfour situation?  They often run back to back with the ones by this outfit. 

Yet when we finally, after attacked, stand up and say: “nuf’s enough”, we’re supposed to be the bad guys?  Sorry folks, tain’t true.  We, the United States, are the greatest nation ever on the face of the planet.  If you, from outside the U.S., are jealous of that fact, and if you, U.S. citizens, are ashamed of that fact: then sorry for you, but it simply doesn’t matter to me what you think. 

As for your history, ex-Pat, dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there’s one little Democratic dirty little secret to that:  Democrat Truman did it for one reason, and one reason only, to save American lives.  Sure, the war was already lost for Japan, but they were going to hold out for a few more months at the cost of thousands more U.S. servicemen.  Drop a couple relatively inexpensive atomic bombs, and all was over post-haste.  Show them what can be done with ONE bomb, dropped from an airplane they could barely see, and it was all over.  It was all about saving U.S. lives, at the expense of Japanese lives.  As for your other charges against the U.S., when I see some documentation, I’ll consider what you say…otherwise, it’s all B.S.

As George S Patton said, to paraphrase, “War is not about dying for one’s own country.  It’s about making the other poor bastard die for his.”

Hurricane Katrina?  I lived in New Orleans for two years.  My soon to be 10 year old son was born there.  The reason we left is because I’ve never lived somewhere, where so many people, were sitting around waiting for someone to do something for them.  It’s a whole different culture down there, which apparently started with the French?  Mississippi was hit harder by the hurricanes than Louisiana, but they picked themselves up and went out and did something, while the folks in New Orleans were waiting for someone to come save them from themselves.  I have no pity for them.  But the New Orleans situation made better news headlines.

You fear folks like me, ex-Pat? Then you have a lot to fear, ‘cause there’s a whole lot more of us over here than you appear to think.

Cary Nickel | Tuesday, May 01 at 07:00 PM

Cary says, ‘Take a look at those photos above and see the miniscule percentage of the population who agree with you…how do you like me now?’

Do you even look at the President’s ratings.  YOU are in the miniscule percentage of the population.  28% approval rating is not the majority.

T in Overseas | Tuesday, May 01 at 07:05 PM

Just because G.W.‘s approval ratings aren’t high doesn’t mean we accept defeat.  His approval ratings are based on several factors, not merely the war in Iraq.  Chaos on the borders has lost conservative support, honest mistakes in Iraq, and the Bush administration’s failure to trumpet it’s numerous successes are all to blame.  Couple that with the liberal media’s constant hammering, and public opinion can swing on a dime any way the wind blows.  I don’t concern myself with today’s public opinon.  But please, “T in Overseas”, keep your attention focused on public opinon, it will be harder for you to do any real damage that way.  G.W. Bush has stated repeatedly that he doesn’t concern himself with public opinion, he will do what he feels is right for the country.  We elected him prez twice.  That’s what our form of government is about.  This is not a Democracy, it’s a Democratic Republic.  We elect our leaders, and then trust they will do the right thing.

As for Deanise in Albuquerque, I urge the Far-left Democrats to push their radical agenda, including impeachment proceedings.  It isn’t fear speech that has halted impeachment proceedings, it’s the Democratic leadership’s profound lack of backbone, and to some degree it’s acceptance of the reality that they didn’t quite have the anti-Bush mandate they thought they did.

Cary Nickel | Tuesday, May 01 at 07:36 PM

Can’t we all just get along?

Melting pot, schmelting pot.

The Mexican Wrestler in San Diego, CA | Tuesday, May 01 at 08:33 PM

Carey ~
Check your facts.
“We, the United States, are the greatest nation ever on the face of the planet.”

Let’s take up that “fact”.
How do you measure greatness?

Education? Nope. The US is near the bottom of all industrialized nations. I beleive they are about equal with Zaire in access to higher education.

Health care and life expectancy? Nope. Most industrialized nations in the western world provide free health care to al citizens. Again, the US is at the bottom.

Democratic institutions and citizen involvement in political decision-making?
Please, have you seen the percentages of people who actually bother to vote?

Maybe it’s something else ...
Sorry, the French have you beat hands down on that one, cheese and all.

There is one category where the US beats the rest of the world though: military spending.

So if you think that the way to measure greatness is ability to kick ass, then I guess, yeah, the US is the greatest nation. But also one of the most unhealthy, least educated, least democratic (in practice if not in theory), and with the shittiest food.

On the other hand, I will be sure to cry when you kick my ass, you bully.

I’m not even going to take up your other comments, such as:
“The citizens of the U.S. give more, per capita, to charity than any other nation.”

All I can say is check your facts. The amount is actually miniscule. Ever heard of Google?

yet another canadian | Tuesday, May 01 at 09:39 PM

I just marvel about how people are willing to take at absolute face value anything… anything… Al Queda has said or is purported to have said and run around saying “Al Queda said that! Al Queda said that!” “Democrats don’t get it!” and demonize all that democRATs, defeatocrats, et al, have to say. It’s almost a knee jerk reaction. The facts seem to point to the current administration being asleep at the switch so to speak during the attack on 9/11 and sadly for the entire duration of the current administration. An outpouring of support followed from nations around the world-support the USA has completely squandered. If we are truly in the fight of the millennium, then the rest of the world clearly isn’t convinced. And yet we still must endure those who prattle on about how some third world country or a group of two-bit thugs are going to bring this country to its collective knees-exactly the same thing that was said 40 years ago. This rhetorical gibberish simply does not stand up to common sense. Then again, I don’t know why it’s called “common sense” when it is abundantly clear that it isn’t.

ex-pat in se Asia | Tuesday, May 01 at 10:12 PM

Hey “yet another canadian”, I don’t need to check my facts, I’ve already done that.  I don’t need to get my information from Google.  There are far more accurate sources than that.

Military greatness is only part of the story, but it is a good indicator of overall strength.  If we didn’t have a strong economy, we couldn’t afford a strong military.

Our system of Free Enterprise also built the greatest economy ever on the face of the planet.  Work ethic, ingenuity, etc. have maintained it, despite some folks attempts to tear it down.

Individual Freedom, Baybee!  It built a society so strong that even modern attempts at social engineering havn’t been able to eliminate it.

Much of what you state, education, health care, cuisine.  Relative, man.  I’ll take American cuisine over French swill any day.  Education is more than a diploma.  Some of the stupidest folks I have ever met have plenty of “book learnin’”, and some of the wisest never spent a day in formal school.  Health care?  I’ll go see my doc tommarrow if I need to…we have all heard the stories of how long it takes the average socialist health care system to see a patient.  Free health care does not equal good health care.  Political action?  I’d rather have a small percentage of educated and informed voters make the decisions while the “media zombies” stick to their MTV.  I certainly don’t need to get my information from Rosie O’Donnell, Sheryl Crow, and the likes of Sean Penn.  They are what they are, entertainers.  That’s all.

Look, there’s always room for improvement.  The United States is not perfect, no country ever has been.  We have our foibles and make our mistakes.  But I can honestly say I am very happy to live here, and would not want to live anywhere else.  I stand by my comments.  The U.S.A. is the greatest nation ever on the face of the earth.

Cary Nickel | Tuesday, May 01 at 10:38 PM

Cary Nickel sez;
“...G.W.’s approval ratings aren’t high… based on several factors, [including]...  the Bush admin.’s failure to trumpet it’s numerous successes… “

Yeah.  So much success, and his only shortcoming is his modest-to-a-fault, low-key failure to promote himself [“I’m the decider”] and his historic effectiveness as leader and protector of our Bill of Rights.  Let’s look at his successes:
1) Doubling the national debt after his predecessor balanced the budget and created a surplus;
2) Eliminating the Army Corps of Engineers budget to maintain levees protecting a principal city and strategic seaport (N.O., La)(Can you say “Katrina”?).
3) Eliminating the rule of Habeus Corpus, protecting Americans and Brits since the 15th Century from being arrested and held forever, without even being charged.
4) Horribly bungling foreign policy, as in North Korea, by repudiating an agreement which prevented the North from getting nuclear weapons.  Now they have six, at least.
5) Opening Americans’ mail and eavesdropping w/o a warrant, violating the 4th Amendment and the FISA law (which was amended to suit his standards by the Patriot Act).
6) Absolutely lying through his teeth to get approval for our disastrous mis-adventure in Iraq, which has created more terrorists, and killed and wounded many more Americans than the 9-11 attacks.  But there’s so much more…  How about colossal and historic military bungling in both Iraq and Afghanistan???

shystr in da Cheese Republic | Tuesday, May 01 at 10:42 PM

Forgot to mention how great it is to share ideas with our friends to the north!  Their thoughts are as valid as anyone’s, and (frankly) appear better thought out and expressed than many.
Living in the Great Lakes region, we learn there’s a great shared history of friendship (since 1814, at least!)with Canada, a shared struggle against fascism, and the world’s longest undefended border.  We’re lucky to have a nation as decent and honorable as Canada so close.  Plus their cities and towns are friendly, and their musicians rock! [Except maybe Celine Dion].  How about acting like grownups and good neighbors, here, my fellow Americans?

shystr | Tuesday, May 01 at 11:23 PM

Your name sez it all, shystr!

War costs money.  It’s our money.  The deficit is shrinking due to a more robust economy.  Simple.

You honetly think 100 years of levy building broke down in 5 years?  Do tell!  I lived in New Orleans in 1996 and 1997, and folks were waiting for a levy disaster even then…who was prez back in those days????  Oh yeah, Clinton.

Habeus Corpus elimintated?  Bull.

North Korea was breaking it’s agreements with Clinton at the very moment the agreement went into effect.  Folks from the Clinton administration themselves have admitted that.

So, we have a “living constitution” only when it suits liberals?  Gun rights and abortion come to mind.  Yet opening mail and intercepting phone calls between the enemy is a problem?  What unmitigated crap.  F.D.R. was personally reading cables and telegrams from outside the country during WW2.  He was also interring those of Japanese decent in camps out in the desert….imagine, a DEMOCRAT doing all that!  It happens!

Your statment about G.W.‘s “lying through his teeth” completely negates your opinions.  If he lied, so did the Clintons, John Kerry, the British, the United Nations, and every member of the coalition which removed Saddam Hussein from power.

G.W. Bush’s successes have been many and varied.  Booming economy, no attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11, removal of a brutal dictator from power, tax cuts, medicare perscription coverage, etc.  If you can’t see the successes, you are blinded by your hatred of Bush and your opinions are far too clouded to be valid.

Cary Nickel | Tuesday, May 01 at 11:35 PM

I’ve nothing against Canadians, per se.  I lived in far northern Idaho and have known many Canadians I consider friends.  But if a Canadian is going to lambaste my country, then that particular Canadian is fair game.

Cary Nickel | Wednesday, May 02 at 12:01 AM

Yes My spelling is really lousy sometimes but I figure its better to have lousy spelling then a disgusting mouth. Now that we have corrected my spelling test on to the new lol..

To: Conan in va
Quote: “Ya had to move to a socialist nation to make a living huh? Couldn’t hack it here!”

Frist I was in the US Military and was stationed here.
Second. I finished my contract of 12 years   active and 6 years reserved when I found out that the real reason I was ordered to go to Desert Shield and desert Storm was because of Oil… Thats right OIL
It seems that the other side was drilling into the Iraq oil and Saddam told them to stop it or he would do something they would be sorry for.. well We all know what happend.

Third it was all a muti-media stunt to get Americans into the war. Ie… the woman who testified before congress about how Iraqs went into the hospital and threw the babies onto the floor stealing the machines.. Ahhh I thought it was a federal crime to lie to Crongress but I guess that you can’t prosecute a daughter of a Diplomat of a forgein nation… Oh the idea muti media company is located in New York by the way lol.
The other facts I stated were on your own news channel so if you want proof then look then oh I forgot that your news is censored..

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Wednesday, May 02 at 02:54 AM

Yes My spelling is really lousy sometimes but I figure its better to have lousy spelling then a disgusting mouth. Now that we have corrected my spelling test on to the new lol..

To: Conan in va
Quote: “Ya had to move to a socialist nation to make a living huh? Couldn’t hack it here!”

Frist I was in the US Military and was stationed here.
Second. I finished my contract of 12 years   active and 6 years reserved when I found out that the real reason I was ordered to go to Desert Shield and desert Storm was because of Oil… Thats right OIL
It seems that the other side was drilling into the Iraq oil and Saddam told them to stop it or he would do something they would be sorry for.. well We all know what happend.

Third it was all a muti-media stunt to get Americans into the war. Ie… the woman who testified before congress about how Iraqs went into the hospital and threw the babies onto the floor stealing the machines.. Ahhh I thought it was a federal crime to lie to Crongress but I guess that you can’t prosecute a daughter of a Diplomat of a forgein nation… Oh the idea muti media company is located in New York by the way lol.
The other facts I stated were on your own news channel so if you want proof then look then oh I forgot that your news is censored.. Its a shame that in the US that the burtaity you have in the Movies is extreme but at the same time the news can only show blood on the street and if you watch close enough without all the commericals you might see it sometimes lol

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Wednesday, May 02 at 02:57 AM

To: cary
War costs money.  It’s our money.  The deficit is shrinking due to a more robust economy.  Simple.

War to people like you is cheap cary not attacking you personnaly… Money what is the american dollar backed by Gold, Silver no no no do your homework… The american dollar is not backed by anything… It was backed by gold but they did away with that. Now what is it backed by… Oil? Whos Oil??? Now some of you said lets see the facts well look for them…. They are there.

robust economy well now thats a good one..

Do you mean the profits that are being made in China or other third world contries or the reason why one of the US largest Morgage Company will not loan money to finance Homes anymore because people cannot affort to pay the payments on the home that they have and are defaulting on the payments? Oh you mean you didn’t get that news either? hmmm Or the news that a lot of large corporations are moving there main headquarters out of the US because they can pay some person in a third world country 50 cents a day to make the same things that American workers had made before and not pay taxes or or or..
Like Simon and Garfunkels lyrics in the song ” The sounds of Silence, and the words were written upon the walls.”

Its strange that I never heard of Al Queda
before 911 now they have a vacation plan and recuiting offices and and and hmmmmmm

Proparganda from the US is at its all time hiest ever…


F.D.R. was personally reading cables and telegrams from outside the country during WW2.
Thats true he was reading them hmmmm I wonder how Japan made a supprise attack against Pearl Harbor then…. When he knew what they were doing and reading there coded messages. I wonder why FDR made the commander at Pearl Harbor move his ships back into Pearl when the Commander there knew that there might be an attack at Pearl and had moved his ship out to sea to protect them.

But thats another story…. or do you still believe the line from the box office…

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Wednesday, May 02 at 03:24 AM

As a citizen of a country that - unfortunately - has a government that is blindly obeying every command from the American president (Dick Cheney?), I’m glad to see so many online and “realworld” initiatives (a la freeway blogging etc.), to put an end to this terrible regime that is the United States government. What amazes me the most is that millions of people in USA still support their government. I know for a fact that the US media to a large extent, paints an incorrect picture of the war, either by changing, or leaving out entirely, vital details and events. But I refuse to believe, that at this point, where information is so easily accesible, that people do not examine both sides of the story…if you do, there can be only one conclusion, and it’s (*SPOILER*) not in favour of the current government. Wake up, USA…

Jesper in Copenhagen, Denmark | Wednesday, May 02 at 07:53 AM

Bush-Cheney ‘08!! Anyone? ... Anyone??

*hears pin drop*

Dan in Australia | Wednesday, May 02 at 08:19 AM

Really though, I’m amazed Cheney didn’t get impeached when he shot someone.  Is it ok for citizens in America to shoot other fellow humans as long as your mate gives the thumbs up?

Not here.  If you should someone, you get done for it.  There’s a buddy system, but it gets taken down eventually once its busted, but no one is doing anything.

When Cheney shot his friend, what stopped the law from pressing charges.  Also.. Just a very hypothetical, but if all the VA Tech students gave the thumbs up, does that make it ok then?  Would the killer have gotten off?  I just don’t understand what gives him the right.  He should’ve been indicted ages ago.

Also it’s great that America tried Saddamn Hussain for killing 170 odd people.  It’s also great that America has killed 66,000 Iraqi’s and nearing 4,000 of their own people.  George Bush has done a fantastic job of killing 70,000 people here in the “war against terror”.  Why hasn’t George Bush been Impeached Yet?  Is America really that scared of itself?

Why is America allowing another Debt Ceiling Raise of $124 Billion to fund the killing of more Innocent Civillians, More Americans.  It’s said now that every Insurgent Killed is a Citizen.  Has America not learnt from this itself?  Surely it doesn’t take an Australian to point this out to you.

America is even more looked down upon now by your Allies over this latest Veto because it just makes no sense.  The President should’ve been impeached long ago, and The Vice-President should’ve been impeached just alone on the double standard of the recent School Shootings.  He doesn’t have any right to comment or sympathise with those who are truly after a safer world.

What we’re seeing here is Bush fooling you until his term is over.  He’s stolen another $124,000,000,000 out of your pockets!  How much more before something is done??

Dan in Australia | Wednesday, May 02 at 08:28 AM

“Might does not make right.”

That statement works both ways. Folks like ex-Pat aren’t going to force change in the minds the Carys (NM) of this world. Nor is Cary (NM), and those like him, going to succeed in forcefully changing the minds of the ex-Pats (Germany) of this world.

At some point (God knows when), we are going to have to R-E-S-P-E-C-T that nobody in this world is of a like-mind.

What will settle this debate in the public arena is the sheer force of numbers. The number of the Cary-minded vs the number of ex-Pat-minded.

In the end, the truth has a way of rearing its ugly head. That is the beauty of democracy.

[That said, I’ll remind those in Camp-Cary that Hitler also claimed to be a Christian.]

Larry in Hartford, CT USA | Wednesday, May 02 at 08:51 AM

Father, Forgive the Bush supporters, for they know not what they have done.

Nate in Tallahassee,FL | Wednesday, May 02 at 08:53 AM

Ex pat in Germany. I have no bubble. It will end when bush is gone. Come home and enjoy the change. Or stay in Germany and worry. And Carey in New Mexico, there’s far fewer of you right wing weasels than you think. Y’all are all talk until it’s time for action. Enjoy the sea of change that is going to wash your intolerant, racist, whining ass away. Why would you want to waste your time on a site like this where you are even more insignificant than you are in the mainstream?

Dan Warolla in Detroit, Mi | Wednesday, May 02 at 09:59 AM

To Dan in Australia:  Why didn’t Cheney get prosecuted?  A hunting accident isn’t a crime.  Simple as that. Case closed.

As for the Virginia Tech massacre.  If a student or teacher had been legally armed, instead of in a “gun free killing zone”, the outcome might have been different.  There have been at least two school hostage/shooting situations here in the states over the last decade where an armed citizen put a stop to it.  An armed society is a polite society.  And it is well proven that the nutcases aren’t going to pay attention to the little “Gun Free Zone” signs posted around shopping malls, schools, banks, around here.  The regular folks are sitting ducks.

As for America trying Hussein..hmmm, do you follow the news at all?  Saddam was tried and hung by an Iraqi court of law.  Personally, I was against executing him.  He should have been exiled in my opininon, but that wasn’t my decision to make.

As for insurgents being citizens?  What are you talking about?  Are the insurgents Aussie citizens?  Iraqi citizens?  U.S. citizens?  Your statement makes no sense. 

The debt ceiling being raised?  So what?  We’ve had national debt before, and we’ve paid if off before.  We’ll do it again.  There are things more important than money.

America is “looked down upon” by it’s allies over the latest veto?  Let’s see the documentation on that.

Also, as for “Bush/Cheney ‘08”.  Ever hear of term limits?  We have those over here.  Our Presidents can only serve two elected terms.  However, we could theoretically have “Cheney/Bush ‘08”, but that’s not going to happen.  Who would want that thankless job for more than two terms.  Personally, I think a Fred Thompson/Rudy Guiliani ticket would be ideal.

To Larry in Hartford:  “Hitler claimed to be a Christian”.  So what?  Where does that fit into this picture?  Are you calling me a Hitler, or our President?  Call it.

To Jesper in Denmark:  Damn straight I support my government.  And proud to do so.  I voted for Bush twice, and would do so again.  I haven’t supported Bush on every point, but we don’t have to do that over here in order to have a decent president.

Cary Nickel | Wednesday, May 02 at 10:20 AM

To Detroit Dan:  Why would I want to disuss the situation over here?  Simple.  It’s more fun!  I love to excersize mind and thought processes, and it’s better to do that here than to “preach to the choir”. 

Also, it’s humourous to see the opposing viewpoints.  Don’t think I’m sitting here growling and discouraged over all the anti-American sentiment.  Far from it.  I get a hoot out of reading all this stuff.  Then looking at that meager turnout in the photos above.  It really puts things into perspective. 

You may see me as being extreme, and that’s fine by me.  I’m not here to convince anyone of anything.  But folks need to realize that there are opposing viewpoints, however mis-guided one feels they are.  We can’t all live in a vacuum.

Cary Nickel | Wednesday, May 02 at 10:29 AM

The fact is that we are Crusaders.
The Islamists have never given up on the war against the Crusaders.  They still refer to us as Crusaders.  Whatever to booty to be won, be it gold, oil, women…etc. there will be the struggle to the death between us, the Crusaders and them, the Infidel.  While I don’t care much for the failure of a man that we are so unfortunate to have as a president now, the fact is that the battle continues.  Know that to walk away from the field will be looked upon as weakness and will only embolden the Islamists to greater attacks.
I say that we need to make the attack and drive the Islamists, all of them into caves and gulleys and destroy them completely so that they can never rise up again in the history of the world.
It may sound cruel, but, I assure you, it is, truly, us or them.

Garcam in Jax, FL | Wednesday, May 02 at 11:17 AM

To Cary: “Why didn’t Cheney get prosecuted?  A hunting accident isn’t a crime.  Simple as that. Case closed.”

So why wasn’t VA Tech a hunting accident?  I’m sorry… When a gun is involved, I fail to see the difference.  Cheney was hunting humans and he managed to shoot a human.  That is a crime punishable by law.  I’m glad America has Universities like VA Tech full of Dick Cheney’s that can prosecute and feel sorry when they like… It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Dan in Australia | Wednesday, May 02 at 11:27 AM

Cary, for your information, the VA Tech student was legally armed.  Your country sold him the weapons in your own shops to kill the students and it happened in Columbine and it’ll happen again.  Cheney was also sold the weapons in your country.  Cheney shot someone.  VA Tech Shoots someone.  See the pattern here?  You are as much a killer as he is by your supporting statements…

BTW… Hunting means To Kill.. It’s not some airy fairy sport you’re thinking of… It’s a killer’s sport and only killers support it.

You also make me glad I’m not American smile

Dan in Australia | Wednesday, May 02 at 11:32 AM

The 1st comment on this blog:

Thank God for George Bush!!

Tsaligi in NC | Monday, April 30 at 10:26 PM

You also make me glad I’m not American

Dan in Australia | Wednesday, May 02 at 10:32 AM


The Mexican Wrestler in San Diego | Wednesday, May 02 at 12:54 PM

Hey Dan in Australia:  Here’s the real irony, I’m glad you aren’t an American also!!

The VA Tech student who massacred all those people was not legally armed.  He violated the law by taking a firearm onto campus. 

That fact that you cannot see the difference between a hunting accident and willful murder only magnifies your ignorance.  (Well, that and the rest of your incoherent babble). 

I am a hunter.  I own firearms.  You may not be able to handle that fact, but that is your problem, not mine.  If that makes me a killer in your eyes, once again, the problem is solely yours and yours alone.

Cary Nickel | Wednesday, May 02 at 11:53 PM

Cary. Re: My comment that “Hilter also claimed to be a Christian.”

I am not calling anyone anything—and certainly not you. I left my comment open-ended for one and all to infer what they want.

Why do you assume I’m calling Bush a “Hitler”? Was that the first person you thought of when you read that statement? Intersting association.

Larry | Thursday, May 03 at 12:46 PM

“This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while.”

“I am driven with a mission from God.”

“And then God would tell me George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq,”

George Dubious Bush, quite possibly the most incompetent president of all time.

Ickky Bad in Chicago IL | Thursday, May 03 at 07:58 PM

In calling to or refering to Hilter.

Is’s a shame that the Bush’s money was based upon nazi stolen gold during WWI. That’s right Little ones Dubba’s grandfather was a tiresalesmean when he married his wife.. The woman that he married, her father was a Nazi and was involved in smuggling Gold out of Germany. The woman’s father felt that a tiresalesman was beneath their family status so he brought his daughters husband (Dubba Grandfather) into the business..

Its all there. This is only a summary but the whole story is there. Also if you look at al the people that he has Bush&co; you will find that most of them had Nazi ties in the past.  So now

or just do search for   bush+history

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Friday, May 04 at 06:44 AM

Now Larry, don’t go playing innocent now.  You brought up Hitler during this discussion.  You must have had a reason, or it has no bearing whatsoever on this conversation and you merely threw it in there because you had nothing left to say?  Filling space?

It’s well known that the radical left throws around a Hitler-Bush comparision for shock value.  Ironically utilizing one of Hitler’s own tactics:  Tell a big enough lie for long enough, and people will start to believe it. 

There is no coherent argument supporting an association between Hitler and Bush.  The comparison does, however, illustrate the left’s intellectual bankruptcy.

A comparison which can be easily supported, however, is a comparison between Hitler and both Saddam Hussein and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Cary Nickel | Friday, May 04 at 12:29 PM

“Victory means exit strategy, and it’s important for the president to explain to us what his exit strategy is.”
~ George W. Bush, Houston Chronicle, 1999-04-09

George Dubious Bush, quite possibly the most incompetent president of all time.

Ickky Bad in Chicago IL | Saturday, May 05 at 10:03 PM

Hey Ickky,  pardon me if I am incorrect…but was G.W. Bush president in 1999?  I could have swore he wasn’t elected until 2000, and didn’t take office until 2001…

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong..

As far as the war in Iraq goes, President Bush HAS explained his exit strategy numerous times.  Sorry if you don’t like it, but that doesn’t change the facts.

Cary Nickel | Sunday, May 06 at 02:37 PM

It’s sad to see so much useless back and forth on this board. There are valid points all over, but what I see is just a slice of the bigger issue here in the states. People are more concerned with name calling and defending their team than they are with common sense solutions or the biggest victim in all of this which is always the truth.

Facts tend to get in the way of this spirited debate. Maybe we Americans are too wrapped up in sports like football to think that we can do anything that doesn’t require crushing the opposition. Let’s dispel a few untruths:

Being against our foreign policy does not equal being anti-troop.

Disagreeing with your president is not equal to being anti-american. It is a right, or even the duty of everyone to question the actions made in our name every day.

As far as the U.S. being #1?
Well it makes a great bumper sticker to go next to your GWB’08 but it does hold some truth:

The U.S. has the highest rate of heart disease and diabetes for both adults and children.

The U.S. contributes the highest amount of CO2 in the world.

The U.S. consumes more resources per capita than anywhere.

The U.S. spends more money on it’s military than anyone in the world. (That includes Bush’s “rogue” nation list all combined.)

The U.S. is the largest exporter of military weapons and equipment in the world. (we love death and violence, especially elsewhere, wouldn’t you agree?)

Many of the angry posts here have obviously been supporters of King George. They are identifiable by their coarse language and propensity to name call such “you fn communist” or the like. FACT: The U.S. has the largest trade deficit ever with the world’s largest COMMUNIST state, China,(We still embargo the little island of Cuba??) who will now compete with us forcefully for black gold. Stop fighting each other and work for real security by trying to eliminate our need for oil. Instead of an illegal, unjust war, we could have waged war on our energy usage with the hundreds of billions of dollars and countless civilian and military lives wasted in Iraq.

crazy chester in New Hampshire | Monday, May 07 at 11:49 AM

Oil didn’t come into New York City and destroy the lives of thousands of Americans, chester.  Terrorists did.

This war is just, because we have the right to defend ourselves.  We have the right to go to the countries that support, or foment, terrorism against us.  And we have the right to fight them over there, rather than here.

One of the greatest, and most legitimate, of the Constitutional duties of our government is to protect our citizens, even if it means going across the oceans to do it.

Frankly, chester, and others of your ilk.  If you think things are so bad here, please feel free to go somewhere else.  Not forever by any means, just long enough so you can make a decent comparison.

Also, it’s fine to disagree with your leaders if you feel the need to do so.  And as long as it’s done in a responsible manner, that’s fine by me.  We can debate the issues.  But I’m not going to let rabid Bush haters get away with their baloney without a challenge.

Another thing the U.S. is also number one at is the amount of crybabies per capita who don’t have an inkling of how good we have it over here.

Cary Nickel | Monday, May 07 at 11:48 PM

Where to begin. Actually, I think most of should stop debating Cary since she offers no facts or much of anything other than a regurgitation of Master Limbaugh’s tripe.
Yes, we have a right to defense. King George took an unprecedented stunt called pre-emptive defense against an already sanctioned and destroyed nation that was no threat to the U.S.
Maybe it is you who needs perspective?
I travel quite a bit and ALL of it is international. Of course it’s classic neocon strategy to tell people who don’t agree with you to leave.(when they feel clever enough they tell you exactly where to go ie:France), as if any of it serves as a debate point.
If you want to know what true terrorism is you’ll have to look up the real history of U.S. foreign policy, but you wouldn’t do that right? It’s too convenient to make your own truths or even easier to just let Fox tell you their version of it so you can sleep better at night feeling justified about the deaths of 10’s of thousands of civilians who have a “right to life” that my conservative friends like to trumpet so much about. I dare you to read “Rogue State”, assuming you actually read.
You are right about one thing. Terrorists came here. Anyone who knows what our government has been up to for 50+ years would say they were long overdue. Problem is they mostly came from Saudi Arabia and not Iraq. Doesn’t that country have extensive ties to the Bush family? Oops Bush-bashing again. sorry.

crazy chester in New Hampshire | Wednesday, May 09 at 06:40 PM

chester, It isn’t “neocon” strategy to tell folks to leave, it’s classic liberal strategy.  I wonder if you are the one who might need encouragement to read…as I have been asked to leave this forum by folks who despise their own country on many occasions.  Also, your statement that I offer no facts is a complete fabrication which might lead one to believe you merely see what you want to see.  My suggestion is to go back and actually read my comments.

And tell me exactly how you came to the conclusion that President Bush’s decision to utilize pre-emtive defense is unprecidented?  It would appear your comments are the ones a little light on the facts.

And if you have a problem with United States foreign policy for the last 50+ years, just remember that includes the Democratic Presidents such as Clinton, Carter, L.B.J, Kennedy, etc.  So don’t come whining about Bush like he’s some sort of bad guy who is responsible for all of the United States’s ills.  I don’t believe he had much political power 50 years ago. 

Remember Clinton ordering the bombing of the Iraqi aspirin factory??  Or any of the other half-assed Clinton military farces?  At least Bush stages our military actions for percieved legitimate national secutity issues (however wrong you may feel them to be), rather than as diversions to keep folks attention away from his personal foibles and indescretions.

Cary Nickel | Sunday, May 13 at 10:09 AM

I had always believed that Germany started the second world war, in history class in school… But you know if you look at the documents form that era from all the european countries you will find out that Germany didnt start the second world war. I dont suppose that the US Govt or who ever controls them would let the avarge Citizen read them.

Nor did North Viet Nam start the war.

Nor did Saddam start the war…. I wonder how many other wars that were faught by the US were made to look like it was the others faught????

ex Pat in Frankfurt, Germany | Sunday, May 13 at 01:08 PM

How very classic again, when you can’t debate facts bring up Clinton! Cary you defeat yourself before you’ve begun. I’ve read your comments. They are unoriginal and amount to the very same talking points that Sean Hannity coaches you sheep on. Check this board and others. Nearly every comment with a conservative bent eventually tells someone who doesn’t agree with them to leave the country(again, usually to France). Telling you to leave this board is not the equivalent to telling you to leave the country.
I stand by my statement that I shouldn’t go back and forth with you because you present no facts. Your debate style is classic but nonetheless lacking in substance. It amounts to “I know you are but what am I?” tactics that I left behind on the 5th grade playground.
You also make a fatal mistake in assuming that I support democrats simply because I don’t like king George. I didn’t vote for Bush or Clinton or Bush Sr. or Dukakis.
The problem is that folks such as yourself think this is a football game and you should wholeheartedly cheer your side on regardless of their actions, tactics, or results.
Maybe you support the death of innocents because you agree with the “decider” on gay marriage or some other distractionary social issue.
If you think my facts are “light” then why not give an example to refute it?
You also comment at least twice about people who despise America. I and others on this board love America and that is exactly why we are here making points. We should despise our government and it’s abysmal foreign policy, but that doesn’t mean becoming hopeless or hating our fellow American, especially if they are as willfully mis-informed as you are. Pity and compassion should be the order of the day.
I’ve also kept my comments in context with the war in Iraq. I never blamed GWB for all of Americas ills. Oddly enough, I might actually give him some good marks if he were strictly a domestic president.
How is a “perceived” legitimate action any different from a smoke screen? To believe that you would have to believe that Bush really had altruistic intentions. Fact is, they have since tried to stick every imaginable reason(excuse) for the debacle in Iraq when it is clear they intended to go there regardless of the reason or justification. In fact, if GWB had had the courage to say we were invading Iraq and occupying it for our energy security, I might have actually supported him.
I’m continually blown away that there such angst against democrats and liberalism that people are still trying to defend the most inept president we have ever had in terms of foreign policy. Thank god I think for myself and not for my “party”. I believe the country could rise to it’s former glory if we all became moderate independents or independant libertarians. We could then throw out both parties of the entrenched, incumbent morons. But keep cheering on your team and watch while nothing substantive changes. sigh.

crazy chester in New Hampshire | Monday, May 14 at 07:30 PM

Well chester, you have the right to believe whatever you want to believe, as do I.  So I guess we’ll just have to leave it at that.

My comments, and beliefs, stand.

Cary Nickel | Tuesday, May 15 at 03:18 PM