Our 2015 Favorites

Thursday, December 31

Here's a sampling of some of our favorite stories and content from 2015.

  • We call the Republicans' bluff to shut down DHS in order to deport 12 million people

  • Speaker Boehner (miss ya!) and House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare - AGAIN. This reminds us of something...

  • We call out the 23 Congressional Republicans who joined the march in Selma... but refuse to co-sponsor the restoration of the Voting Rights Act

  • 47 Republican Senators signed a letter to Iran's leaders with the intention to derail nuclear discussions, so we (with some help from the nation's newspapers) wrote our own letter to those Senators.
  • Senator (and amateur presidential candidate) Rand Paul endears himself to women across America by shushing a female interviewer during an appearance on CNBC

  • Our friends at NextGen hit Scott Walker in his home state for being the ultimate Koch puppet
  • Our TV Ad, "Rare Incidents," exposing Big Oil's indifference to the frequency of oil spills on the 5 year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion
  • In the wake of yet another mass shooting in America, President Obama demands action on gun violence

  • We previewed the climate change fight of the summer - The Pope vs. The Kochs
  • Republican war hawks try to derail the Iran Nuclear Deal, and we hit the airwaves to stop them
  • #TBT to when these two kids were the best of friends.

  • Dick Cheney tells the folks at FOX News that he "was right about Iraq." People were shocked, but it was nothing new for Dick.
  • During a GOP Debate, Jeb Bush declares his brother "kept us safe" during his tenure as president. Um... no. (Jeb didn't like this ad. He responded himself.)
  • Scott Walker, union-buster and Koch Brothers darling, drops out of the race for president FIRST.

  • For some reason, Bill Kristol defended the Empire from Star Wars.

  • House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi demands Congress lift the ban on gun violence research.

  • Republicans haven't stopped their all-out, ignorant assault on climate science since our last installment of the #NotAScientist video series.


Happy New Year!

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