Rick Santorum Hates Gorillas

Thursday, August 24

Last week we told you about the "Social Security Showdown Tour," featuring Americans United for Change's Grandpa Gorilla vs. Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. We just sent out this email to update AUFC members about the confrontation:

Dear Friend,

Rick Santorum may like monkeying with Social Security, but we're pretty sure he hates gorillas.

That's the only plausible explanation why the Senator refused to square off with Grandpa Gorilla at the Middletown Grange Fair last weekend.

Say what you want about the junior Senator from Pennsylvania, but Santorum isn't typically a guy to run away from a fight. When Rick believes in something, he doesn't hold back -- no matter how ridiculous he sounds.

And Rick Santorum really, really believes in Social Security privatization.

That's why we're puzzled as to why he avoided Grandpa Gorilla at the fair. Who could resist this face?

Unfortunately, Santorum was so determined to dodge the issue that Grandpa Gorilla, who isn't as mobile as he used to be (and requires deflation in order to move effectively), couldn't keep up. So Grandpa Gorilla manned the Americans United table -- where Pennsylvania voters could get the full story on Rick Santorum's privatization fantasies. But hot on Santorum's trail was his more-mobile kin, Grandson Gorilla, to chase down the Senator. (Remember, it's not just seniors who want to protect Social Security -- young people have their retirement security at stake, too.)

Harassed by Santorum staffers, Grandson Gorilla just wanted Rick to answer one simple question: "Why are you running away?"

We've got video from the fair -- you can watch the play-by-play for yourself:

Last year, Rick toured Pennsylvania, touting Bush's plans for Social Security privatization. Back then, he said: "I've talked to the president a lot about this and he has made it clear to me that he's not going to let go of this... Obviously, I'm going to work this very hard because I think there's a lot at stake for future generations."

Rick was right -- there is a lot at stake for future generations. That's why Americans United For Change sent Grandpa Gorilla to the fair.

If the Senator truly believes in Social Security privatization, he shouldn't be afraid to defend himself. And until he does, Americans United (and the Family Gorilla) will keep following Rick Santorum around Pennsylvania, telling him to not monkey with Social Security.

Rick Santorum may hate gorillas, but he's going to have to learn to live with them.

Thank you,

Jeremy Funk
Americans United for Change

Posted by Americans United For Change Web Team


Look’s like Santorum will have to answer to the people on Social Security!

Bob Casey Blog in PA | Saturday, August 26 at 09:40 PM

Watching the news tonight I saw President Bush in New Orleans giving a speech about how the government made many mistakes during Hurricane Katria.Then the next segment they showed Secretary Rumsfield giving a speech where he said the government has made many mistakes on the war in Iraq.
And you guys thought you were going to have to campaign!

Jack in Columbus,Oh | Tuesday, August 29 at 07:40 PM

Hey Jack, is your last name Ass?  Would only make sense, Jack Ass.

Columbus in Columbus OHIO | Wednesday, August 30 at 03:30 PM

I would like to know who the members of this group are…as far as their professions, etc.  I would like to be more involved, but want to be sure of the individuals who are organizing.

Nancy Christner in Virginia Beach, VA | Friday, September 01 at 07:11 PM

Hey Columbus in Columbus Ohio!
  Would your name be dumb or dumber? People are waking up to the Bush regime’s imperfections. It is about time. How can people save and invest when the cost of wages don’t keep up with the rising cost of oil and everything else? What income bracket are you in? Maybe Momma or Daddy takes care when you fall behind or need help. I’m middle income and I can feel the heat now but this winter I and others will feel the cold. It will take 1 whole paycheck to pay for heating this winter and our local energy co. is asking for a 16% hike.  When folks no longer need credit cards for food, clothing, and doctor bills then maybe there will be money left to save or invest and hope there isn’t an Enron situation. I’m sure you can feel the love of the Bush administration. Social Security is there for all if not spent on wars we can’t win and tax relief for the wealthy.

Melody Todd in Evansville, IN | Friday, September 01 at 09:07 PM

I just watched your commercial in which you say that President Bush is doing all these wrong things.  I’ve read in your website about the same things.  I just have to laugh at how bad your commercials are.  I know that you want change and I’m all for change…it can be a good thing.  However, every American knows (at least they should know) that of course there is going to be change…DUH!!!!  President Bush can’t be re-elected again!!!  Looking through your website I’m reminded of elementary school.  It is very immature.

Kim in Virginia | Friday, September 08 at 08:15 AM

This whole anti-privatization of social security campaign is hilarious.  I mean honestly, look at what the government has done with social security, its in terrible shape.  So, instead of desiring that positive change be made with respect to social security reform, you suggest that the government that has run it into the ground continue to mismanage it? I really fail to understand the logic here, but I suppose that is the downfall of this sort of venture, lots of ideals but no real viable solutions.

Jeremy in MI | Friday, September 08 at 02:54 PM