“Small Price” Ad - Jon Porter

Wednesday, September 19

Posted by Americans United For Change Web Team


This is the most disengenuous ad I’ve ever seen.  Are you obfuscating on the belief that your people are too stupid to look up the full quote and see that Wolf was talking about the financial cost per day?  Or just a ploy to secure more $$?

The Sniper in Washington DC | Friday, September 21 at 01:26 PM

I think Sniper missed the point!!!!!
It’s not about the $$$$$, it’s about the “cost” we should be concerned about… the lives of our children (fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers)is our “real cost.”
Should we believe that you people are too stupid to see that!!!!!!  End the war NOW!

Vette58 | Saturday, September 22 at 12:08 AM

I spent 19 years in efforts to have a child—and now he’s in Iraq—the price we have paid is already WAY OVERWHELMING—Sally Field was right—If mom’s ruled, we wouldn’t be in this GODAMNED war.

Jeannie Jackson in Las Vegas, NV | Sunday, September 23 at 02:42 PM

You want financial figures?  Half a Trillion Dollars have been wasted and it’s estimated that we will have to spend as much, again, to re-build our military and care for the tens of thousands of wounded vets - that makes Iraq a TRILLION DOLLAR War!

Saddam wasn’t worth one drop of blood from an American soldier!  Sure, he was a bad guy, but, he was OUR bad guy - we should have invoked the Great American Just War Tradition and exhausted every political and diplomatic avenue of resolution first.  Instead, Bush and Cheney saw an opportunity to make big money for their portfolio pals in the Military Industrial Corporate Contract Complex and they submitted to the temptation of greed!

Setting aside all of the “small prices” paid by our parents and grand parents and great, grand parents (and all of the international good will those generations of Americans built), Bush and Cheney violated our historical standard of never entering a war pre-emptively, and here we all are, again, in an immoral, unethical, illegal, and Unjust War in Iraq!

And Jon Porter has been little more than a Bush Bag-Boy and Political Puppet for the President from day one - it’s time for a change in Nevada Congressional District #3!

Johnathan L. Abbinett in Las Vegas, Nevada | Monday, September 24 at 12:44 PM