Tell John Sununu: Vote to end the war in Iraq

Tuesday, April 03

Americans United for Change released a new ad, asking Senator John Sununu (R-NH) to vote to end the war in Iraq.

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Posted by AUFC Web Team


It looks like with this ad we have a visual acknowledgment of our “Sprintin’ Sununu”.

Best of luck with the ad.  We at Blue Hampshire are working on a Sununu file that grows bigger by the day:

Dean in New Hampshire | Wednesday, April 04 at 08:37 PM

Just so you guys know, we’re not dumb in New Hampshire. We like and appreciate the fact that Sununu has his own mind on things, and we know he has parted ways with the administration on a number of things when it has made sense. People I’ve talked to who have seen the ad say it’s a load of baloney and probably only going to backfire. I guess we’ll see. But thanks for spending your money in our state, we appreciate the business. grin

JohnQPublic in Manchester, NH | Thursday, April 05 at 04:55 PM

I am a gulf war veteran, and I live in the State of New Hampshire.  I feel that your unjust portrayal of John Sununu is unwarranted and transparent.  John has done much for the State as far as the local economy and it’s environment.  He very well represents the population that elected him.  I find that missleading adds like these are what is leading to the decline of political morality as well as exacerbating political rancor.  As a veteran I take offense to your defeatist stance and hope that your actions do not disgrace the heroic efforts of my fellow patriots in the clear defense of our families.  I also hope that you obtained permission of those soldiers who you are exploiting to push your defeatist agenda.  To place things in context your actions if they were done during WWII would have been considered TREASONOUS.  Sleep well in the safety bought by American Blood and Tears.

Live Free or Die in Exeter, NH | Thursday, April 05 at 06:54 PM

Attack ads like this one just poison the well of advocacy and public discourse.  I would urge everyone to communicate their views on the Iraq War with Senator Sununu, whether you agree with the Senator’s stand or not.  To fill your TV spot with sensation, cat calls, and confrontation won’t inspire very thoughtful communication between Senator Sununu and his constituents.  It’s likely to inspire backlash, like what happened after the unfortunate attack ad on Senator McCain was run by MoveOn a month or so back. americansunitedforchange, please try another, cooler tact in motivating New Hampshire people to communicate with the Senator about Iraq. 

For me, during the run up to start of the invasion of Iraq, I did not believe that the President’s and Congress’ decision to go ahead with it was justified.  I wrote and told them so.  Now, I’m less sure of the wisest choice for this country.  I’d like to see a debate on the issue between two US Senators (and old friends)—McCain and Hagel.

wallacestuart in Plymouth, NH | Thursday, April 05 at 08:52 PM

Thanks for reminding me why I voted for John Sununu.  I do know where he stands, which is why I will vote for him again.

Norman C. Gilmore in Alton, NH | Friday, April 13 at 11:21 AM