Tell Mitch McConnell: Stop Blocking Change in Iraq

Tuesday, March 27

Americans United for Change released a new ad, asking Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to change the course in Iraq.

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Posted by Americans United For Change Web Team


Brilliant ad. Now if we can take him out next year, we’ll be in very good hands.

James Trout | Tuesday, March 27 at 08:37 PM

Are ALL Republicans blind and dumb, like McConnell ?

Scott Backen in Coos Bay, OR | Tuesday, March 27 at 10:54 PM

Great ad, the true Mitch.  Kentucky deserves better!

Roger Noe in Harlan, KY | Wednesday, March 28 at 09:26 AM

McConnell is well known among military families for NOT supporting our troops.  And in fact, McConnell is a Killer of our US Troops.  The evidence is in and that is what he depicts.  A killer of US Troops! He sat in congress for years holding the MAJORITY fully aware that the US Troops had:

Not enough Up -Armored Humvees;
Not enough body armor;
NO IED Research that should have started 5 years ago to stop these bombs;
The one IED Research method that did have positive results was stopped. As someone was in the ranks was profiting from another worthless contract with NO results. Where is your oversight McConnell?
Not enough doctors, nurses to treat the wounded;
No rehabilitation at all for brain injured victims;
No OUTSIDE Cranial- Neurologist and Neuro-Surgeons experts brought in to treat the brain injuries;
No Oversight at all of military contracts;
No Oversight of the Blatant fraud to tax payers;

Mitch McConnell has produced
FAILED LEADERSHIP at every corner for the past 7 years.

As Kentucky citizens we MUST get him removed from any public office in 2008.

kentucky Citizens | Wednesday, March 28 at 10:27 AM

There is no room for negotiating anything with Mitch?  HE has hitched his political future to a man who is personally destroying the Republican party.  Just as he went into office on the coattail of Ronald Regan, he can lose by being so unyielding and hungry for his newly won power and devotion to this failed President. He’s gotten a little too big for his britches. The clock is winding down on good ole’ Mitch.

Appalachian American in JENKINS, kY | Wednesday, March 28 at 03:06 PM

Great ad!
When will it air?
I’m feelins so downhearted about the letters I get back from Sen. McConnel, thanking me for writing, but saying I am wrong about wanting to end this bloody war and the LOSS of our young men and women for WHAT?
I wish I knew how to find someone who really will listen to the people for a change.

Jan Bowman in Kenton County Kentucky | Wednesday, March 28 at 08:19 PM

I would like to see this organization start playing adds like this in Texas to put pressure on Senator Hutchison and the junior Texas Senator Cornyn.  A lot of Texas veterans are getting fed up with this administration and the Repulicans who support this Iraqi conflict.
As an employee in the funeral industy I bury a lot of veterans and I talk to a lot of veterans.  This administration has lost a considerable amount of their confidence.
We won the wars in Afganistan and Iraq, now we should let them rule themselves.  The wars are over!  What is left is internal strife and growing pains.

Proud Texan in San Antonio, TX | Thursday, March 29 at 12:59 PM

Interesting that there is no differing opinions on this blog.  I personally find it offensive to see our troops used in a political power struggle when not too long the same crowd responsible for the current McConnell ads were howling against the use of the twin towers in an election year ad.  There is more at stake here than one party rule, liberal or conservative or getting rid of the “cowboy” in the White House.  Withdrawl in Iraq will not end the woes, nor the determination of our enemy who declared war on America long before 9/11.

James T. in Garrard County, KY | Friday, March 30 at 06:39 PM

My next issue is the Minimum wage hike. This is bad economics and anyone that has an education in economics can tell you minimum wage raises do nothing but raise prices for everyone, act as a wage cut for those that are making just above the new minimums, and actually cost jobs for those that seek the minimum wage jobs. I know all too well the problems that happen when the minimums go up. I worked when minimum wage was 3.15 an hour. When I started working as a machinist apprentice, I went up to 4.25 an hour and was pleased. But when minimum wage hit 3.65, I didn’t get a raise, I essentially got a pay cut and the price of things I had to buy went up.

Market forces are at work in the buying and making of products; the supply and demand curve. The same market forces work for labor too. However, when government mandates that an employer pay a minimum wage, the employer then has to pay that set amount. The employer then set a budget that includes this amount. When the government then tells this employer he has to raise this rate. The employer is faced with whether to let that worker go, raise the price of the product he sells, or reduce the hours of work the employees can work each week.

Economic facts do not lie. In communities that have high minimum wages, unemployment is higher. Minimum wage earners make up only 2.5 Percent of all workers in the U.S. and minimum wage was never meant to sustain people who have families. Period. Most minimum wage earners are first time workers and as they gain value through experience, they get raises and move on. If someone needs a boost in minimum wage, they should get that through working and experience, not earning minimum wage for extended periods. And for those that are poor and cannot afford college, that is what loans and grants are for. I did it. I went on Social Security Disability after becoming a paraplegic and used Vocational Rehabilitation and the SSA money to get my AS, BS, BBA, and I am entering an MS program this summer. Scholarships and loans are available to anyone that wants to get an education.

Wheeliguy in Kentucky | Friday, March 30 at 08:57 PM

This is the most misleading ad I have seen in some time. I hate it when organizations like this mislead, propagate, and outright lie about issues especially about the war in Iraq and the overall war on terror.

Your arguments are misguided and I do not know where to begin, so I will start with your opposition to the privatization of Social Security. This is a very GOOD idea, not a bad one. There is a very good example of how this program works already in place in Galveston County, Texas. The article was in the USA Today in or around 03-16-2005 and was called A Model for Social Security Reform. I won’t go into detail about the program; however the plan is similar in nature to Bush’s plan. These individuals made a HUGE difference in their Social Security retirement benefits by investing a portion of their own Social Security. Over the 30 years they have had the system in place, they are expected to receive about 50% more per month on their system than on Social Security. But don’t just take my word for it, the website I have for this story is:

The fact remains that privatizing Social Security makes sense in that we all have a hand in bettering our retirement. How do you think 401K accounts work? The beauty of Bush’s privatization plan was that it was optional for people that didn’t trust their own investing. How many 401 K accounts are doing badly and how could having a hand in investing in our Social Security Retirement be any different?

Your lobbying against this privatization plan killed an excellent plan in people having a helping hand in growing their own nest egg in the Social Security System. Thanks a lot.

Wheelieguy in Kentucky | Friday, March 30 at 08:58 PM

On the price of gas, these are economic forces again, not the fault of the President. Supply and demand. The reason gas prices have shot up are the direct results of the hurricanes that devastated our refining capacity. And now, even that has not returned to normal as several of these refineries are still under repair from the damage they sustained. It may still yet be next year before these refineries are restored to full capacity. Not to mention the refinery in California that burned a couple of months back. Right now the refineries are running around 85 percent of where they would be if they were all repaired and running. And don’t forget, the pipeline in Alaska caused some downturn in crude refining as well.

Now for the kicker. Left-leaning news organizations have demonized oil companies for making record profits. I will agree with this statement. However, having economics as a backbone of a BBA, again the main stream media is misleading America. While reporting that these companies are making record profits, the reporters leave out a vital issue and the ignorance of the general population believe that to be the case. But in leaving this detail out, the story is a lie. While the companies are making record profits, they are not making anymore money. That’s because the media leaves out the fact that it is profit MARGIN that should be looked at for an overall dollar picture. That is the price that oil companies make AFTER the cost of refining crude. The profit margin before the price of gas went up was around 11 percent. That is a modest profit and most companies have a much higher profit margin than this. So just how much is the profit margin now? After figuring the profit margin, the oil companies now make 10.5 percent, less than they did before gas prices went up.

wheelieguy in Kentucky | Friday, March 30 at 08:59 PM

Now for what really burns my butt. The Iraq war. When I saw your commercial for telling Mitch McConnell whatever it is you wish to tell him, I got really upset. This is the Democrats that are causing this latest measure to block the needs of our troops not the Republicans. The reason that Senator McConnell wishes to block this latest legislation for troop supplies is that Democrats loaded it with pork projects and set a deadline for the troops to withdraw from Iraq. This is a serious partisan ploy that is undermining our troops and it is the Democrats that are causing this.

Putting a date for us to withdraw emboldens our enemies, it undercuts the morale of the troops, and it negates any hope of the Iraqis making their own country into a Democracy. The groundwork has been laid in Iraq and if we pull out prematurely, you can bet all of our efforts to secure Iraq will have been for naught. We need to stay there until this country can fend for itself, and the contention on the left that Iraq is in a civil war is a flawed assumption.

The Northern Kurds have stabilized their region of Iraq and are having no problems whatsoever. The South of Iraq is much of the same way. There are sections of Iraq that are lagging behind. The other contention is that the troop surge will fail when the opposite has already proven that this is not true. The troop surge is working and most of the reinforcements are not even deployed yet. Violence is down, open markets are growing, and the threat of civil war is over hyped by the Main Stream Media and propagandist sites. I know this from talking to those that are and have been there.

In closing, the troops know about the efforts of the Left Leaning tendencies of the media and they read the lies that are printed and reported of Iraq. They are not dumb and in most cases, many of the members of the military are college graduates. Please stop undermining our troops and please stop misleading the American public by putting such material on the Web.

wheelieguy in Kentucky | Friday, March 30 at 09:00 PM

“Comment on Kentucky” on KET public tv showed the McConnell ad, & had a terrific discussion about it! They pointed out that “the ad was really hard hitting; that Mitch McConnell has dropped from 60% approval rating a yr. ago. Now 43% disapprove…”
and that “the reason Kentuckians are souring on him: McConnell is tied to Pres. Bush & Iraz War, & it is dragging him down.”
The whole climate in rural Kentucky has turned around, & “the folks” as FAUX News calls us, have seen thru Pres. Bush’s FAUX “compassionate, Christian Conservative” facade.

Kentucky Woman in Kevil, KY | Saturday, March 31 at 05:55 AM

Thanks for your courageous and most accurate ad.  Mitch has poisoned Ky and the nation too long!  He is nothing but a stoolie for the corrupt and failed Bush administration!  It is past time to DITCH MITCH…AND THE HOOSIER MITCH, TOO.

Proctor zzriggins in Louis, Ky | Saturday, March 31 at 08:48 AM

Was surprised (and very pleasantly so) to catch the McConnell ad after the local news last night. Just sent you a donation to help with more.

no friend of Mitch in lexington, ky | Saturday, March 31 at 10:31 AM

Stop blocking the American people’s
attempt to end this insane war.

Kathy Kibbie in Ann Arbor, Michigan | Sunday, April 01 at 07:54 PM

Republicans tout progress, then it leads to 6 more dead soldiers in Iraq on McCains visit.

Republicans are killing the US Troops.,,-6525161,00.html

McCains visit produces death | Monday, April 02 at 08:53 AM

Alvaton Henderson II, Robert L. 1st Lieutenant 17-Apr-2004
  Ashland Messer, Scott A. Private 1st Class 02-Feb-2006
  Bowling Green Halsel, Santiago M. Staff Sergeant 16-May-2006
  Brandenburg Mundell, Michael Lewis Major 05-Jan-2007
  Burkesville Downing II, Stephen P. Private 1st Class 28-Oct-2004
  Burlington Warndorf, Christopher Tyler Corporal 29-Aug-2006
  Cerulean Ames, Jason E. Specialist 31-Aug-2005
  Covington Sims, Justin D. Lance Corporal 15-Apr-2006
  Edmonton Toth, Eric L. Specialist 30-Mar-2005
  Ekron Sherrill, James Alexander Sergeant 03-Apr-2005
  Elizabethtown Graham, Jeffrey C. 2nd Lieutenant 19-Feb-2004
  Elizabethtown Deckard, Matthew L. Sergeant 16-Sep-2005
  Erlanger Williams, Ronnie D. Specialist 17-Jul-2005
  Ewing Cooper, John E. Sergeant 15-Jan-2007
  Fayetteville Rose, Scott C. Sergeant 07-Nov-2003
  Fort Campbell Reed, Tatjana Sergeant 22-Jul-2004
  Glasgow Gardner, James W. “Will” Specialist 10-Apr-2006
  Greensburg Montgomery, Ryan J. Sergeant 03-Jul-2005
  Hardin Otey, Deshon E. Lance Corporal 21-Jun-2004
  Hopkinsville Simmons, Windell J. Specialist 23-Sep-2006
  Lawrenceburg Cubert, Clinton W. Master Sergeant 16-Apr-2006
  Lawrenceburg Jones, Charles Jason Sergeant 1st Class 20-Sep-2006
  Lebanon Hughes, Jonathan A. Sergeant 19-Mar-2005
  Ledbetter Derenda, Robert V. Sergeant 1st Class 05-Aug-2005
  Leitchfield Allers III, William Alvin Staff Sergeant 20-Sep-2005
  Leitchfield Clemons, Thomas W. Staff Sergeant 10-Dec-2006
  Lexington Ehney, Robert W. Sergeant 23-Apr-2006
  Lexington Langley, Sean M. Lance Corporal 07-Nov-2004
  Lexington Comley, Chase Johnson Lance Corporal 06-Aug-2005
  London Cornett, Lance S. Sergeant 1st Class 03-Feb-2006
  Louisville Phelps, Christopher W. Sergeant 1st Class 23-Jun-2005
  Louisville Rentschler, George S. Staff Sergeant 07-Apr-2004
  Louisville Acklin II, Michael D. Sergeant 15-Nov-2003
  Louisville Potter, Darrin K. Sergeant 29-Sep-2003
  Louisville Wimberg, David Neil Sergeant 25-May-2005
  Louisville Wiener, Jeffery L. Petty Officer 3rd Class 07-May-2005
  McDowell Thornsberry, Jonathan B. Lance Corporal 25-Oct-2006
  Meridian McSwain, Clarence D. Sergeant 1st Class 08-Jun-2006
  Morgantown Hayes, Michael Ray Private 1st Class 14-Jun-2005
  Mount Sterling Sizemore, Garth D. Staff Sergeant 17-Oct-2006
  Owensboro Harlan, James William Sergeant 14-May-2004
  Owensboro Settle, Robert J. Private 1st Class 19-Apr-2006
  Owensboro Lanham, Jane Elizabeth Lieutenant Commander 19-Sep-2006
  Paducah Heflin, Christopher T. Sergeant 16-Nov-2004
  Pikeville Coleman, Gary B. Corporal 21-Nov-2003
  Radcliff Powell, James E. Specialist 12-Oct-2003
  Richmond West, Theodore M. Private 1st Class 29-Nov-2006
  Shepherdsville Echols, Thomas P. Lance Corporal 04-Dec-2006
  Somerset Titcomb, Joshua K. Private 1st Class 29-Sep-2004
  Utica Fulkerson, Timothy Specialist 08-Oct-2006
  Versailles Dieruf, Nicholas J. Corporal 08-Apr-2004
  Whitehouse Tackett, Joseph M. Sergeant 23-Jun-2005
  Whitesburg Hoffman, James T. Sergeant 1st Class 27-Jan-2004
  Williamstown Bishop, Jason Lee Sergeant 1st Class 01-Jan-2006

54 US Troops Killed from McConnell's Decsions | Monday, April 02 at 08:57 AM

Thank you. McConnell is beyond the reach of reason, but at least this will help Kentuckians who oppose theis terrible war to have a voice. With two head-in-the-sand, party-line-only GOP senators, I feel as though we have NO representation, and it is so frustrating.

Concerned Kentuckian in Kenton Co in Covington, KY | Monday, April 02 at 12:19 PM

About democracy:
What unites us and what divides us.
Do we want citizens of this country to be united by fear? Or by common purpose resulting from understanding and agreement?

Democracy only works if people agree to it knowingly and willingly.
People who understand that, know that Democracy and freedom come with a price.
Democracy is the understanding that differences of opinion are crucial, the natural and indispensable quality in a free society.
And this understanding comes with the acceptance of vulnerability of an open society. It comes with courage and willingness to embrace the disagreements and the vulnerability. It is our choice. Fear and Democracy are not compatible.
The only common thing about people in fear is fear. In reality fear divides people.
Maybe that is the reason that there are people in our society, in our country that are trying to divide us, keep us in fear as a way to control us.
Fear may have many faces: fear of death
                              Fear to be called an enemy of the people
                              Fear to be called unpatriotic, un-American
                              Fear of terrorism
                              Fear by habit
                              Fear of thy neighbor  
Based on my understanding of Democracy I came to the conclusion that not everybody in our country wants or likes Democracy.
Some would go to any means to justify the ends. To get what they want. Anybody who disagrees with them is the enemy. They are for freedom of speech as long as everybody agrees with them. To name a few: Cheney, Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Rumsfeld and many more.
They are offered help from some unscrupulous hate mongers in the media such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hennety, Ann Coulter and many others who are trying to divide us by fear and hatred.

Now about “Democracy” in Iraq:
Can we honestly say that people in Iraq are ready and willing to accept Democracy?
Will they accept the freedom, disagreements and vulnerability just because we want them to?
Will Shiites and Sunnis forget the centuries of animosity and embrace their differences if we will force them to do it, or else?

History shows that people tend to separate by ethnic or religious groups after the fall of a dictatorship. Like Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and many others.
What makes us think that Iraq is different?
It seems to me that currently the trend is toward the separation by religious group from forced “unity”.
I know that the progress of civilizations follows certain laws, just like everything else in the universe.
How much do we know of these laws?
Did anybody consult the historians and political scientists?
Remember we invaded Iraq because of WMD, not to build a nation.
So probably nobody bothered to consult with scientists.
The other reason our leaders did not talk to the experts is arrogance and incompetence.
So in my opinion the only way to restore the order in Iraq is to bring about 300 thousand more troops, establish martial law, put all militants in concentration camps or kill them and to rule the country with the iron fist, just like Saddam, or Stalin, or Tito. Should have kept Saddam alive just in case. Obviously impossible to implement.
How about democracy in the Middle East?
So democracy in Iraq is just a lame excuse for the incompetence of our current leaders. Can somebody point me to a democratic government in the Middle East?
How about Palestine?
Are they ready for Democracy?  In my opinion they obviously are not ready for democracy.
Considering all of the above, why are we relying on military expertise, not on political science experts and historians during our decision making?

Again considering all of the above the best outcome we can hope for are stable regimes separated by ethnicity or religion. And forget Democracy.
I would rather worry about the democracy in this country.

Nathan Kagan in Skokie, IL | Tuesday, April 03 at 01:49 PM

I had no idea Mitch McConnell was so supportive of the Commander in Chief. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The next time the Kentucky Republican Party calls for a donation, I’ll give twice what I planning to give. It seems his opposition is not only clueless but well funded.

John Smith in Union, KY | Friday, April 06 at 09:28 AM