Tell Susan Collins: Vote to end the war in Iraq

Tuesday, April 03

Americans United for Change launched a new ad campaign against Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), telling her to vote to end the war in Iraq.

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Posted by Americans United For Change Web Team


I am in favor of the vote that Susan Collins made recently AGAINST the democrat’s push for scheduling defeat of our armed forces.  For once she took a stand for American.  As the father of 2, yes two, American service men I am disheartened and dismayed at the actions of organizations such as “American’s United for Change” (AUC).  You do NOT represent the heart and soul of our country.  AUC reflects the worst of our society.  Your morals, opinions and beliefs are a disgrace - AUC should be ashamed.  You are concerned with nothing more than forwarding a far left liberal agenda at the expense of anything…. your lies harkens back to Marx and Lenin (i.e. the ends justify the means).

Defeat of America in Iraq accomplishes nothing except undermining the stability of our country and our world.  I encourage everyone to get behind victory in the war on terror before it’s too late.

Anthony Briscoe in Presque Isle, Maine | Thursday, April 05 at 07:17 AM

I think the ad is wonderful…Susan Collins does stand with the worst president ever and its time for her to go…him too!

coldwaterfarm in southern maine | Thursday, April 05 at 07:43 AM

I am a military spouse.  While I abhor the war, and believe it is time for a change in strategy - I find the use of the footage at the beginning of this ad to be much more abhorrent.

I was in a hotel room - watching the morning news yesterday - and was physically nauseated the graphic footage.  I’m completely disgusted and disheartened by your use of our military in this political agenda.

Speak out against the war - my soldier, like millions thru the ages - fights to protect the Constitution and our right to free speech.  Campaign against those you perceive to hold the wrong views - it is part of what makes our country strong and healthy.

Remember, though, that neither of those actions necessitates the disrespect of our military or their families - and that is the only way I can describe this ad.

Army Wife in Presque Isle, ME | Thursday, April 05 at 09:29 AM

This is not something that I regularly participate in.  Please excuse my uneasiness… But, first of all I find it curious that the ad reflecting on Susan Collins seems negative regarding HER position of letting people know where we stand… Let it be understood from the outset, if nothing else, I am not afraid to put my name here and let people know where I stand. 

I am the mother of two sons currently serving in Iraq.  I echo the comments made my husband made earlier this morning.  We appreciate Sen Collins vote against setting a deadline in Iraq.  Never in history has a country told the enemy how long they would fight.  The men and women serving in our military are all VOLUNTEERS doing a wonderful job.  As a mother of two service members I say give them the time, funds and support needed to complete the task. 

Let’s be in this to win.  Comments such as Susan Collins must go because she supports Bush’s plan are another curious matter. Mrs. Collins has always been more of a supporter of many of the liberal ideals that Americans United for Change have supported in the past - frankly it’s very odd that your organization now wants to throw her under the bus - BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO SUPPORT MY SONS, AND MEN LIKE THEM… ? Wow, your hate for Bush goes deep doesn’t it?  Why not save the rhetoric and put a democrat in the White House who will bomb asprin factories when their caught in compromising situations… Another, question don’t we still have soldiers in Bosnia? How about Korea? Europe? Why not say bring them all home?  Does the US have any interest in security and peace around the world?  Or, is it only when a democrat is in the white house?  Talk about soldiers killed senselessly - pull out now and it WAS all for nothing - and hundreds, even thousands of innocents will perish when the Bathists or Jihadist regain power.

Juanita Briscoe in Presque Isle, ME | Thursday, April 05 at 11:26 AM

Susan Collins has tried to have many issues both ways. Implying she is independent and moderate but voting with Bush 86% of the time and in every key issue when Bush needs her, she votes with Bush. This needless war, endangering so many of your youth, hurting our country must and will end. It’s a question of when and the sooner, the safer, the better. Save the Troops. The War is the issue and she backs it. If you back the war vote for her. You want to end it, vote for Tom Allen.

Phil in Surry, Maine | Thursday, April 05 at 06:01 PM

I cannot believe Susan Collins stands with GW.  He is way in over his head but has the audacity to think Americans feel the same.  I say, we DO NOT need to be in the middle of a civil war, the soldiers DO NOT need to be in the middle.
Bring the troops home and let the Iraqs do whatever it is they think they need to do. Shame on you Susan Collins…...

Dave in Fort Fairfield | Thursday, April 05 at 06:18 PM

I CANNOT tell you the EXCITEMENT that I have felt, seeing these wonderfully made ads.  NOBODY goes against S. Collins in this state.  She has the local media wrapped up.  Also, many times I hear of ads that are going to penetrate the networks and never see them.  I HAVE SEEN THIS TWICE!!  Susan Collins has worked in Washington for her own power and opportunity.  She is at the microphone every chance that she gets and she loves to head up things.  (She was baking her grandmother’s cookies for a time, but it was dropped.)  I won’t go on, but I am thrilled.

ALSOOOO…I have felt for a long time that ads need to stick to ONE point and drive it in.  THAT is what STICKS. 

I am absolutely thrilled.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  An ad has NEVER made me this happy!!

Deb in Orono

Deb Brooks in orono, me | Thursday, April 05 at 07:39 PM

susan collins pretends to be an independent and mainers perceive her to be one because that’s what we want to believe

the sad truth, however, is that her independence over the course of her mostly undistinguished career consists of periodic token votes against the republican administration followed by an obedience to the republican party line, better suited to a lap dog than to a united states senator from maine

michael thorne in cape elizabeth maine | Friday, April 06 at 12:27 AM

The invasion of a sovereign country, now in the fifth year needs to end NOW. Guilty of not only invading a country, but killing its leader is medieval, barbaric, and far from the philsophies of United States of America founding fathers. Will someone start a vote that will verify the wishes of our citizens? Do the maniacs powering the invasion realize that Americans do not want this inanity to continue? Who are those benefiting? The contractors, the tank makers, the aircraft makers, the helicopter makers? Is this kind of production supposed to jump-start prosperity? Where is the money coming from? The sum of $471 trillion? Two billion a week?  Eight billion a month? Where?

Joan Lemley in Purcellville VA | Friday, April 06 at 01:07 PM

Was a gross misrepresentation of her vote. Her vote was a protest against the fact that the withdrawal timetable was attached to a troop-funding bill. Sen. Collins is one of the most liberal Republicans in the whole of Congress. On top of it all she is one of the most popular Senators with an approval rating of 73%. That’s an outstanding approval rating. I can’t believe the Mainers (more appropriately “Maine-iacs”) on this page are buying into this b.s. because that’s all it is—straight up b.s.!

Trevor Ten Brink in Pensacola, FL | Friday, April 06 at 10:12 PM

Your organization’s views are immoral and abhorrent. It’s amazing how much Kool Aid you serve to your faithful on a given day. The election last year was not a mandate to pull out of Iraq. It was because there were many congress members who deserved to lose there jobs because they did not represent their constituents’ views. Many Mainers like myself are surrounded by liberals who want to kiss the rear ends of rulers and despots in the Middle East. Thank God that GB 43 does not want to do that. You people only want respect from the EU and Russia because you are afraid of them. Appeasement of these people is dangerous to our national interests. Conservative thought and politics are the only hope for our nation, not your hopeless socialistic ideology! May it burn on the ash heap of History!

Christopher J. Angeline in Topsham, ME | Friday, April 06 at 10:28 PM

As an independent voter I view your organization’s shrewd non-election year attack ad against Sen. Susan Collins as proof of your own hypocrisy! You crusade for industrious, scandal-free, responsible public servants who serve their constituents in Congress? She IS one!(Review her records.) Yet, you sling mud her way while misrepresenting WHY she voted the way she did, as you valiantly claim:
“We are not a partisan organization nor are we allied with any political party.” BALONEY! Your organization appears to this independent to be merely another negative, anti-Republican, Bush-bashing group masquerading as noble do-gooders. Otherwise, you’d be attacking a different female senator named Clinton whose corruption is legendary.  Hillary is all about Hillary while Susan is all about Maine! You have the right to bash Bush, but don’t trash Sen.Collins in the process.

EBD in Gray, ME | Sunday, April 08 at 10:40 PM

Pathetic attack ad on Sen. Susan Collins.  Your website doesn’t even have a contact info link active.  It still says coming soon.  If you expect people to take your organization seriously let’s get professional first.

Corey in Wilton, ME | Tuesday, April 10 at 07:36 AM

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gohmjslsoa in gohmjslsoa | Thursday, April 12 at 08:25 PM

the war in Irag was based on lies and deceptions. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or Al-Quaeda. i think even someone in the Defense Dept. said so recently. we can support the troops by getting them out of a failed war. i appreciate the collins ad and i’ll be working to get rid of her and the republicans in ‘08.

Oskar Feichtinger in Orono,Maine | Sunday, April 15 at 03:08 PM

The comments kind of died down didn’t they?  Then some hack puts a bunch of salad in the mix Thanks jtbtqzx and mxbjvdo!!! WOW, that stuff really clarified everything!

Guess that the “tell Susan Collins..” ads weren’t as well received as all of you Al-Quaeda and Bathist lovers thought that it would be. Come on George Sorros PLEASE spend some more money! We need a clear direction - which way IS the cliff?

Oh, well hold on… If your immoral, ultra-liberal, pseudo-pacifist - phony baloney cohorts in the democratic and republican parties have their way we’ll all be wearing burkas and eating tortillas (if we can scrape together enough flour)after the next election.  Please letís not have a strong country! Let’s not have tax reform, let’s not have a clear enforceable - STRONG - immigration policy.

Let’s ALL just join our hands and sing a song about how much we hate George Bush… He’s the big boogie man isn’t he? If we can be distracted just enough that’ll allow the tax and spenders to more easily get their hands into our pockets.  AND while we’re distracted some third-world archaic idiots can move in and help themselves to our liberties… Susan Collins the boogie man? Naw, you “GW” haters got it all wrong. It’s ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!!! All the Rosie O’Donnells in the world will never make any sane individual believe that the beliefs of these people are acceptable.  CARRY ON “GW”!! Thank you Susan Collins! AND ANYONE ELSE HELPING PROTECT OUR TROUPS, OUR WAY OF LIFE AND THE LIVES AND FREEDOMS OF OUR ALLIES… If there are not for us they are against us!  Remember 9/11… 3000 lives lost on our soil because why? Because Wahhabists and those like them don’t like the IMMORALAITY and Freedom of our country… As for the immorality that would be everything that our liberals hold dear.  Thanks Harry Reid, Thanks Hillary, Thanks Obama… I’m sure you’ll be able to talk the Islamists down from Jihad.

As for me and this American’s United blather.. Your sight will have no further comment from me other than that of the closing remarks of Gen. A.C. McAuliffe at to the surrounding Nazi at Bastogne, “nuts”.

A. Briscoe in PI, Maine | Friday, April 20 at 06:18 PM