About Us

Sometimes, a name says it all. Since 2005, Americans United For Change has been working to build broad public and congressional support for policies that move America in a new, better direction.

So far, so good.

Through aggressive earned and paid media outreach, grassroots and online organizing and innovative projects like the Bush Legacy Tour, Americans United for Change has challenged the far right conservative voices and ideas that for too long have been mistaken for mainstream American values. In the process, we helped create a groundswell for a return to the traditional progressive values that have defined America – economic fairness, opportunity, national and economic security and democratic leadership.

Today we are building on that success through national campaigns that utilize grassroots organizing, polling and message development, earned and paid media, online organizing, grasstops outreach and paid and volunteer phones to pass the transformational legislation coming out of the Obama White House. From taking on the “Party of No” to the successful campaign to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and President Obama’s budget, we have moved on to health insurance reform, clean energy and cleaning up the mess on Wall Street.

You name it: If it needs changing, we are on it – on the phones, on the air, on conservatives’ nerves and on Rush Limbaugh’s hit list. Join us. We are stronger together.