Press Releases

06.29.15 AUFC Hails Obama Proposal to Boost Overtime Pay Threshold as Major Stepping Stone to Middle Class

06.29.15 New Ads Press GOP Presidential Hopefuls to Answer Pope’s Moral Call to Address Climate Change

06.26.15 AUFC Lauds SCOTUS ACA Ruling Preserving Health Coverage for Over 8 Million Americans

06.15.15 Announced

06.04.15 New Video: ‘May Day, May Day’

06.03.15 Like Brother, Like Brother: Jeb Bush: Retirement age should be phased in to ’68 or 70’

06.03.15 So What’s Senator Portman’s Plan If the Supreme Court Strikes Down Health Coverage for 460K Ohioans?

06.01.15 NH Climate Change Voters Pursue Scott Walker’s Fundraising Cruise on a Floating Iceberg

05.06.15 Top 10 Ways Sen. Mark Kirk’s Budget Squeezes the Middle Class

04.20.15 New TV Ad Marks Tragic 5th Anniversary of BP Spill

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