Press Releases

11.21.14 AUFC Launches First National Ad in Support of the President’s Executive Immigration Action

11.20.14 AUFC Applauds President Obama for Taking Decisive Executive Action That Will Keep Families Together

11.19.14 New Video: Speaker Boehner’s De-Evolution on Immigration Reform

10.31.14 Big Insurance Front Group Comes to Carlos Curbelo’s Rescue

10.23.14 Records Show Ernst’s ‘Trajectory’ Launching Koch Brother Friends Have Spent Millions to Kill IA Jobs

10.21.14 The Big Republican Medicare Lie Rears Its Ugly Head in Growing Number of Senate, House Races

10.17.14 Oops…Doug Ose Attack Ad Against Congressman Bera Backfires, Exposes Support for Tea Party Shutdown

09.30.14 VIDEO: Seniors Call Out House Republicans for Voting to Gut Essential Benefits

09.18.14 Leader Pelosi, Sen. Warren, Members of Congress Tell GOP “Hands Off Social Security and Medicare”

08.28.14 Did You Know the Iowa Republican Party Is Just as Misguided as Joni Ernst on the RFS?

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