Press Releases

08.20.15 TV Ad Campaign in Support of Iran Nuclear Deal Challenges Credibility of Iran War Hawks

08.18.15 All You Need to Know About Romney’s…err, Scott Walker’s Obamacare ‘Replacement’ Plan

08.14.15 Republican State AGs Do Big Polluters’ Dirty Work, Sue EPA Over Clean Power Plan

08.14.15 MEMO: 80 Successful Years Later, Social Security Still Republicans’ Moby Dick

08.06.15 AUFC Releases New PPP Polls Showing Strong Support in Battleground States for EPA’s Clean Power Plan

07.27.15 Happy 50th Birthday Medicare and Medicaid!

07.23.15 Jeb W. Bush Caught on Tape: “We need to … to phase out” Medicare

07.21.15 Dodd-Frank Working to Save Consumers Billions of Dollars and Prevent Another Financial Crisis

07.09.15 Press Call Participants Blast Jeb Bush’s Out-of-Touch Policy that “People Need to Work Longer Hours”

06.29.15 AUFC Hails Obama Proposal to Boost Overtime Pay Threshold as Major Stepping Stone to Middle Class

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