Press Releases

05.06.15 Top 10 Ways Sen. Mark Kirk’s Budget Squeezes the Middle Class

04.20.15 New TV Ad Marks Tragic 5th Anniversary of BP Spill

04.16.15 US Rep Benishek Just Voted to Give a Giant Tax Break to Paris Hilton and Fellow Trust Fund Babies

04.15.15 100 Days In and Little to Tout for GOP Congress

04.01.15 AUFC Issues Glacier-Sized Apology to Climate Science Denying Republicans

03.27.15 AUFC Thanks Senator Harry Reid for His Decades of Leadership on Behalf of Working Americans

03.26.15 Congressman David Valadao Breaks Campaign Promise to Protect Seniors

03.24.15 Big Food & Grease Industry Drives-Through Congress Again to Regurgitate Lies about the RFS

03.19.15 A Tale of Two Republican Budgets – Both With Sad Endings for the Middle Class, Most Vulnerable

03.03.15 Boehner Still Reeling From “Humiliating,” “Worst Defeat Ever”

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