Press Releases

04.19.16 AUFC Reacts to Senator McCain Skipping the GOP Convention

03.16.16 Note to Republicans:  The President has Done his Job, It’s Time You Do Yours

03.14.16 Grassley Called On to Condemn Deplorable Attacks on Jane Kelly, Potential Supreme Court Nominee

01.13.16 In One Chart: Leading GOP Presidential Candidates On Selling Guns To Suspected Terrorists

01.13.16 AUFC Reacts to Official Republican Response to the State of the Union

12.22.15 Marco Rubio Hates These Primaries

12.14.15 New Video: Republicans Continue To Prove They’re Still Not Scientists

12.04.15 AUFC Reacts to Oil Industry Whining Over EPA’s Final RFS Rule

12.03.15 AUFC Prebuttal to ‘Serious’ Speaker Paul Ryan’s First Major Address

11.20.15 Congressman Bob Dold’s Payback to Big Oil at Illinois’ Expense

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