Press Releases

02.26.15 Fast Food Industry Serves Congress More Supersized Lies About Renewable Fuels

02.13.15 VIDEO: Chorus of Criticism Against GOP’s DHS Shutdown Strategy Grows Louder, More Bipartisan

02.05.15 Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s Latest Payback to Big Oil at Virginia’s Expense

02.05.15 Mark Kirk Votes to Put Politics Above Public Safety,Threaten Pay of 150K National Security Workers

01.29.15 Rubio, Diaz-Balart Deserve Award For ‘Most Out Of Touch With Their Constituents’

01.20.15 Pat Toomey’s Payback to Big Oil at PA’s Expense

01.20.15 AUFC Reacts to the GOP Response to SOTU

01.09.15 December Jobs Report Shows Leadership of President Obama, Democrats is Working—While GOP Obstructs

01.06.15 New GOP Congress Comes Out Swinging at Economic Recovery They Had No Part Of

12.04.14 Republicans Remind Voters Why They’re the Party of Mass Deportation

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