Press Releases

11.20.15 Congressman Bob Dold’s Payback to Big Oil at Illinois’ Expense

10.29.15 AUFC Statement on ‘Serious’ Paul Ryan’s Ascension to House Speaker

10.14.15 AUFC statement on Jeb Bush’s “Stuff Happens Plan” for weakening America’s health security

10.09.15 New Video Sums Up the Republican Field’s Answer to America’s Gun Violence Epidemic: “Stuff Happens”

09.21.15 AUFC Statement on WI Gov. Scott Walker’s Whimpering Exit from the Presidential Stage

09.21.15 Will Congressman Bruce Poliquin Help Avoid - or Root On - Another Costly Government Shutdown?

09.21.15 New TV Ad Throws Cold Water on Jeb Bush’s Claim His Brother George “Kept Us Safe”

09.14.15 Walker’s Wisconsin Is Case Study for How to Explode Income Inequality

09.04.15 AUFC Celebrates Labor Day and the Movement That Built the Middle Class

09.02.15 Rubio Rolls Out Koch-Approved Energy Plan

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