Press Releases

09.09.16 NEW VIDEO: ‘Zika Crisis Bad Enough Without Republicans Adding To It’

08.25.16 Payola Alert: API-Funded ‘Study’ Claims Biofuels “Worse” Than Fossil Fuels on C02 Emissions

08.19.16 As API Graduates to Plagiarism, a Look Back at the Oil Lobby Group’s Dirtiest Lies

08.17.16 Sorry to Disturb Your Long Vacation, Congressmen Jolly and Curbelo—It’s Zika Calling Again

08.11.16 Penny for Joe Heck’s and Cresent Hardy’s Thoughts on Trump’s Tax Plan Written by and for Outsourcers

08.05.16 Remind Us Again, Senator McCain, Why You’re Holding Up a Supreme Court Seat for Donald Trump?

08.03.16 ‘Accountable Congress Project’ to Make Republicans Answer for Trump’s Dangerous, Divisive Vision

07.14.16 Over 40 Orgs Demand GOP Congress Repeal Wasteful Oil Subsidies as Big Oil Fuels More Climate Denial

07.12.16 Ahead of Speaker Ryan’s CNN Town Hall, Let’s Play the Trump-Ryan Policy Match Game

07.07.16 Does Trump-Supporter David Jolly Embrace Some, Most, or All Trump’s Dangerous and Divisive Policies?

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