Press Releases

07.06.16 Non-Oil Industry Members of ACCF Encouraged to Break Ties Over Climate Denial Activity

06.22.16 Speaker Paul Ryan Must Offer More Than a “Moment of Silence”

06.10.16 Report “ACCF: Big Oil’s Useful Tool” Released Ahead of Front Group’s Testimony at EPA Hearing on RFS

06.08.16 AUFC Reacts to EPA’s Draft 2017 RFS Rule

05.18.16 AUFC Statement on Donald Trump’s Potential SCOTUS Nominees

05.03.16 AUFC Statement on Senate GOP Handing SCOTUS Appointment to…Donald Trump

04.19.16 AUFC Reacts to Senator McCain Skipping the GOP Convention

03.16.16 Note to Republicans:  The President has Done his Job, It’s Time You Do Yours

03.14.16 Grassley Called On to Condemn Deplorable Attacks on Jane Kelly, Potential Supreme Court Nominee

01.13.16 In One Chart: Leading GOP Presidential Candidates On Selling Guns To Suspected Terrorists

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