Roll Call: Anti-Privatization Ads Target GOP Incumbents

Roll Call: Anti-Privatization Ads Target GOP Incumbents

August 1, 2006

Americans United to Protect Social Security, the group that fighting President Bush's proposal to privatize elements of Social Security, is launching a new round of TV ads later this week, aimed - unofficially - at a handful of potentially vulnerable Congressional Republicans.

The 15-second spots, produced by the Democratic media firm GMMB, air back-to-back. In one, an elderly couple cuts a hot dog in half. In the other, an old woman cuts a pill in half. In each, a narrator intones, "If George Bush and his backers in Congress privatize Social Security and cut benefits almost in half, what will you cut in half?"

The ads will be shown through Aug. 14 - the 71st anniversary of Social Security - and do not mention any candidates' names. But they will be airing in Montana, where Sen. Conrad Burns (R) is in a tough fight for re-election; in Harrisburg, Pa., where Sen. Rick Santorum (R) is trailing in the polls; in Jefferson City, Mo. (Republican Sen. Jim Talent is the target); West Palm Beach, Fla., home of Rep. Clay Shaw (R); and Columbus, Ohio, where Rep. Deborah Pryce (R) is a top Democratic target.

"The public needs to know that Bush and his allies plan to return to [privatization] in 2007," said Brad Woodhouse, spokesman for Americans United.
- J.K.