Taxes a winning issue for Dems in down ticket races?

Washington Post - August 6, 2012

Willfully misleading attacks from Mitt Romney and his campaign aren’t new: “You didn’t build that” and “Obama’s apology tour” and so on have been a staple for the Romney camp. But the latest from the Romney camp just may be their lowest attack yet:
Despite a spate of headlines out of Ohio that push back on the notion that President Obama’s campaign is trying to strip military members of voting rights in the upcoming election, Mitt Romney’s campaign is drilling down on the claim.
In a memo out earlier from counsel Katie Biber, Romney’s camp insisted that the suit the Obama camp filed — to restore early in-person voting rights to every Ohio citizen — is targeting military members.
The suit doesn’t actually say this, and papers the campaign has filed called it “appropriate” to give three extra days to military members (more on that here). The suit argues against creating two classes of voters, using the legal term “arbitrary,” which Romney’s camp is seizing on to make its point — along with the argument that it’s “unconstitutional.”
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Taxes a winning issue for Dems in down ticket races? The labor-backed Americans United for Change and AFSCME are going up with ads targeting Nevada GOP Senator Dean Heller and four vulnerable GOP members of Congress, hitting them over their refual to support continuing tax cuts on income up to $250,000 unless the top two percent see a continued tax cut, too. The version hitting Heller is here; an example of one hitting a Congressman is here.

The question, again, is whether Dems can use single issue votes — such as those on the Ryan Medicare plan and the Bush tax cuts — to break through with a message about GOP priorities on taxes and entitlements in an atmosphere dominated by jobs and the economy. 

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