Tell Congressional Republicans:
Opt-Out of Taxpayer-Funded Health Care

Republicans should put their health care where their mouths and give it up before they try to take it away from the rest of us.

The new health care law will give all Americans access to the kind of coverage now enjoyed by Members of Congress. So it’s hard to fathom how they can in good conscience try to take that coverage away from millions of Americans and still keep it for themselves.

Yet that is exactly what the Republicans in Congress are doing. Even before taking over the House, they are gearing up for a congressional battle to repeal health reform and return to the days when Members of Congress got help from the government in buying their health coverage and the people who elected them got... nothing.


Sign here. Tell the Republicans they have no more right to health care than we do. Tell them to drop the coverage they get through the government or stop this cynical, politically motivated attempt to take it away from the American people.

Drop it or Stop it. That’s the choice – the only choice – for honest politicians.