Stop The CPFB Filibuster!

Republicans Are Filibustering Cordray!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was set up to protect the interests of consumers against the abusive practices of the big banks and credit card companies that destroyed our economy. Congressional Republicans have opposed it every step of the way. They blocked Elizabeth Warren, who served as interim head of the agency, and now they are filibustering former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.

Even Republicans have admitted Richard Cordray is extremely qualified. As Attorney General he fought tirelessly for the rights of consumers and to protect the public against unfair practices. He is an excellent choice to head the new agency.


Tell Republicans To End The Cordray Filibuster!

Congressional Republicans need to end the filibuster of Richard Cordray. The Senate will soon vote on his confirmation. They need to know that we want him confirmed to have functioning Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

Use the form below to email your Senators and tell them to support the Richard Cordray nomination!