+243k Jobs Added in January: The Right Direction v. The Romney Direction

February 03, 2012

The Right Direction v. The Romney Direction 

The Right Direction: 243,000 Jobs Added in January. 23 straight months of Private Sector Job Growth, Totaling 3.7 million Jobs Added Over that Period. In the last 12 months, 2.2 Million Net Private Sector Jobs Were Added. [READ MORE HERE]

The Romney Direction : Supercharge the Failed Bush Policies That Left the Economy Hemorrhaging 700,000 Jobs a Month and Embrace the Radical House Republican Proposals That Would Slash Millions More

SEE: Progress Report: ‘Romney Tax Plan: Cut Mitt Romney’s Taxes Nearly In Half’

SEE: Think Progress, Sept. 7: ‘Romney’s Economic Plan Includes $6.6 Trillion Tax Cut For The Rich And Corporations

SEE: Think Progress, Jan. 6: ‘Romney’s Tax Plan Would Increase Taxes On Half Of Middle Class Families With Children

Why does Mitt Romney think doing the same things that drove the economy into the ditch -- only worse -- will yield a different result?