5 Facts Clearing the Air of Romney’s Medicare Falsehoods Once and For All

Subject: 5 Facts Clearing the Air of Romney’s Medicare Falsehoods Once and For All
Date: August 15, 2012
To:  Editorial Boards, Parties Interested in Protecting Medicare for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Seniors
From: Americans United for Change, formally Americans United to Protect Social Security

Mitt Romney has been in damage control mode since doing the Tea Party’s bidding and picking Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate.  So distressed are members of his own party about the political fallout in their home states of having the poster boy for ending Medicare on the presidential ticket that Speaker John Boehner was compelled to hold a call with the Republican caucus last night to “calm” them down.

Desperation is in the air, and what do desperate people do?  They say or do anything to try to get themselves out of the corner.  That’s why Romney, Ryan and their Republican surrogates have mounted a full scale misinformation offensive attempting to mislead voters that they are the ones trying to “save” Medicare and that Obamacare is what is really ailing the program. 

Before examining 5 key facts that every voter interested in protecting Medicare for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors need to know and that make clear Romney-Ryan are not being honest with the American people about their proposals that severely undermines Medicare in order to pay for a massive new tax break for millionaires and big corporations -- it comes down to who do you trust more.

Do you trust the AARP that concluded that Obamacare “strengthens Medicare by protecting and improving your guaranteed benefits and cracking down on waste, fraud and inefficiency. It also identifies savings that will keep Medicare financially stable for 12 years longer than if the law hadn't been passed.”  The nation’s largest seniors’ advocacy group also concluded of the most recent Ryan budget plan that Romney has fully adopted as his own : By creating a ‘premium support’ system for future Medicare beneficiaries, the proposal is likely to simply increase costs for beneficiaries while removing Medicare's promise of secure health coverage.”

Or do you trust the word of Republicans in Washington that opposed Medicare from its inception; the party that tried to make big banks richer by privatizing Social Security and tying up seniors’ otherwise guaranteed benefits in the volatile stock market; the party that voted for Ryan’s extreme budget that independent referees like the Wall Street Journal and the CBO concluded would “essentially end Medicare” and hike seniors out-of-pocket costs by more than $6,000; and the party that is insisting on adopting a “cut, cap, and balance” constitutional amendment that would guarantee severe cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

FACT: No Medicare Benefits Were or Will Be Cut Under Obamacare…Period.

FACT: Under Obamacare, Medicare’s Life Was Extended by 8 Years

FACT: Medicare Beneficiaries Are Enjoying More Benefits Than Ever Under Obamacare By Gradually Closing the Part D Rx Drug Coverage Gap for Good and Offering New Free Preventive Services

FACT: Romney Endorsed Both Ryan-Authored Republican Budgets That Would “Essentially End Medicare,” Replace It With a Private Insurance Voucher System That Does Not Keep Up With Healthcare Costs and Ultimately Would Force Seniors to Pay $6,400 More Out-Of-Pocket for Their Care

Ryan FY12 Budget Passed by House Republicans on April 15, 2011 Would “Essentially End Medicare”

Ryan FY13 Budget That House Republicans Passed on March 29, 2012 Would “lead to the gradual demise of traditional Medicare”

Both Ryan’s End-Medicare Plans = Romney’s End-Medicare Plans

FACT: Romney vows to restore and perpetuate $700 billion worth of wasteful spending in Medicare that Obamacare is working to rein in without cutting benefits. Obamacare: 1) curtails waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare, 2) reforms provider payments to promote greater efficiency without cutting benefits, 3) ends billions of dollars needless subsidies that were given to private insurance companies to poorly reinvent the Medicare wheel under the so-called Medicare Advantage program, which is more expensive, and less efficient than traditional Medicare and winds up raising premiums on all Medicare beneficiaries.


It’s Understandable Why Romney is Desperate to Mislead Voters About His Plan to Hike Seniors’ Health Care Costs while Giving Millionaires Another Tax Break: Medicare Is Popular and Ryan-Romney’s Plans to End It Are Radioactive:

It Comes Down to Trust.  And given Mitt Romney’s troubling history with Medicare, can he really be trusted to protect it for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors?