‘Accountable Congress Projectí to Make Republicans Answer for Trumpís Dangerous, Divisive Vision

AUFC’s ‘Accountable Congress Project’ Renewed This Recess to Make Republicans Answer for Trump’s Dangerous, Divisive Vision

Over 50 National Groups Working Together to Birddog the Party of Trump and Videotape Their Sad Excuses for Trump’s Hateful Polices for All Voters to See

Washington DC (August 3, 2016) –  Putting the Party of Trump on the defensive no matter where they pop up during August Congressional recess is the mission of Americans United for Change’s renewed ‘Accountable Congress Project’. For the long list of Republicans who were too afraid or ashamed to share the same stage as Donald Trump at the GOP Convention despite endorsing him, questions about their decision to put party above country will nonetheless dog them all summer long. It will be even harder to escape accountability for those who took the stage to pledge allegiance to Trump despite his dangerous and divisive rhetoric against women, Muslims (even the parents of a fallen American Muslim soldier) and immigrants, which has made him a hero of the white nationalist movement

For a fifth year running, AUFC will run a daily call over recess with over 50 national progressive groups and labor unions to compare intel on when and where Republican Members will hold town halls, public events and fundraisers. Event details are shared with the larger progressive community on  In addition, the website features talking points and sample questions for activists to confront targets with on a wide range of issues that Republicans have failed the American people, including blocking all efforts to address climate change, comprehensive immigration reform, equal pay for equal work for women, the unlivable minimum wage, or the vacant Supreme Court seat.

Groups will coordinate resources and organize an appropriate response to targets’ public appearances, including: 1) holding counter press events; 2) distributing AUFC’s signature yellow-and-black signs with focused political messaging for activists to wave outside events; 3) packing GOP event audiences with volunteers ready to ask Members tough questions about their policies anathema to the middle class while others film it; 4) birddogging Members as they flee from fundraisers with special interests. 

A notable example of what Republicans can forward to is Paul Ryan’s book tour in 2014.  The Accountable Congress Project helped organize a robust presence at every stop, where the future Speaker was pummeled with questions from seniors about his scheme to replace Medicare with voucher care, and from immigration activists demanding to know why he voted to deport Dreamers.

This summer, extra attention will be applied to the following targets:


"But this effort is not focused exclusively on vulnerable Republicans,” said Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change. “We’ll endeavor to have a presence at any GOP member event. These members are accountable to their constituents no matter the venue, whether they’re appearing at a town hall or giving a speech at the local Chamber of Commerce or a fundraiser with the Koch brothers.  And if they go into hiding, we’ll go the extra mile to expose them.  They’re going to answer for refusing to do the work of the American people. Republicans skipped town for a nearly two-month Summer recess in the middle of a relaxed 111 Day work schedule without doing a thing to address the Zika Virus, the Flint water crisis, or the worsening gun violence epidemic. They’re going to answer for falling in line behind a presidential nominee who’s many things.  An unapologetic hatemonger against Mexicans and Muslims.  A sexist pig.  A deadbeat employer.  A serial liar who even breaks promises to charitable organizations.  A defendant in a massive fraud case. A climate conspiracist.  A profiteer off other’s misfortune.  A failure at making money in the casino business as hard as that sounds. A hypocritical outsourcer whose products are made in China, India and Mexico rather than in the U.S.  A fan of Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin. A creep who says he’d date his own daughter.  And a man so small, so dishonorable and so devoid of class that he would ridicule Gold Star parents of a fallen U.S. soldier. But what Trump will never be is President. These Republicans won’t be allowed to get away with claims they don’t agree with Trump’s dangerous vision for American after endorsing him to lead the free world and have his finger on the nuclear button. That ship has sailed.  It’s a package deal – supporting Trump means also supporting his extreme schemes for America.”