AUFC Elated Nancy Pelosi to Continue on as Democratic Leader, Lead United Front Against Trump Agenda



Washington DC (November 30, 2016) -- Statement from Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “We’re beyond pleased Nancy Pelosi has again been chosen by her colleagues to continue on as Democratic Leader. That she won so convincingly is a positive sign for the majority of Americans (2.7 million vote lead and counting) who didn’t vote for Trump that Democrats will be unified in standing up to the dangerous GOP agenda that seeks to destroy the health security of millions of Americans.  Just as Pelosi was at the helm when Democrats defeated President Bush’s scheme to privatize Social Security and cut benefits, there is no stronger voice to say NO to Speaker Ryan when he tries to strip away our consumer health protections, privatize Medicare and slash and burn Medicaid.  It says it all about Pelosi’s effectiveness at advancing progressive priorities that one of Trump’s top advisors trash talked her ahead of today’s election.  It’s obvious the Trump administration doesn’t want to have to deal with the woman who presided over 22 million Americans gaining health coverage, a responsible end to the war in Iraq, a lift in the minimum wage, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, and a recovery plan that pulled an economy in freefall onto a path to creating 15.5 million jobs.”