AUFC Launches First National Ad in Support of the President’s Executive Immigration Action

New TV Ad Featuring President Reagan Lauds President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration That Will Keep Families Together, Begin to Fix Broken Immigration System


‘When Congress Refuses to Act, Presidents Must Lead’


Watch ‘Leadership’ :  


Washington DC (November 21, 2014) -- Americans United for Change is announcing a new TV ad called ‘Leadership’ in support of President Obama’s Executive Action that begins to fix the broken immigration system and keeps families together. The ad features former President Ronald Reagan who in 1986 exercised Executive Action to defer deportation of hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers.  As House Republicans have refused to take any action on immigration reform of their own or to vote on comprehensive bipartisan legislation passed in the Senate over 500 days ago, the ad concludes ‘When Congress refuses to act, Presidents must lead.’ ‘Leadership’ will begin airing on national cable news stations and the DC region as early as this weekend.

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change:
“It’s unacceptable that millions of people who call this country their home have been living in constant fear of being separated from their families. Millions of undocumented workers have lived in the shadows when they could be contributing to the U.S. tax system and even more to the economy. It’s a problem that cannot be put off any longer. And the President deserves praise for bringing stability to these hardworking families’ lives and taking a major first step towards fixing the broken immigration system. Incredibly, House Republicans are still shouting from the hilltops that the President is ‘poisoning the well’ by doing what they have been totally unwilling to do: act on immigration reform.  Speaker Boehner knows the executive order would go away tomorrow if he simply held a vote on the comprehensive immigration reform that passed with strong bipartisan support in the Senate over 500 days ago.  Even Republicans admit it would pass the House.  So who is really ‘poisoning the well’?  Is it a President acting in the public interest in the face of Congressional dysfunction, or a Republican House that’s been more interested in appeasing the anti-immigrant elements of their caucus?  House Republicans have sat on their hands for 500 plus days, many have threatened to shut down the government again and blow another $26 billion hole in the economy, and some have even threatened to impeach the President if he acted within his legal executive authority on immigration -- something every President before him has done since Eisenhower.  Surely these same Republicans believe President Reagan was wrong and didn’t have the authority to defer the deportation of hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers when he did.  That’s the sound of crickets.  The well was already brimming with Tea Party poison long before the President acted.”

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