Rubio Rolls Out Koch-Approved Energy Plan

And what more appropriate venue for Marco Rubio to outline his oil-friendly, anti-climate energy plan today than at the Oklahoma Petroleum Institute.


The Good: At least Senator ‘Not a Scientist’ Rubio’s prepared remarks don’t include another 100% certain declaration that 97% of scientists who conclude climate change is real and man-made are making it all up. Ironically, Rubio proclaims today “America’s energy future must be entrusted to our businesses and scientists”. Well, just the “cherry-picking” 3% who agree with him, that is. 


The Bad: Rubio makes no mention of climate change at all and offers absolutely no ideas for building a clean energy economy or supporting renewable fuels. That’s not an energy plan, that’s an early Christmas present to Big Oil, and a big lump of coal in the stocking of any voter concerned about carbon pollution.


The Expected: Rubio trashes the President’s Clean Power Plan under the false pretense that it will hurt the economy, when independent analysts conclude it will actually create a quarter million jobs. 

The hot air continues as Rubio insists the EPA’s new public health standards are “one of the most expensive and costly regulations ever created.”  Not true, and a claim that rings especially hollow coming from someone who’s voted to preserve $4 billion in wasteful annual taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil, an industry that’s, by the way, generously given his campaigns over $400,000


The Ugly: One of Rubio’s top priorities will be to let states decide whether or not to regulate fracking instead of the federal government. All irony was lost on Rubio as he suggested states like Oklahoma be more unrestrained when it comes to fracking on the same day two more fracking-related earthquakes shook the state.


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