VIDEO: Seniors Call Out House Republicans for Voting to Gut Essential Benefits


As Midterms Approach, We Earned It – a National Campaign to Mobilize Seniors – Launches with Call to Protect Medicare, Social Security


Watch here:

WASHINGTON, DC – The We Earned It Campaign launched a video today and announced its national efforts to mobilize voters over 50 in key states to stand up for Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The video features seniors attempting to chase down and talk with Republican members of Congress in Washington, D.C. about the need to protect and strengthen – not cut and gut – Social Security and Medicare, programs on which some 38 million retirees rely for health care and income security.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure seniors know what’s at stake in the midterm election," explains Jeremy Funk of Americans United for Change. “We're bringing seniors face-to-face with Tea Party-beholden politicians who claim to be pro-Social Security and Medicare but would privatize and voucherize them the first chance they got. In the weeks leading up to November 4, we'll bring together tens of thousands of seniors in key states to demand that Congress protect the benefits that America’s seniors earned over a lifetime of work.”

In addition to outreach online, through social media and by phone, the campaign is mobilizing seniors with a robust field operation that is knocking on thousands of doors in Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

House Republicans who are now making sweeping promises to seniors about protecting their benefits, have voted year after year for the Ryan Budget, which has included in its various iterations of plans to privatize Social Security, raise the retirement age to 70, reduce cost-of-living adjustments, eliminate Medicare’s guarantee of care and otherwise gut these health and pension benefits.

Members of Congress featured in the video include: