Fast Food Chains Call Renewable Fuels a “Crime Against Humanity”?

April 11, 2014

Jeremy Funk, 202-470-5878

Anti-Renewable Fuels Campaign Funded by the Unhealthiest Fast Food Chains Imaginable Calls Ethanol … a “Crime Against Humanity”?

Americans United for Change reacts: “Now That’s Rich. From Denny’s to Domino’s, The Corporations Behind This Smear Campaign Are Like the ‘Legion of Doom’ When It Comes to Heart Disease, Child Obesity and Diabetes”

Washington DC – Pro-home grown jobs, pro-clean energy, pro-American consumers group Americans United for Change that has been waging a campaign to Save the Renewable Fuel Standard threw down the B.S. Flag today in reaction to outrageous and fact-free rhetoric splashed on the home page of Smarter Fuel Future, an anti-RFS campaign funded by Big Food front group National Council of Chain Restaurants.  The first thing visitors of the smear website see is a provocative yet deceitful assertion that the RFS is a “crime against humanity”, a term generally reserved for genocide and the use of chemical or biological weapons.

[Screen capture from home page]

Jeremy Funk, Communications Director, Americans United for Change: “Big Food has been conducting a slime and smear campaign against the Renewable Fuel Standard for some time now.  Yes, Big Grease has teamed up with Big Oil.  You see, Big Food, just like Big Oil, desperately needs a scape goat to blame the rising costs of food on so they don’t have to pass their massive profits onto consumers by simply lowering prices themselves.  It’s all about their bottom line, the facts and their own personal responsibility be damned.  The fact is the World Bank and a number of leading ag academics and economists have studied renewable fuels’ impact on food prices at the grocery store extensively and concluded there simply isn’t one.  But while Big Food’s line of attack is not new, their rhetoric has crossed the line big time.  You first read this charge from Big Food and wonder ‘Are they serious,’ but apparently they are as serious as a bacon and extra cheese fueled heart attack.  If there was ever a time to consider the source, just look who’s behind this unhinged attack.   Wendy's, Domino's Pizza, IHOP, White Castle, McDonald’s, and of course, Denny’s, the home of the Peanut Butter Cup Pancake Breakfast : It’s like the Legion of Doom when it comes to heart disease, child obesity and diabetes in America and around the world. Does Big Grease really want to have this debate?”

Inconvenient Facts for Big Food to Swallow: