Good News: Over ‘Do Nothing’ Senator Richard Burr’s Objections

July 20th, 2010

Good News: Over ‘Do Nothing’ Senator Richard Burr’s Objections, Unemployment Benefits On the Way to Thousands of Struggling North Carolina Families


Washington DC– The more than 20,000 North Carolinians that found themselves cut off from unemployment benefits in the last six weeks finally got some good news today as the U.S. Senate overcame Republican objections to the extension of the economy-stimulating federal insurance program.   


Despite the above average double-digit unemployment rate of 10 percent in North Carolina, ‘Do nothing’ Senator Burr once again turned a blind eye and voted against even allowing an up-or-down voteon extending jobless benefits.  And despite the fact that nationwide there are five applicants for every job opening, Senator Burr callously blamed those hit hardest by the recession, calling unemployment benefits “discouragement to individuals that are out there to actually go out and go through the interviews.”


Tom McMahon, Executive Director, Americans United for Change:“Who does Senator Burr think he represents anyways?  Burr found plenty of money to bailout the Wall Street banks, but he refuses to support even a basic extension of unemployment relief for the tens of thousands of North Carolinians hit hardest by the Bush recession.  Anytime a job opens up in North Carolina there’s a stack of applications a foot high, yet Senator Burr actually blames the folks standing in the unemployment line day in and day out for not trying hard enough.  Talk about out-of-touch with reality.  Perhaps Senator Burr should consider spending a lot less time in Florida playing golf with corporate lobbyists.”