Congressman David Valadao Breaks Campaign Promise to Protect Seniors

 *Note – similar releases were issued to local press calling out: U.S. Reps. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26); Ryan Costello (PA-06); Mike Coffman (CO-6); Bruce Poliquin (ME-02); Frank Guinta (NH-01); Will Hurd (TX-23); Rod Blum (IA-01); David Young (IA-03); Rodney Davis (IL-13); Bob Dold (IL-10); Mike Bost (IL-12); Dan Benishek (MI-01); Cresent Hardy (NV-04); Lee Zeldin (NY-01).

Congressman David Valadao Breaks Campaign Promise to Protect Seniors

Valadao Embraces ‘Robin Hood in Reverse’ Republican Budget Plan That Voucherizes Medicare and Skyrockets Seniors’ Out-of-Pocket Costs, Raises Taxes on Average Working Families, Guts Nursing Home Care, Leaves Millions Uninsured, Makes College Less Affordable -- All to Pay for Huge Tax Breaks for Millionaires and Outsourcers

Washington DC (March 25, 2015) – Tonight Congressman David Valadao (CA-21) helped fellow House Republicans pass an extreme FY2016 federal budget plan that would grind the economic recovery to a halt. During the last election season, Republicans like Valadao asked voters to trust them when it comes to protecting seniors’ earned benefits. Instead, Republicans delivered a budget that replaces the guarantee of Medicare with private insurance vouchers that don’t keep pace with health costs; a budget that takes a massive $900 billion bite out of Medicaid that could force many seniors and disabled Americans out of nursing homes; and a budget that would immediately hike seniors’ prescription drug costs by reopening the Part D donut hole – all to pay for a new $50,000 tax break for millionaires.  Republicans claim their plan ‘balances the budget’, but they neglect to mention it’s done entirely on the backs of seniors, the hungry, students, and working families and without asking corporations that ship jobs and profits overseas to contribute their fair share.

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “The GOP budget endorsed by Congressman David Valadao is a Blueprint of Broken Promises to seniors and a Roadmap to Ruin for millions of Americans who would lose their health coverage.  It’s a great deal for big health insurance companies, outsourcers and billionaires like the Koch brothers, but it’s a raw deal for everyone else. Republicans say their budget plan is “serious” and makes “tough choices” to balance the budget. The fact that they don’t close a single special interest tax loophole says otherwise. The fact they stuffed their budget with even more irresponsible tax giveaways to millionaires and outsourcers while hiking the average working family’s taxes by $2,000 shows that they aren’t serious at all. Never mind that they use Enron-style accounting gimmicks to cover up the fact they don’t come close to actually balancing the balance. 

“What is very ‘serious’, however, is the consequences of the GOP plan for seniors, the middle class and most vulnerable Americans. Congressman Valadao wants to immediately take away new prescription drug benefits under the health law that have already saved seniors billions of dollars. Without offering any replacement for the Affordable Care Act, Valadao would leave 16.4 million Americans uninsured and make legal again the worst wealth insurance industry practices dropping people when they get sick, deny care to kids born with “pre-existing” conditions, or charging women double the premiums men pay. At the same time Republicans offer Big Oil companies uninterrupted taxpayer subsidies, they want to Voucherize Medicare, gut Medicaid, freeze Pell Grants and slash food assistance for single parent families. Their priorities couldn’t be more mixed up.”

“When has robbing from the poor and middle class families to give to the rich ever been a recipe for a strong economy?  Ask President George W. Bush how well it worked out for him.  While President Obama’s policies have led to 60 straight months of private sector job growth, David Valadao wants to slam on the brakes and go back to the failed trickle-down policies that caused the Great Recession.”

BACKGROUND: GOP Budget Would Derail the Economic Recovery:

Tax Breaks for the Wealthy, Tax Hikes for Average Families

Makes College Less Affordable

Devastating Cuts to Medicaid, Kick Vulnerable Seniors and Disabled Americans Out of Nursing Homes

Leaves 16.4 Million Americans Uninsured

Leaves Current Seniors Paying More for Rx Drugs, Future Seniors Vulnerable to Reduced Medicaid Care and Higher Medicare Costs