New TV Ad in Reno Asks: After Dean Heller Voted to End Medicare Twice, Would Those That Hope to Repl

July 14, 2011

New TV Ad in Reno Asks: After Dean Heller Voted to End Medicare Twice, Would Those That Hope to Replace Him in the U.S. House Do the Same? Nevada Seniors Deserve to Know


Medicare Resurfaces as Major Issue in Another Special US House Election

 Click here to watch 'Hands Off My Medicare''

Click Here to Watch “Hands Off My Medicare”


Washington DC – After Senator Dean Heller voted in the U.S. House on April 15 and again in the Senate on May 25 in support of the radical Republican budget plan authored by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) that would “essentially end Medicare” and “more than double” Nevada seniors’ out-of-pocket costs, a new TV ad from Americans United for Change asks:  Would those that hope to replace Heller in the US House vote to do the same?  Click here to view “Hands Off My Medicare” (script below) which will air on local broadcast television in Reno starting Friday through next week:

The Ryan-Heller plan would replace Medicare with ever-shrinking private insurance vouchers and force millions of seniors in nursing homes, children and people with disabilities off Medicaid while at the same time giving trillions of dollars in new tax breaks to millionaires, big oil companies, Corporate jet owners, and companies that ship jobs overseas – a plan that is wildly out of step with the American people and would cost 1.7 million Americans their jobs in just the first two years.   Alarmingly, Mark Amodei recently told the Las Vegas Sun that the Ryan-Heller plan to privatize Medicare is a “great start.”

Tom McMahon, Executive Director, Americans United for Change: Senator Heller voted not once, but twice to dramatically shortchange Nevada seniors on their care by dismantling Medicare and decimating Medicaid.  Twice Heller voted in favor of making Nevada seniors pay thousands more out of pocket and leaving many on their own for long-term nursing home care -- all to pay for more subsidies for big oil and more tax breaks for jet-owning, job-outsourcing CEOs on Wall Street.  Nevada seniors deserve to know if those seeking to replace Heller in Congress would vote the same way -- and why Mark Amodei thinks this plan to turn Medicare into Coupon Care is a “great start”.”

See also DPCC Report: “REPUBLICAN BUDGET WILL END MEDICARE, FORCE NEVADA SENIORS TO PAY $5,862 MORE FOR HEALTH CARE AND COST NEVADA AT LEAST 9,600 PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS; From Day One, Republicans’ Reckless Plan Will Also Force Millions of Seniors to Pay More for Prescription Drugs”