NEW VIDEO - GOP won’t raise taxes on anyone, except 160 million middle-class Americans

November 30, 2011


Congressional Republicans: We won’t raise taxes on anyone.” Well, just don’t count these 160 million middle-class workers over here


GOP Oppose Job-Saving Bill to Extend Payroll Tax Holiday and Put $1,500 in the Pockets of Everyday Americans Because It Asks Millionaires to Pay Their Fair Share
GOP Now Offering Completely Unserious ‘Counter-Proposal’ to Pay for Bill By Cutting Medicare Benefits and Firing Tens of Thousands of Federal Workers – A Proposal Even Less Serious Than Mitt Romney’s Claim to Be a Model of “steadiness and constancy” 

Washington DC – As the Senate prepares to vote this week on critical legislation to extend the Payroll Tax Holiday that would benefit 160 million American workers and puts $1,500 in the pocket of the average family and that economists say would add up to a million jobs to the economy, Americans United for Change released a new web video blasting Congressional Republican threats to kill the measure because they would rather see taxes raised on middle-class Americans before they see millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. 


The GOP’s refusal to extend the payroll tax cut holiday for the middle-class would not only fly in the face of their oft repeated talking point that they don’t believe in “raising taxes on anyone” but would also have devastating consequences for the economy.  According to the Washington Post, economists estimate “allowing the payroll tax cut to expire … would reduce GDP growth by 0.5 percent and cost the economy 400,000 jobs by the fourth quarter.”


In a desperate, last-ditch effort to distract Americans from their hugely unpopular position that no millionaire should pay their fair share, Republicans are now offering a “counter-proposal” that is even less serious than Mitt Romney’s claims to be a model of “steadiness and constancy”  They are actually proposing to pay for the payroll tax extension by slashing Medicare benefits and pushing tens of thousands of Americans into the unemployment line.  Talk about counter-productive. According to the Washington Post, the completely unserious GOP proposal would “trim the federal workforce by 10 percent and means test programs such as Medicare.”  


That’s Congressional Republicans for you: protect millionaire tax breaks at all costs and demand more and more sacrifice from seniors and the middle-class to pay for them. 


See also: Americans United for Change releases that went out today urging Senators Heller, Scott Brown and Snowe not to raise taxes on the middle-class: