NEW VIDEO: ‘Zika Crisis Bad Enough Without Republicans Adding To It’

Reckless Endangerment: After Long Recess, Playing Politics with Planned Parenthood Still a Higher Priority for Republicans Than Passing Clean Funding Bill to Help Stop Spread of Zika Virus That Has Already Infected Over 1,700 Pregnant Women in U.S.

Watch ‘Adding to Crisis’:

Washington DC (September 9, 2016)“Give me a break on this thing,” sneered Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday when asked why he would not accept a clean Zika prevention bill that does not include restrictions on Planned Parenthood. You would think the Speaker had enough of a break after taking the longest Congressional recess in 60 years before finishing the job of providing the government the resources it needs to prevent the spread of the virus that has now infected nearly 19,000 people in the U.S. and territories, including over 1,700 women who are pregnant.  Editorial boards across the nation have slammed Republicans for dangerously and recklessly insisting any Zika funding bill must include poison pill measures that undermine women’s reproductive health.  

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “It’s one thing when Republicans in Congress engage in brinksmanship over pet issues that wind up hurting the economy, but this decision of theirs to block resources needed to fight a serious health crisis until they can exact a pound of flesh from Planned Parenthood is truly reprehensible and beyond the pale. Speaker Ryan wants to be flippant about it, but it’s no joke when substantial resources have already been syphoned from other public health priorities to deal with it and more people are getting sick by the hour. How far and wide does it have to spread for Republicans to believe they’ve ‘made their point’ and come back to the table?  The longer Republicans refuse to pass a clean bill, the fewer protections will be in place to contain the spread, and the more expecting families will have to deal with heartbreaking problems at birth.  Does the Speaker really want to live with that, or is he ready to get serious? Pass a clean funding bill today.”