New Videos: Senate Republicans Canít Run From Their Anti-Social Security Records


Congressman Heck, Senators Rubio, Johnson, Toomey, Portman All Were Given a Chance to Redeem Themselves by Signing a Pledge Against Benefit Cuts … and They All Refused


Washington DC (October 26, 2016) – The issue of Social Security took national stage during the final presidential debate, but Republican nominee Donald Trump’s total dodge of the question of how he would change the program did little to dispute the mounting evidence that Republicans have a post-election plan to cut guaranteed benefits if they take over the White House and maintain control of Congress. Trump did nothing to dispel his apparent willingness to privatize Social Security, and that has put Republicans in Congress on the hot seat for their own records of support for privatization and raising the retirement age. The anti-Social Security records of key Republicans including Senators Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson and Congressman Joe Heck are the subject of new videos released today by Americans United for Change. Watch them here:


Last month, AUFC launched a six-figure ‘Hands Off My Social Security!’ campaign in WI, OH, PA, NV and FL to challenge these Republicans to take privatization and benefit cuts by other means off the table. They were each given an opportunity -- and each refused -- to sign the pledge to Strengthen Social Security:


“More than 58 million Americans rely on Social Security checks earned through a lifetime of work. More than a retirement program, Social Security provides life insurance benefits to young survivors of deceased workers and disability insurance protection for workers and their families. I pledge to oppose every effort to privatize, cut benefits or raise the retirement age. I also pledge to expand Social Security so that every American can retire with dignity and respect.”  


Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “These Republicans’ refusal to sign a simple, straight-forward pledge against cutting Social Security benefits says it all. We can only conclude Congressman Heck, Senators Toomey, Portman, Johnson and Rubio’s past record of support for slashing benefits via privatization and raising the retirement age reflects their current policy. And let’s not forget Senator Johnson and Donald Trump have both degraded Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” even though the system hasn’t missed a single payment since the 1930s. What’s really rich is that Republicans want to roll back what are already meager Social Security benefits at the same time they propose giving millionaires and outsourcers a multi-trillion-dollar tax break. On the campaign trail, these Republicans have been quiet on the issue of Social Security – for a reason. They’ve seen the polling showing overwhelming opposition to benefit cuts. That’s why they’re running from their Social Security records as fast as Donald Trump runs from all the laborers he still owes money. Like privatization, voting for the Party of Trump is a huge gamble for seniors.”


Americans United for Change was founded in 2005 as Americans United to Protect Social Security to lead a national campaign, including field offices in 33 states, to fight President Bush’s surprise plan to privatize Social Security. The effort included major protests wherever President Bush barnstormed the country to sell his plan to the public; and outside the offices of Bush’s backers in Congress. The more Americans heard about the costs and risks of allowing earned benefits to be gambled on the stock market, the less they liked it. The risks remain the same today. Raiding the Social Security trust fund to pay for “private investment accounts” – A.K.A. privatization -- would slash guaranteed benefits by as much as a third for workers even if they didn’t choose to sign up, and would add nearly three trillion dollars to the national debt.