Our Regular Top-10 List of Mitt Romney’s All-Time, Out-of-Touch Moments Forced to Expand to Top-25

January 19, 2012

After What’s Come to Light and Out of Romney’s Mouth in Just the Last 72 Hours,

AUFC’s Regular Top-10 List of Mitt Romney’s All-Time, Out-of-Touch, “1% Moments” Forced to Expand to Top-25 List

For months, Americans United for Change has regularly updated a comprehensive list of the born-privileged, hundred-millionaire, former Corporate raider  and job-outsourcer Mitt Romney’s comments, actions, and positions most disconnected with reality and with the struggles and wishes of everyday middle-class Americans.  Narrowing down a list of these outstanding “1% moments” to only 10 has always been a challenge.

Well, in the last 72 hours, the challenge has become simply too great – whether it was revelations of “millions of dollars of his personal wealth in investment funds set up in the Cayman Islands, a notorious Caribbean tax haven,” to laughing off $374,000 made from making speeches as “not very much” money, to the eye-brow raising claim during tonight’s GOP Presidential debate that he ‘Lived In The Real Streets Of America.’  Those who do actually live on the real streets of America may be wondering why someone whose campaign slogan is “Believe in America” spent so much time offshoring U.S. jobs to India and China and setting up tax shelters in the Caribbean.

Without further ado, the Now Top-25 All-Time Romney Out-of-Touch Moments…

25) AUFC, Sept. 8, 2011: Former U.S. Senate candidate, former Governor, and two-time Presidential candidate Romney: “I Don’t Have a Political Career.”

24) Think Progress: August 25: Romney: I’d Like To Repeal Wall Street Reform [IN RELATED NOTE: Center for Responsive Politics, Oct. 18: ‘Wall Street Donors Flock Most to Mitt Romney’]

23) Romney NOW on Bain Capital job killing/outsourcing: Politico, Jan. 12: ‘Romney: Losing a job is 'devastating,' “a tragedy” // Romney THEN on Bain Capital job killing/outsourcing: New York Times, June 4, 2007: “Sometimes the medicine is a little bitter” // Boston Globe, January 27, 2008: In assessing deals, Romney and partners didn't consider whether they saved or created jobs, according to a former Bain employee who requested anonymity, citing confidentiality guidelines. When Bain partners discussed shutting down failing businesses in which they invested, Romney never suggested they had to do something to save workers' jobs. "It was very clinical," the former employee said.  "Like a doctor. When the patient is dead, you just move on to the next patient." 

22) AUFC, Jan. 11: ‘Romney Blows Off Latino Voters When Asked About His Pledge to Veto DREAM Act’

21) The Hill, August 29: ‘Romney: Beachfront home is being doubled in size, not quadrupled’ 

20) Gawker, June 21: ‘Romney Struggles to Find Non-$100 Bill in Wallet’

19) Romney calls $1,500 in tax relief for middle-class “temporary little band-aids”

18) Huffington Post, 11/8/11: [Hundred-millionaireRomney: Federal Workers Are Making More Money Than I Am 

17) CBS News, Sept 21: [Hundred-millionaireRomney calls for a tax policy that will help "us" in the middle class 

16) Wall Street Journal, June 16: [Hundred-millionaireRomney’s Latest Laugh Line: ‘I’m Also Unemployed’

15) TIME, June 27, 2007: Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation: ‘Romney strapped a dog carrier — with the family dog Seamus, an Irish Setter, in it — to the roof of the family station wagon for a twelve hour drive from Boston to Ontario, which the family apparently completed, despite Seamus's rather visceral protest.’

14) Associated Press, September 17: “Most of the top Republicans running for president are embracing plans to partially privatize Social Security…Romney says the stock market collapse in 2008 shouldn't scare workers away from investing in private accounts.” 

13) Mother Jones, 10/18/2011: Mitt on Foreclosures: "Let It...Hit the Bottom" 

12) ABC News, June 2: “Romney responded "yes" when asked if he would sign the plan written by Rep. Paul Ryan that would restructure Medicare if it reached his desk as President.” [SEE ALSO: FACT: Ryan-GOP Budget Plan “would essentially end Medicare”]

11) Think Progress, Jan. 5: ‘Romney’s Tax Plan Gives Millionaires A $150K Tax Cut, Raises Taxes On Low-Income Families // [IN RELATED NOTE: Think Progress: Jan. 17, “Romney Admits His Tax Rate Is About 15 Percent, Lower Than Many Middle Class Families” //  New York Magazine, Jan. 11, 2012: ‘Mitt Romney Says We Must Only Speak of Income Inequality in ‘Quiet Rooms’

10) Think Progress, Jan. 20, 2012: Romney Campaign Defends Refusal To Release Tax Returns: ‘An Absolute Non-Issue’

9) CBS News, Jan. 9: Romney: "I like being able to fire people"

8) Buzzfeed, 1-17-12: ‘Democrats Jump On Romney For Calling $374k In Speaking Fees “Not Very Much” Money’

7) Think Progress, Jan. 19: ‘Mitt Romney: I Have ‘Lived In The Real Streets Of America’ // BuzzFeed, Jan. 19: “ Here's a gallery of his homes…”

6) CBS News, Dec. 10. 2011:  ‘Romney seeks $10,000 bet during GOP debate’

5) Boston Globe, Jan. 8: “Mitt Romney says he knows the fear of a possible pink slip, but does not provide details”

4) ABC News, Jan. 18, 2012: ‘Romney Parks Millions in Cayman Islands’

3) New York Times op-ed, November 18, 2008: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” by Mitt Romney 

2) Think Progress, August 11: Romney: ‘Corporations Are People, My Friend’

1)   THIS PHOTO from Romney’s days as CEO of Bain Capital, where he made obscene profits (and continues to reap profits from) as [at least] five of the companies under his firm's direction went bankrupt and thousands of workers lost their jobs.  Apparently, finding places to stuff all those profits became something of a joke amongst Romney and his cohorts.   Mitt’s “Greed is good,” profits-before-people attitude perfectly encapsulated in the photo is celebrated by Americans United’s mock “Romney-Gekko 2012” campaign as nothing to be ashamed of.  Visit