Remind Us Again, Senator McCain, Why You’re Holding Up a Supreme Court Seat for Donald Trump?

Just This Week, Trump…

Washington DC (August 4, 2016) – It’s been a banner week for Donald Trump. The Republican Presidential nominee padded the long list of reasons why he does not have the judgment or temperament to be President -- let alone to pick the next Supreme Court Justice -- after managing to insult Gold Star families, veterans, and working women in rapid succession. Trump’s latest disturbing antics also continue to raise concerns about Senator John McCain’s own judgement in endorsing him. Americans United for Change challenged McCain to stop trying to Trump the Supreme Court with his obstruction of Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination -- or start explaining to voters why he doesn’t consider Trump’s dangerous and divisive rhetoric to be disqualifying.

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Senator McCain exercises poor judgement every day he blocks Judge Garland’s appointment in hopes Donald Trump becomes President and can fill the vacant Supreme Court seat with someone who shares his dangerous world view.  Donald Trump is many things. A misogynist who thinks women sexually harassed at work should just pack up and find another job. A guy alarmingly eager to get his hands on the nuclear codes. A deadbeat employer. A hero to the white nationalist movement for his unapologetic hatemongering against immigrants. A serial liar who even breaks promises to charitable organizations including those that support Veterans. A defendant in a massive fraud case. A climate conspiracist.  A profiteer off other’s misfortune.  A hypocritical outsourcer whose products are made in China, India and Mexico rather than in the U.S.  A man so small and so devoid of class and honor that he would ridicule Gold Star parents of a fallen U.S. soldier. 

“And yet, Trump is who Senator McCain puts his full faith in to decide who’s the next person to sit on the Supreme Court,” added Woodhouse.  “Voters certainly don’t share McCain’s trust in Trump’s ability to make any appointments. Trump's litmus test would require a potential justice to support policies like banning all Muslims from the U.S., or hunting down all undocumented workers with a “deportation force”, or throwing women in jail for having an abortion. McCain wants the next lifetime appointment, and possibly two more after that, to be made by the most dangerous, divisive, and dishonest major party presidential nominee in recent memory.  These are policies that Senator McCain, whether he claims to support them or not, would own fully because he enabled them. Voters will find him guilty by association. Meanwhile, the nominee McCain is currently blocking is the chief judge of the second most powerful court in the country, whose qualifications have been praised by numerous Republicans in the past, and who has more federal judicial experience than any candidate in U.S. history. Something is wrong with this picture.  Senator McCain would be wise to call on his Leader Mitch McConnell to settle this matter now by holding hearings for Garland before it comes before a jury of voters in November.” 


*Similar releases were issued to local press calling out Sens. Blunt, Toomey, Portman, Ayotte, Burr, Grassley, and Johnson