Report “ACCF: Big Oil’s Useful Tool” Released Ahead of Front Group’s Testimony at EPA Hearing on RFS


As American Council for Capital Formation Reps Prepare to Testify Against RFS at EPA Field Hearing, AUFC Releases New Report : “ACCF: Big Oil’s Useful Tool” 


In the 90’s, Big Oil Used Front Groups to Deny Climate Change to Help Protect Profits; Now They’re Using the Same Playbook to Smear the Renewable Fuel Standard with ACCF Taking Point as a “Widely-Respected” Think Tank That Also Happens to Take Millions of Dollars From the Oil Industry



Read New Report: “ACCF: Big Oil’s Useful Tool”


Washington DC (June 9, 2016) – With two representatives from American Council for Capital Formation slated to testify at the EPA’s national public hearing in Kansas City today on its proposed 2017 rule for the Renewable Fuel Standard, pro-environment, pro-ethanol group Americans United for Change released a new report “ACCF: Big Oil’s Useful Tool” that exposes the organization’s deep but rarely acknowledged financial ties to Big Oil as it has emerged as a leading third-party validator of oil friendly policies and a leading critic of the RFS. Big Oil’s use of innocent sounding front groups to help protect its bottom line is nothing new, as it employed the same tactic in the 1990’s to derail climate action. Further validating the conclusions of the report, the two men testifying on behalf ACCF work for a consulting firm that recently led an aggressive misinformation campaign to discredit the environmental groups that outed Exxon Mobil’s decades of climate denial after their own researchers recognized its consequences.


The Big Oil Shills Testifying On Behalf of ACCF :




In a prebuttal to today’s testimony, Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change issued the following statement: “We do hope ACCF’s chosen surrogates will reveal their close financial ties to Big Oil and not present themselves as objective critics of the RFS while testifying before the EPA. Failing to do so would put them in poor company with Dr. ‘Willie’ Soon who controversially published a number of academic papers playing down the consequences of climate-change without disclosing that his work was financed with over a million dollars from the fossil-fuel industry, which is an indisputable and leading contributor of carbon pollution. It’s important that the EPA be fully aware of the context of ACCF’s testimony as they have taken over $2 million in Big Oil money and push policies intended to protect the oil industry’s profits at the expense of the environment and consumers. They are representing interests that hate the fact that over the last 10 years, the RFS has successfully displaced nearly 1.9 billion barrels of foreign oil with cleaner homegrown fuels like ethanol. They’ve made careers out of smearing independent academic research showing that ethanol use significantly cuts down carbon emissions compared to gasoline made from dirty fossil fuels, whether it be from the Argonne National LaboratoryPurdue University, the University of NebraskaMichigan State UniversityOak Ridge National Laboratory/Duke University, the University of Illinois-Chicago and others. When people paid and directed by Big Oil to show up to voice ‘concerns’ about ethanol and the environment, it should always be taken with the same grain of salt as when the oil industry claims to receive “zero” taxpayer subsidies or oil spills are a “rare incident” or that climate change is “unsettled science.”


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