Response to Sen. McConnell’s telling response to AU ad “Bad Company”

April 12, 2013


Response to Sen. McConnell’s telling response to new ad “Bad Company” from Americans United for Change comm. dir. Jeremy Funk:


Notice that Senator Mitch McConnell’s camp makes no attempt to defend his public-safety-undermining position against expanding background checks for gun sales; that’s because it indefensible.  To be very clear:  nothing in the ad says Sen. McConnell pals around with terrorists –  but we are saying the reckless policy he espouses benefits criminals and terrorists looking to get their hands on guns in America no questions asked, a point made straight from the horse’s mouth in that Al Qaeda recruitment video.  It is hard to imagine a more frightening example why the gun show loophole needs to be closed than that video – and it makes it even harder to understand why politicians like Sen. McConnell would not be willing to do everything possible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals - including would-be terrorists - and the dangerously mentally ill, as 90% of the American people want Congress to do.